What is Islamization?

Nicolai Sennels’ latest guest-essay examines the characteristics of Islamization as it applies to modern Western societies.

Minarets in Istanbul

What is Islamization? An incomplete list.

by Dr. Nicolai Sennels

The word “Islamization” was originally coined by Muslims to describe the conversion of a kufr (infidel) society to an “enlightened” (Islamic) society. Islamization is a phenomenon that has existed since the Muslim prophet Mohammed lived 1,400 years ago. Islamization has been effective, since it is now the main religion in 57 countries. The association of Islamic countries, OIC, is the world’s largest supra-national organization, surpassed only by the UN.

Three roads to Islamization

One road to Islamization is to remove non-Islamic traditions and symbols. This is to avoid offending Muslims or expose Muslims to proselytizing by other faiths. It also aims to reduce competition from the country’s original religion and culture in order to improve the possibilities for further Islamization. An example is the Red Cross’ refusal to decorate for Christmas in their stores, or when banks no longer hands out piggy banks to their customers’ kids (because pigs are unclean in Islam) — in both situations in order not to offend Muslims and lose Muslim customers.

Another way Islamization is accomplished is by making Islamic traditions and rules part of non-Islamic societies. Examples are reconstruction of public sports facilities to cater for Muslims’ inhibited views on nudity and contact between the sexes, or the imposition of leave on Islamic holidays.

A third way Islamization achieved happens when certain areas or neighborhoods acquire such a high a proportion of Muslims that the country’s indigenous culture and people are pushed out. One example is when non-Islamic authorities such as police and fire departments meet with disrespect and sometimes even threats and violence, while imams, patrolling police-style Muslim fathers’ groups, homemade Sharia Courts, and Islamic mediation meetings are free to exercise their power. Another example is when Jews can not wear yarmulke or girls can not wear miniskirts in Muslim-dominated areas, because they risk being attacked.

Islamization thus occurs through elimination of the indigenous culture, introduction of Islamic traditions and through immigration and the building of Muslim parallel societies.

Disadvantages of Islamization

There are many disadvantages of Islamization. The main issue is of course that it comes at the expense of our own culture, which is the foundation of our lifestyle, our sense of community and our well-functioning society. Also, our western culture is simply better than that of the Muslims because it is freer, includes human rights, and is more productive. In addition, Western culture makes people more self-confident, happy and loving, because unlike the Muslim culture it does not cultivate aggression, fragile feelings of honor, and intolerance against other faiths. Furthermore, we allow free speech and allow women and feminine qualities to bloom freely for the benefit of themselves, men, and society.

Every time we introduce more Islamization to our society, it moves one step away from our own culture, and one step closer to the Muslim culture and a sharia-based society.

  • Islamization occurs at the expense of the indigenous culture and its norms. By harming the native culture, important life values are taken away from the people and the values and norms that bind our community together are undermined. The sense of community is fundamental to quality of life for us “pack” animals, and common core values are the foundation of the mutual trust, helpfulness, openness, understanding, and respect among a population.
  • Islamization dilutes the national identity among the indigenous population, because it dilutes our common culture. At the same time it strengthens the Muslims’ Islamic identity at the expense of national identity. National identity and sense of community are important for work morale, tax morale, morale in relation to benefit fraud and respect towards the nations laws and authorities. People who feel part of the community feel that they hurt themselves if they harm the community.
  • Islamization allows inhumane traditions take root in our society. The Koran’s prescriptions and the Muslim culture’s views on women, free speech, and other faiths are medieval. They are subversive to the democracy and human rights in a country — and whether it be little or much, or whether it is restricted to certain geographical areas, no such thing should take root in our society.
  • Islamization pushes the indigenous people out of the areas where Muslims and Muslim culture dominate. This is because the Muslim culture is so different from the Western that we find it hard to feel at home and comfortable, and because Islam and Muslim culture is racist towards non-Muslims.
  • Islamization makes it possible to retain Muslim traditionalists or Islamic extremists in our countries, because they can keep their Islamic traditions. This is counter-productive to integration and a source of homegrown Islamic extremism.
  • For every new Islamization of society, the step is shorter to the next Islamization. It is easier for Muslims to make claims when they can refer to the fact that we already accepted a large number of other similar claims.
  • Islamization provides maneuvering space for a political ideology that has oppression and extermination of all non-Muslims as both means and goal.

Examples of Islamization

The following examples of Islamization lead to one or more of the aforementioned disadvantages:

It is Islamization of our cities when entire neighborhoods are dominated so strongly by the Muslim culture, Islamic values, and Muslim racism that the country’s culture and the indigenous population no longer feel at home and safe in the area. We should feel at home and welcome everywhere in our own country.

It is Islamization of our food when halal foods are not labeled as such. By keeping consumers ignorant of what is Islamic food, we are forced to eat halal. By buying it, we contribute to Islamic “charity”, which helps fund terrorists, and support Muslim jobs at the expense of non-Muslims and food prices — for halal slaughter requires a Muslim to assist with the slaughter, and Muslim organizations are paid to approve the procedure. Food products are already labeled in detail in relation to content, health, and production methods to increase consumers’ ability to make conscious choices concerning their food. Of course halal must also be labeled.

It is Islamization of children’s schooling when the state allows and supports Islamic schools and madrassas. Primary schools are our society’s most important cultural carrier and are intended to inform schoolchildren of the country’s indigenous culture and values.

It is Islamization of our urban design and architectural culture when municipalities and the state permit the construction of large mosques and minarets. Arabic architecture does not belong in Western cities — and certainly not at very central, historical or visible locations.

It is Islamization of our country when mosques are permitted. The mosques enforce and increase Islamic values among the area’s Muslims and often function as a springboard for political activity that works for the Islamization of the country.

It is Islamization of our way of being together and of women when we allow burqas and the niqab in public spaces. In a democratic society, we should see each other’s faces, and women and men are equal and free to dress as they like.

It is Islamization of our public sports facilities when swimming pools and locker rooms are closed or reconstructed so that Muslims can use them. It should a person’s personal choice of what religion and what view of nudity he allows. Personal choices should not restrict the citizens’ access to public taxpayer-funded facilities.

It is Islamization of our schools, institutions, workplaces and the rhythm of the year when we create Muslim holidays and when municipalities and unions print Muslim holidays in our calendars. We have an adequate number of holidays in our country, and more holidays harm children’s academic development and loss of productivity in companies. The yearly rhythm is closely associated with a country’s history, traditions, and culture and plays an important role to our experience of holidays and seasons. This very basic rhythm of life should be experienced as being related to our own history and culture, and not be Islamized.

It is Islamization of our schools when Muslims are excused from physical education and Christian education for religious reasons.

It is Islamization of the stores when they choose not to use Christian, cultural or national symbols in order not to offend Muslims or losing Muslim customers. Shop decorations are part of our culture and our cities’ street scene, and help to mark the seasons with Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, carnival decorations, etc. Buyers should select stores that take a social responsibility for our society and culture.

It is Islamization of our public institutions and workplaces when halal foods are included on the menu. Special diets due solely to personal choices of religion should not be funded by the state.

It is Islamization of our way of caring for children when we ignore that they are being starved for religious reasons. Ramadan damages children’s ability to concentrate in school. In addition it affects the children’s social development, because hunger and fluctuating blood sugar make them emotionally unstable and aggressive. Starving of children should rightfully be categorized as neglect and punished as such.

It is Islamization when we ignore the fact that a specific ethnic group of women in our own country are deprived of basic human rights on religious grounds. Women from non-Western countries should have a visit or meeting with municipality employees. These employees must advise migrant women about family planning and contraception. Additionally, employees should make sure that the women are free and safe. Finally, it is important that migrant women know their rights to women’s shelters, divorce and repatriation.

It is Islamization of the Danish government when public sector workplaces have prayer rooms. Public workers are public servants, and thus taxpayers’ money should not be used for religious practices.

It is the Islamization of our jurisprudence when we do not effectively stop homemade Sharia Courts and Islamic mediation meetings. Such things are organized vigilantism and a direct assault on the foundations of our social structure and sense of justice, and should be removed with the necessary methods.

It is Islamization of the justice system when police ignore Muslims’ scorn, threats, and violence, and when the police invite Muslim fathers’ groups to help stop Muslim riots and gangs. It is harmful to the sense of justice in the country and undermines police authority.

It is the Islamization of our legal system when we allow Sharia courts or give reduced sentences to perpetrators who have committed a crime for religious or cultural reasons (honor crimes).

It is Islamization of our population, electorate, and country when we allow immigration from Muslim countries and when Europe do not protect us effectively against illegal immigration.

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and the author of “Among Criminal Muslims: A Psychologist’s experiences with the Copenhagen Municipality”.

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  1. Nearly everything on that list is already happening here int eh United States too. especially with the 0bama administration and Eric Holder at the DoJ. It’s a fricken nightmare!

  2. Thank you for raising the issue of Ramadan fasting. As a parent and citizen, long-term fasting imposed on children concerns me. Abusive parents – and cults – often deprive children of food.

    It also feels oppressive when 1) non-Muslim students are forced to practice sports at night in order to accommodate Muslim student fasting (USA), and 2) when non-Muslims at work are expected to refrain from eating around Muslims – or at all – during Ramadan (Britain).

  3. As an aside, Orthodox Christian adults do quite a bit of fasting, but it’s a voluntary spiritual exercise. In contrast to dietary regulations in Muslim countries, the government plays no part in fasting in predominantly Orthodox countries, and it is not imposed by law on anyone. According to the Orthodox faith, fasting does not apply to young children, the very elderly, and those with health issues, including pregnancy.

  4. In Italy some priests (priests, not imams) force Christians to read koran piece in Church. Those Christians escaped from church. Years ago someone proposed to add Mohammed among Christians saints. This make me think to escape from Catholicism to embrace some other – and more conservative – Christian faith.

    In Italy mosques are permitted, but citizien dissacrate muslims yard with pigs, so no new mosques here.

    Burqa is illegal in Italy, in some cities there are pubblic announcemets that claims this in italian, english and arabic. (it’s forbidden to wear burqas, niqabs and burqini)

    In Italy from what i know, police arrest criminal muslims for the moment.

    I knew fasting is also part of some Christians culture, but i knew also it was a choice, as opposite as islam.

  5. There is a quite terrible movement to create Chrislam – a combination religion of Christianity and Islam.

    Of course, according to Islam, Islam must make the FINAL decisions about theology because supposedly the psychotic warlord pedophile gang rapist torturer genocidal maniac Mohammed was the ‘final’ prophet.


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