A Rosetta Stone for Ann Barnhardt, Part 1

Update: I made two minor corrections to the second transcript, so if anyone has copied it, you may want to grab the new version.

The changes were suggested by Ann Barnhardt herself, who took a look at our transcripts this afternoon. She also posted this last night on her blog:

Over at GatesofVienna.blogspot.com they are doing a project called “A Rosetta Stone for Ann Barnhardt”. They are recruiting folks to translate and subtitle my videos into as many languages as possible. I support this effort wholeheartedly.

We’re definitely on the same wavelength — I get the sense she doesn’t sweat being called a “racist” or an “Islamophobe”.

Rosetta Stone: Ann BarnhardtAs announced yesterday, Vlad and I have mounted a “Rosetta Stone” operation for Ann Barnhardt’s Koran-burning videos: we aim to have them subtitled in as many languages as possible.

The transcripts are ready, thanks to the diligence and celerity of our volunteer transcribers (transcriptionists? transcribes?), who worked late into the night.

Now come the translations. Below is a list of languages for which people have volunteered up until now:

Danish * French * Russian *
Dutch † German * Spanish *
Finnish * Polish *

(* = assigned but not yet received; † = received but not yet posted)

Anyone who wants to volunteer to do a language not included in this list should email me at unspiek (at) chromatism (dot) net, and I’ll send you the complete time-stamped English transcripts.

To avoid the “Blogger bug”, I’ve placed the original videos below the jump, followed by the complete transcripts.

Part 1

Part 2

Video #1

00:00   Hello. My name is Ann Barnhardt and
00:03   I am apparently one of the very very last people
00:06   left in Western Civilization
00 08   who possesses any quantity of
00:10   brains and balls simultaneously.
00:12   I saw that Senator Lindsey Graham
00:15   appeared on “Face the Nation” this morning
00:17   and said the following when asked by Bob Schieffer
00:20   if there was anything that could be done
00:22   about Americans burning the Koran.
00:23   Quote: “Yeah… I wish we could find some way
00:27   to hold people accountable.
00:28   Free speech is a great idea but we’re in a war.
00:33   During World War II,
00:34   you had limits on what you could say
00:35   if it would inspire the enemy…
00:37   any time we can push back here in America
00:40   against actions like this
00:41   that put our troops at risk
00:43   we ought to do it.” Unquote.
00:45   Lindsey Graham is a Republican, and if
00:48   John McCain had been elected President in 2008,
00:50   Lindsey Graham would be the Attorney General
00:53   of the United States today.
00:55   Remember this as I go forward.
00:56   Let’s take Graham’s words sentence by sentence.
01:00   First sentence, quote:
01:02   “Yeah… I wish we could find some way
01:04   to … hold people accountable.” Unquote.
01:05   Hold people accountable? For what?
01:10   For exercising their Constitutionally protected
01:14   and divinely ordained right
01:16   to freedom of thought,
01:17   freedom of speech,
01:19   freedom of expression and freedom of religion?
01:22   Hey, jackass!
01:24   Have you not read the First Amendment
01:25   to the Constitution of the United States?
01:26   Here. Let me read it for you.
01:29   “Congress shall make no law
01:32   respecting an establishment of religion,
01:35   or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
01:38   or abridging the freedom of speech,
01:40   or of the press;
01:42   or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
01:45   and to petition the Government
01:47   for a redress of grievances.”
01:49   So what Lindsey Graham wants to do
01:52   is elevate the totalitarian political system
01:56   masquerading as a religion called Islam
01:59   to a status which supercedes and overrides
02:03   The First Amendment to The Constitution
02:06   and thus places it in a position
02:09   of specially protected legal superiority,
02:12   wherein criticism of Islam or
02:15   failure to show proper and sufficient deference
02:18   and honor for Islamic texts is a crime.
02:23   Hey, Lindsey, you jackass!
02:25   You know what that’s called?
02:27   It’s called “Shariah”.
02:29   What the hell is wrong with you?
02:31   I’m going to burn a Koran here in a moment.
02:34   Lindsey, why don’t you come and
02:37   hold me accountable, player?
02:38   Go ahead. Have me arrested
02:41   for exercising my First Amendment Rights.
02:43   Drag me before Congress and hold me to account.
02:47   Do it.
02:48   Nothing would make me happier.
02:50   I would relish the opportunity
02:53   to explain to you how exactly it is
02:56   that we do things in the United States of America.
02:59   If you want to pick a fight, sir,
03:00   you go right ahead.
03:01   But understand if you pick a fight with me,
03:04   the only way it ends
03:05   is with you sobbing in the men’s room.
03:08   Next quote: “Free speech is a great idea
03:13   but we’re in a war.” Unquote.
03:16   Free speech is a great idea?
03:19   It is a bedrock principle
03:21   of Western Civilization and the United States.
03:24   Individuals are free
03:26   sovereign agents.
03:28   Individuals are not property
03:30   or drones of the state.
03:32   The government doesn’t tell the people
03:34   what to think and say.
03:36   The people tell the
03:38   government what to think and say through the
03:40   mechanisms of representative
03:42   republic governance under the Constitution.
03:44   But what I suspect
03:46   this really has to do with is
03:48   intellectual snobbery and elitism.
03:50   Lindsey Graham, you look at Terry
03:52   Jones and you see a redneck with
03:54   a handlebar mustache who speaks
03:56   with a southern drawl without
03:58   the benefit of a fancy Ivy League
04:00   education. And you determine that
04:02   men like him cannot be
04:04   trusted with his own personal
04:06   intellectual sovereignty under
04:08   the First Amendment and therefore
04:10   you in your superior
04:12   intellectual state have to
04:14   rein him in. Listen,
04:16   jackass, it doesn’t work that way.
04:18   The First Amendment applies to all
04:20   American citizens equally.
04:22   It does not operate on a
04:24   sliding scale based upon how
04:26   expensive an education one
04:28   receives, what one’s income is
04:30   or whether or not one is invited to
04:32   toney soirees in Georgetown.
04:34   But, if that’s the game you want to play,
04:36   that’s fine. If you want
04:38   to go head to head with a person of intellectual
04:40   parity, I’m your huckleberry.
04:42   Come after me, debate
04:44   me. I stand foursquare
04:46   with Terry Jones
04:48   and am proud to do so.
04:50   Next sentence: quote
04:52   “During World War Two you
04:54   had limits on what you could say
04:56   if it would inspire the enemy.”
04:58   Unquote
05:00   Lindsey, you jackass,
05:02   the only prohibitions on speech
05:04   during World War Two and
05:06   all other wars pertained to speech
05:08   which would give aid and
05:10   comfort to the enemy, not
05:12   speech which demoralized, discouraged
05:14   or degraded the enemy. Have you ever
05:16   seen the World War Two era posters
05:18   depicting the Japanese as
05:20   “Japs” and the Nazis as
05:22   bloodthirsty animals?
05:24   Have you never seen the Warner Brothers
05:26   cartoons, yeah — that’s right — Looney Toons
05:28   produced during the war that ruthlessly
05:30   mocked and degraded the
05:32   Germans, Italians and Japanese?
05:34   The informal prohibition
05:36   during the war was on
05:38   speech that was defeatist or
05:40   conciliatory towards the
05:42   enemy, which is exactly
05:44   what you are engaging in,
05:46   you stupid, stupid jackass.
05:48   Next sentence, quote
05:50   “Any time we can push back
05:52   here in the United States against
05:54   actions like this that put our troops at risk,
05:56   we ought to do it.”
05:58   unquote.
06:00   Push back?
06:02   Since the free speech
06:04   in question is by a loyal,
06:06   law-abiding American
06:08   citizen against the
06:10   sworn enemy of the United States
06:12   and its Constitution, which is Islam,
06:14   and you, Senator Graham,
06:16   are talking about “pushing back”
06:18   using the force of the government
06:20   of the United States,
06:22   it sure sounds to me like you have decided
06:24   that the United States government is allied with
06:26   Islam against the people of the United
06:28   States who do not show
06:30   sufficient deference and respect
06:32   for Islam.
06:34   Senator Graham,
06:36   you can take your dhimmitude and
06:38   shove it up your ass!
06:40   And, don’t you dare accuse
06:42   patriotic Americans, who are exercising
06:44   their First Amendment rights,
06:46   of putting our troops at risk. The only thing
06:48   that is putting our troops at risk
06:50   are the suicidal, defeatist rules
06:52   of engagement which prevent our
06:54   brave soldiers from
06:56   actually fighting and
06:58   defeating the enemy. You hang our
06:59   boys out on the lines of battle
07:00   and then refuse to give them ammunition,
07:02   refuse to allow them to engage the enemy
07:05   without permission from a flipping attorney,
07:07   and refuse to allow them to engage civilians
07:11   while fighting a force
07:13   that is 100% comprised of civilians.
07:17   How dare you accuse us
07:18   of putting our troops at risk?
07:22   Final quote, “So I look forward to working with Senator Kerry
07:24   and Reid and others
07:27   to condemn this.
07:29   Condemn violence all over the world,
07:31   based in the name of religion,” unquote.
07:33   I have just one question:
07:36   what act of violence did Terry Jones
07:39   or Ann Barnhardt perpetrate?
07:42   Did we kill anyone?
07:44   Did we assault anyone?
07:46   Did we saw anyone’s head off?
07:47   What act of violence did we perpetrate?
07:50   How is burning paper with ink on it
07:54   an act of violence?
07:55   How is this object made of paper
07:58   equivalent to the life of a human being?
08:01   Are you honestly arguing
08:03   that tearing and burning a book is equivalent to killing
08:05   and beheading a human person?
08:10   What is the matter with you?
08:12   Do you know why we Christians don’t
08:14   get too terribly upset about people
08:16   who burn Bibles or create horrific sacrilegious images
08:21   using Christian symbols?
08:21   Because we understand that a Bible
08:25   can be reprinted and that an image
08:27   is just an image.
08:29   The image of a crucifix
08:31   submerged in a jar of urine
08:33   makes us sad.
08:35   And sad not because we believe that
08:37   it’s physically Jesus being drowned in urine.
08:41   It makes us sad because of the
08:43   implied hatefulness, misery, and despair
08:44   of the artist who would do such a thing
08:48   and the patrons who would applaud it.
08:50   Christians didn’t want to kill Robert Mapplethorpe
08:53   while he was still alive.
08:54   We wanted to pray for him
08:56   so he would come to know God
08:59   and be released from his obvious torment,
09:01   so that hopefully we could all be together in heaven someday.
09:03   This is why we are burning the Koran.
09:06   Because it is the manifesto of an evil
09:09   totalitarian political system.
09:11   And it enslaves human beings in a culture of misery,
09:14   hopelessness, perversion, despair,
09:18   true violence and unnatural death.
09:21   And, if you weren’t such a monumental jackass,
09:24   Senator Graham,
09:26   and didn’t spend all of your time kissing the ass
09:27   of the very political system
09:30   that would cut your throat in a heartbeat,
09:32   maybe you would understand that.

Video #2

00:00   Now, the main event.
00:04   Here is my Koran.
00:10   It is printed in English and Arabic
00:11   so it’s a completely legit, official Koran.
00:16   I have bookmarked several passages
00:20   and the passages I’ve bookmarked,
00:21   I’ve bookmarked with bacon
00:24   because raw bacon makes the best Koranic bookmark.
00:28   I’m just gonna go through these in order
00:30   from front to back and read them off,
00:32   and then, once I’ve read them off,
00:34   I will tear the page out of the Koran,
00:36   put it in my fire bowl and ignite it here.
00:38   First one, you might want to jot these down.
00:42   Sura 2, verse 191,
00:46   “And fight the infidels wherever you find them,
00:47   and expel them from the place they had turned you out from.”
00:51   Evil, evil garbage.
00:53   And it goes
00:56   and up in flames.
00:59   Go back to hell where you came from
01:05   and I’ll discard my bacon bookmark here.
01:09   Next up, Sura 2 verse 193
01:18   “Fight them till idolatry comes to an end
01:21   and the law of Allah prevails.”
01:26   Evil. Pulling that out,
01:29   garbage, on fire.
01:32   Burn, baby, burn.
01:36   Next up.
01:39   Pull my bacon bookmark out.
01:40   The smell is divine, by the way.
01:45   All right. We are in Sura 4 verse 24.
01:50   Also forbidden are married women,
01:52   unless they are captives of war.
01:56   Such is the decree of Allah.
01:59   What this is talking about is
02:01   who a man can or cannot have sex with.
02:03   So, what this is doing,
02:04   is it is ratifying the rape of women captured in jihad.
02:08   Let me read it again.
02:10   This is Sura 4:24.
02:12   Also forbidden are married women,
02:15   unless they are captives of war.
02:17   Such is the decree of Allah.
02:19   Well, Allah’s an evil son-of-a-bitch
02:21   so he can go to hell.
02:24   Next up is also within 4:24.
02:27   Then give those of these women you have enjoyed
02:30   the agreed dower.
02:34   It will not be sinful if you agree to something else
02:35   by mutual consent after having settled the dowry.
02:40   Allah is certainly all-knowing
02:39   and all wise.
02:42   What this verse is doing
02:42   is it’s ratifying prostitution.
02:45   If a man pays a woman a dower
02:47   or dowry or certain quantity of money,
02:50   he can have sex with her without obligation.
02:53   And certainly Allah is all-knowing and all-wise
02:54   because Allah is an evil son-of-a-bitch.
02:58   All right, next.
02:59   On to Sura 4:34.
03:01   This is talking to a man who
03:06   one of his many wives
03:08   will not have sex with him willingly.
03:10   This is 4:34.
03:11   As for women you feel are averse,
03:14   talk to them persuasively.
03:17   Then leave them alone in bed
03:17   without molesting them.
03:18   Then beat them
03:21   and go to bed with them
03:23   when they are willing.
03:24   So, this ratifies beating your wife
03:25   if she won’t have sex with you.
03:30   Evil, evil, evil.
03:31   And we’ll burn this
03:36   because that has no place
03:41   in a civilized society.
03:42   Next up, let’s go to
03:45   this is Sura 5:33.
03:51   The punishment for those who wage war
03:52   against Allah and his prophet
03:51   who is Mohammed,
03:53   and perpetrate disorders in the land
03:57   is to kill or crucify them
03:58   and have a hand on one side
04:00   and a foot on the other
04:02   cut off.
04:03   Evil.
04:05   Burn, burn, burn.
04:12   Okay, pull my bookmark out.
04:17   Next up, we’re at Sura 8.
04:27   This is 8:12.
04:29   And Allah said to the angels,
04:31   “I am with you.
04:33   Go and strengthen the faithful.
04:35   I shall fill the hearts of infidels
04:36   with terror.
04:40   So, smite them on their necks
04:41   and every joint and incapacitate them.”
04:43   This is the call to beheading the infidels.
04:45   This is where that all comes from.
04:46   And it’s evil, so we’ll burn that.
04:51   Back to hell where you came from.
05:10   Let’s see, what do we have here next?
05:12   We have, ah! Sura 9.
05:17   Sura 9, verse 5.
05:20   This is the big one.
05:21   But when these months prohibited for fighting are over,
05:25   slay the idolators wherever you find them.
05:28   And take them captive or besiege them.
05:30   And lie in wait for them
05:31   at every likely place.
05:35   Next up.
05:40   Still in wonderful Sura 9
05:46   verse 29. Fight those people of the book
05:50   who do not believe.
05:51   By the way, Judeo-Christians,
05:53   that’s us. People of the book.
05:55   Fight those of the people of the book
05:55   who do not believe that Allah
05:57   and the last day.
06:00   Do not prohibit what Allah
06:01   and his apostle have forbidden,
06:03   nor accept divine law
06:05   until all of them pay the jizya tax
06:08   in submission.
06:10   Evil.
06:12   I ain’t payin’ no friggin’ tax.
06:16   Burn, burn, burn.
06:17   Next up.
06:21   Still in good old Sura 9.
06:24   Verse 80. Whether you plead
06:27   forgiveness for them or not,
06:30   Allah will not forgive them.
06:32   Even though you plead 70 times,
06:33   for they disbelieved in Allah
06:35   and his apostle.
06:38   And Allah does not show transgressors the way.
06:41   Evil.
06:44   Next up, we’re still in Sura 9.
07:07   Verse 123.
07:10   Oh, believers. Murder the unbelievers around you
07:15   and let them find harshness in you.
07:19   Really. Go to hell.
07:24   There you go.
07:27   Now we are in Sura 13, verse 42.
07:34   Surely those who had gone before them
07:37   did deceive,
07:38   but Allah is all-deceiving
07:41   for he has knowledge of what each does.
07:42   This is calling God a deceiver
07:46   and a liar,
07:44   which implies that really
07:50   Allah’s true identity is Satan
07:52   and I think we can all agree to that.
07:56   Go back to hell, Allah,
08:05   from whence you came.
08:06   Next up.
08:13   Sura 23 verse 1.
08:21   The true believers will be successful
08:22   who are humble in their service,
08:24   who shun all frivolities,
08:27   who strive for betterment,
08:29   who guard their sex,
08:32   except from their wives
08:34   and women slaves of old.
08:35   This ratifies concubines,
08:39   concubinage.
08:43   Evil.
08:44   We’ll burn that.
08:45   There we go.
08:52   Next up.
08:53   Sura 47, verse 4.
08:57   So, when you clash with the unbelievers,
08:58   smite their necks until you overpower them,
09:01   then hold them in bondage.
09:03   Yeah. Like to see you try.
09:07   There we go.
09:26   Next up.
09:30   Sura 52, verse 24.
09:34   This goes to man-boy sex,
09:37   which is highly prized in Islam.
09:39   This is again 52:24.
09:41   And young boys, like pearls within their shells
09:45   will go round.
09:46   There’s all kinds of verses
09:48   about this.
09:50   It’s twisted.
09:53   And I’ll be writing an essay
09:57   on homosexuality and homosexual pedophilia
10:00   and heterosexual pedophilia within Islam
10:03   very, very shortly.
10:06   Because it’s a cultural norm.
10:09   Next up is Sura 56 verse 17.
10:13   Again, boys of never-ending
10:16   bloom will pass round to them cups
10:18   and decanters.
10:20   Never-ending bloom means
10:20   never-ending pubescence.
10:23   And that’s what the Muslim man
10:26   is taught to find sexually attractive,
10:27   is pre-pubescent and pubescent boys.
10:30   It’s truly, truly disgusting.
10:33   Most men, or most boys,
10:38   in Islamic culture
10:39   do not escape their childhood
10:41   without being anally and orally raped by men.
10:46   And then they, in turn,
10:48   perpetuate the cycle of sexual abuse.
10:50   And most men in Islamic cultures
10:54   are homosexual/homosexual pedophiles.
10:57   Now, to Sura 65, divorce.
11:01   65:4, as for your women who have lost hope of menstruation
11:06   and in case you have doubt,
11:06   the prescribed period of waiting for them
11:09   is three months,
11:11   as also for those who have not menstruated yet.
11:14   What this is doing is
11:14   ratifying sex with pre-pubescent girls.
11:20   Let me read it again.
11:20   As for your women
11:22   who have lost hope of menstruation,
11:23   that would be older women,
11:24   and in case you have a doubt,
11:26   the prescribed period of waiting for them
11:30   is three months.
11:31   As also for those who have not menstruated
11:33   yet. So, this is ratifying
11:36   sex with girls who are under 12, 13 years old,
11:42   which is evil.
11:44   There’s no other word for that.
11:48   It’s evil.
11:49   So, we’ll burn that.
11:53   And then, finally,
11:55   last citation here
11:57   is Sura 76, verse 19.
12:04   And boys of everlasting youth
12:06   will go about attending them,
12:08   looking at them, you would think
12:09   that they were pearls disbursed.
12:11   Again, young boys as sex objects.
12:16   Disgusting.
12:18   Filthy, evil, Satanic, disgusting.
12:22   The whole thing,
12:25   front to back.
12:26   I just picked out a few.
12:27   Every single page has something like that.
12:29   There’s either ratification of rape,
12:32   ratification of sex with boys,
12:35   or violence, violence, violence.
12:36   Kill, maim, behead,
12:40   show no mercy, blah-blah-blah.
12:42   This is evil.
12:45   Evil, evil garbage.
12:49   And it will be a cold day in hell
12:51   before I bow down to this crap.
12:56   I would encourage all of you
12:57   out there watching, who share my feelings,
13:00   to do something similar.
13:01   Because we have to make a stand right here
13:04   and right now.
13:06   We can’t wait around 20 years.
13:08   We can’t wait a generation
13:10   for our kids to fight this war for us.
13:12   This war is on us right here
13:13   and right now.
13:13   Either we make our stand right here,
13:15   or it’s over.
13:17   Burn a Koran.
13:18   Put it on YouTube.
13:18   Show the world that we are not gonna
13:22   back down. Backing down
13:23   is not what Christianity is about.
13:26   There’s a reason why the Church on earth
13:28   is called the Church Militant, okay?
13:30   You can come after me if you want, boys.
13:33   You come after me.
13:33   That’s fine. I have no problem
13:34   laying down my life
13:37   for my fellow Americans,
13:38   for my fellow human beings,
13:40   and for the Church.
13:41   I have no problem with that.
13:42   Come and get it.
13:43   But I’m not gonna lay down.
13:44   That is not what Christ commands.
13:46   There are times when we have to fight.
13:49   We fight evil.
13:51   We fight the evil in the world.
13:52   And this crap is evil.
13:54   My name is Ann Barnhardt.
13:56   I’m at 9175 Cornbrusk Circle
14:00   80124 in Lone Tree, Colorado.
14:03   Anybody who wants a piece of me
14:06   is more than welcome to come and get it.
14:07   That goes for Lindsey Graham,
14:10   anyone in the government
14:11   who thinks that this is a crime,
14:13   or any Muslims who would like to come and get a piece of me.
14:17   I’ve had enough of this crap.
14:18   I’m not gonna bow.
14:21   I am not gonna submit to Islam,
14:21   ever. Ever.

12 thoughts on “A Rosetta Stone for Ann Barnhardt, Part 1

  1. … the United States government is allied with Islam against the people of the United States…

    While slightly out of context, I find this sums things up with even greater clarity. Too bad it’s not just the de facto Muslim Obama who is to blame for this set of circumstances. Bush did his level best to actualize this state of affairs as well.

    Only a statesman of Allen West’s caliber offers any hope that we might reverse the past ten years worth of damage.

  2. I already patted her on the back, somewheres else. But, I’ll do it again. WAY TO GO ANN. Keep up the G_D work. Ya know what? I wish Jews would take to pork just to be different from muslims…
    I bet that G_D would understand….and agree.

  3. Gregory: I wish Jews would take to pork just to be different from muslims…

    Better yet, if only Jews could forsake Kosher slaughter methods. Then it would far more easy to set about initiating bans upon extremely inhumane halal butchering practices. No need for Jews to consume any trafe, just forgo the mechanics of how the food is processed.

    If halal meat were simply unavailable in any form, this would go a long way towards making Western countries exceptionally “Islam unfriendly”. Sadly, it seems as though the Jewish Liberal left would fight this tooth and nail, even with the explicit foreknowledge that it could only benefit the same Muslims who want to wipe Israel off of the map.

  4. “Better yet, if only Jews could forsake Kosher slaughter methods.”

    I don’t care about the customs of religions that involve no encouragement of violence against humans(as well as violence against humans with the goal of supremacist expansionism). The only reason I care about Islamic sharia that is ostensibly unrelated to such violence and expansionism is because it is in fact inextricably related to it. That’s the only reason I object to it. I don’t care if other religions behave in silly and irrational ways because, unlike Islam, all other religions merely want to practice their silly irrational tenets in a way that does not physically harm other humans and does not cause social disorder through a military/paramilitary lust for sociopolitical Lebensraum.

  5. A big Thank you to Ann. Very, very well spoken – indeed.
    And the violent muslim overreaktion to Christians burning korans, just show that islam is at a much lower level than Christianity and Judaism.
    In the Old Testament God taught the jews, that people should not react with exaggerated violence.
    “… ; and he shall pay as the judges determine. If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.” (Exodus 21:22-25)
    An appropriate response to Christians burning a koran might have been for muslims to burn a Bible. That would be a response in like manner as “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”.
    Namely muslims need to learn that in a civilized world violence an threats are not included in the freedom of expression.
    It is sad to see – again and again – that despotic rulers, like president Karzai in Afghanistan, can spur violence and riots in the muslim population for his own political ends. Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s comment

  6. Unlike most of our cowardly representatives in Washington, people like Ann Barnhardt and Allen West represent the true American spirit.

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