Update on Lampedusa: A Muslim Majority

Lampedusa: boatload of refugees
The Camp of the Saints, 2011 edition

I posted earlier today about the refugee crisis on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Thousand of Tunisian immigrants have arrived since the “jasmine revolutions” began in January, and more keep pouring in.

I speculated in my earlier post that the immigrants would soon form a majority of the inhabitants, if they haven’t already. Now the latest reports seem to indicate that the Muslim arrivals are indeed more than 50% of the island’s population: more than 9,000 have arrived since the uprisings in North Africa began.

Bear in mind that all of these migrants are being packed into refugee centers that were designed to hold only a fraction of their current population. The Tunisian arrivals have shown a propensity for getting drunk and making trouble, to the extent that the Lampedusan authorities banned the sale of alcohol to non-citizens.

Despite its moralizing and high-handed regulations about how immigrants must be treated, the EU seems unwilling to address the problem in any serious or systematic fashion. The French have explicitly instructed Italy not to allow any of the refugees to migrate across the border into France, and insist that the Italians must accept the return of any aliens who do manage to get through.

As the numbers increase and conditions worsen, the explosive potential of the situation can only intensify.

Here’s the latest from AKI:

Boats Carrying 1,700 Migrants Land on Italian Islands

Rome, 8 March (AKI) – Around 1,700 Tunisians over the last days have arrived by boat to the tiny southern Italian islands of Lampedusa and Linosa causing overcrowding in a detention centre designed to hold unauthorised immigrants.

To ease the conditions at the centre on Lampedusa and make room for fresh arrivals, 264 migrants on Monday were transferred to other centres in Italy. Around 1,200 people are packed into the centre designed to hold 800.

Many of the more than 9,000 migrants who’ve reached Italy since January reportedly set sail from the Tunisian port of Zarzis, where truckloads and cars full of migrants are reported to be arriving. The migrants are understood to be paying 1,400 euros each for their 10-12 hour passage to a ‘new life’ in Europe.

Italy has warned of a bible-like exodus of migrants arriving to European shores from North Africa where popular uprisings toppled leaders in Tunisia and Egypt and is verging on civil war in Libya.

The migrant influx has placed a strain on Lampedusa, where the population is 6,000 people, and Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni on Sunday assured the island’s mayor Bernardino De Rubeis that the government was gradually emptying the detention centre.

Italy has asked the European Union for 100 million euros to help it manage the situation.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

15 thoughts on “Update on Lampedusa: A Muslim Majority

  1. I wonder if the muslim groups like MB had this as part of their plan when they started participating in the demonstations. Flood the west with refugees ?

    I think this is far better for us, than the slow, creeping, growing muslim population problem. The sleeping West would have ignored them until they became a majority in around 30 years time.

    Now, the population of the west will see first hand what is happening, and people will have to make some hard decisions or their lives will become much much worse.

    The sooner the muslim problem “comes to a head”, the better. If we leave it until they are a majority, then it will be too late. Let it happen now, when we still have a good chance to win.

  2. Since the justification for immigration is a shortage of people willing to do jobs Europeans won’t do, why not go with the flow, and turn Lampedusa into a work camp? Put up signs on the beach, saying “We’re Hiring!” and put people to work as soon as they land. Recycling could be a great (and green) business. Truck all the trash from Naples and pay the migrants to sort it and make cute little recycled crafts from the garbage. That can be their life for as long as they want to stay. I don’t think it will ever get crowded.

  3. Ex-Dissident: Any acts of kindness will be repaid in barbarism.

    The saddest part of all is how such events probably will be the only way that our world finally wakes up about jihad. Islam will have to warn us all by itself. How effing gruesome does it get?

  4. I have just checked the sea maps for this reason – why can’t these people be loaded onto freighters and shipped further along to Turkey – where they would no doubt be welcomed by their brothers and sisters in the Umma?

    Really, sometimes these European leaders can be so unfair – forcing these poor boot people to live among the Kuffar when they could be helped on their way to paradise.

  5. Paradoxically a torrent is better for European peoples than a steady drip drip…

    Interesting that the French don’t want any of these freeloaders on their turf – The tide is turning in our favour ladies and gentlemen. I’ve always said that Muslims and Islam are just what we Europeans need to bring us to our senses.

  6. In hoc signo vinces

    Rather than David Cameron demanding a no fly zone over Libya, he should be demanding a no sail zone – a total exclusion zone implementing a policy of Fortress Europe.

    What is Cameron’s objective regarding his manic desire for military intervention in Libya’s internal affairs.

  7. After the boats have landed the koranimals, the boats should be destroyed so that they can’t go and pick up some more of them.

  8. French politician Chantal Brunel (UMP) has just said “Put them back in the boats!” Of course she’s been denounced by just about everyone, even in her own party.

  9. Those who oppose her tret common sense as if it were fashion.
    She understands what hers and Europe’s best interests are.
    Does Europe have its own interests any more?

  10. At what point do the nations in question – in this case Italy – put their collective foot down? There is no politically correct option, so do what is in the country’s best interest: eject the saracin invaders, and let the chips fall where they may. Appeasement didn’t work for Chamberlain, either.

  11. gsw: … why can’t these people be loaded onto freighters and shipped further along to Turkey – where they would no doubt be welcomed by their brothers and sisters in the Umma?

    A fine and upstanding idea that Israel should take to heart as well in terms of dealing with the “Palestinians”.

    It’s long past tea for the West to begin ensuring that Islamic troublemakers like Turkey and Syria get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Burdening them with Muslim diaspora of the lowest order would keep them so busy that they might keep their collective noses clean for a little while.

  12. Why don’t the muzzies from N.
    Africa go to Saudi Barbaria? Or
    Egypt? Or Somalia? Or any of the other fine islamofascist states in the Mid-East and N. Africa in which they would fit right in? They want the freedom to suck the welfare states of Europe/Eurabia dry all while furthering their grand jihad
    (of which mass migration is part and
    parcel). Goodbye Europe, hello Eurabia.

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