The Job That Has Been Chosen For Us

ESW Copenhagen Nov. 2010
(Photo © Snaphanen)

This afternoon a new organization called The United West was launched in Miami, Florida. Its goal is to unite Western Civilization against sharia.

The United West is an outgrowth of the Florida Security Council, but aims for an international reach. To that end, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was one of the featured speakers. Below is the text of the speech she gave this afternoon:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’d like to thank Tom Trento for inviting me to sunny South Florida for the launch of The United West. Coming from frigid Vienna, it is a delight to feel the warmth and enjoy the sun for a change!

I was quite surprised to learn that Florida is one of the hotbeds for radical Muslims in the United States. What brings them here? Do the palm trees and sand remind them of the oases back home?

In any case, they’re here. So why should we worry about Islam?

It’s just a religion, like Judaism or Christianity. We’ve been told not to let a few violent radicals discredit a great religion.

Yes, we’ve all heard these words before. But they are only pretty lies.

Violence is deeply embedded in Islamic theology, and especially in Islamic law, or sharia. Violence is endemic in Islam because its scriptures and law require Muslims to be violent in order to protect Islam and extend sharia throughout the world.

Sharia has already come to my country, and to most of the rest of Western Europe. By accepting the European Union’s “hate speech” laws, European countries are effectively enforcing sharia for their Muslim citizens.

I learned this from personal experience. As most of you know, I was convicted of “hate speech” last month in a Vienna court. The count on which I was convicted was “denigrating the religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion.”

My “crime” was to give seminars in which I told the truth about Islam. By explaining that Mohammed had sex with a nine-year-old girl — which Islamic scriptures declare is true — I “denigrated” the teachings of Islam. I was convicted for saying that “Mohammed had a thing for little kids”.

Well, he did, didn’t he?

But it doesn’t matter, not in Austria. In Austria the truth about Islam, as told by Islam itself, is an insult to Islam.

It would be a joke if the consequences weren’t so serious.

So now it seems we must all learn to shut up and keep our heads down while sharia descends on our countries. As Geert Wilders said: “The lights are going out all over Europe.”

But it’s not just Europe. Sharia is coming to America, too.

It begins with little things, like prayer rooms and footbaths and special prayer breaks for Muslim employees. Then comes “Sharia-compliant finance”, which sounds so innocuous.

Then come the restrictions on speech that offends Muslims.

Such restrictions are already here in the United States. Yes, you have the First Amendment to protect your God-given right to free speech, but that has not been enough to prevent ordinary American citizens from being silenced.

Consider the case of Derek Fenton, a New Jersey state public employee who was fired from his job for burning pages from the Koran at Ground Zero last September 11th. He was expressing his own personal opinions in his off-duty hours. He was exercising his constitutional right to free expression, but it didn’t matter — he lost his livelihood anyway.

Or consider the case of Molly Norris, the Seattle cartoonist who was forced to change her name and go into hiding for drawing the mildest of cartoons about Mohammed. She received a death fatwa, and the FBI told her there was nothing it could do to protect her.

In Kansas and Michigan, Christians were arrested for handing out gospel literature on the public sidewalks of Muslim neighborhoods. They were not charged with “racism” or “incitement to religious hatred” as they would have been in Europe. But there are plenty of laws on the books — “disorderly conduct”, “breach of the peace”, “loitering”, and so on — that have been used to stop them.

It doesn’t take a Constitutional amendment to end free speech in America. Apathy in the face of oppression is enough to do the job.

Free speech is already under assault.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am here to declare a solidarity between Europe and the United States. None of us has to face the Islamic menace alone.

We don’t have to be atomized, alienated, and demoralized. If we work together to resist sharia, we will be victorious.

There are enough of us to make a difference, but we have to be dedicated and resolute. We must band together with like-minded people and fight back.

And this is already happening. Umbrella organizations like this one are being formed to gather together the courageous people who have decided to make a stand. After 9-11, after the Times Square Bomber, after Ft. Hood, and now after the murders in Frankfurt, people are becoming truly aware of what is at stake.

Many fine groups such as the Florida Security Council, the Center for Security Policy and ACT! For America — of which I am Austrian chapter head — are doing the necessary work to resist the international jihad. Our goal should be to increase the connections among groups on both sides of the Atlantic and help them find the resources to be effective.

I took on this job for the sake of my daughter. I looked around at what was happening to my country — burqas and honor killings and female genital mutilation, all the wonderful “cultural enrichment” that comes with sharia — and thought about the kind of world she will have to live in when she grows up.

She is six years old now. What will the streets of Vienna be like when she is sixteen? Or twenty-six? Or thirty-six?

How can I live with myself if I do not at least try to prevent my country from surrendering to Islam?

This is not a job that any of us would have chosen to do, but it is the job that has been chosen for us. Our children and our grandchildren will never forgive us if we fail to act now, while successful action is still possible.

Col. Allen West — now a Congressman from the 22nd District here in Florida — always signs his emails “steadfast and loyal”.

So I’ll just take a leaf from his book: Let us be steadfast and loyal to one another!

Thank you.

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

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  1. F***W*T TW****R —

    No, I don’t have a URL for the group. They may have a website, but nobody has sent me a link so far.

    If you couldn’t find it on Google, chances are they haven’t set it up yet.

  2. Etruscan —

    That is an extraordinarily ungracious comment for you to make.

    Just two days ago, at YOUR request, I posted a translation of an article about German politicians and the Turks.

    You suggested that I find a translator and have it translated, which I did. Then the translator — a volunteer, who receives no pay whatsover — spent his valuable time working on it, and delivered the result to me in short order. Then I took the trouble to edit it, format it, and post it.

    The monumental ingratitude takes my breath away!

    You’ve got a nerve.

  3. Etruscan: Don’t you have any topics on your blog other than Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff?

    Riddle me this, Etruscan.

    When was the last time you saw Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff mentioned at length anywhere else on the entire Internet, much less in the mainstream media?


    This one very determined person is making an incredible sacrifice of her personal time and private home life in order to increase public awareness about Islam’s ill intentions for Western civilization.

    Few others have the ability to speak with her authority and from her position as a woman who stands with her entire gender as being amongst those with the greatest to lose should Islam come to power globally.

    The soft underbelly of Politically Correct Multicultural Socialist Europe is serving as Islam’s par course while it warms up for world domination. Every single ruse, ploy and deception we see on the Continent will be coming soon enough to us here in America.

    We should be profoundly grateful for Elisabeth’s generous contribution of her knowledge gained at great risk and more than a little hardship from having lived in a few different Middle Eastern Islamic countries.

    Soon enough the battle will be on our own American shores and all of us will look towards people like Elisabeth with deep and abiding gratitude.

  4. Yes ! My American dream has been shattered ! People in China all have American dreams that American people enjoy freedom of speech. Now it looks like the other way round. People in China enjoy more freedom of speech than the West and USA. We can criticize anything, any religion, any aspect of social injustice,and you are free to criticize government corruption and any wrong-doings of the government authorities as long as you stay from politics, stay away from the core communist
    systems. I was under the impression that Lady Wolff must have landed on the wrong soil–the United Islamic States of America ! Once again, my American dream has been completely shattered !!

  5. This woman is wonderful BB!
    Thank goodness there are some people willing to fight these savages head on.

    That guy above sounds like a real ingrate.
    Next time, let him copy and paste stuff into a translator and translate his own stuff.
    Some ppl are never satisfied, no matter how nice you are or how much you help them!

  6. I was facinated by the painting on the top this webpage. Anyone know who the artist was? In 1683, Vienna stopped the Islamic invasion, why the Gates are now wide open to evil ?

    Muslims in China have been largely indigenized,sinicized and infused with Confucionism. They are hospitable and friendly people, being one of the largest ethnic group among the 56 minority ethnic groups in China. The riots that took place in Xinjiang were said to have been instigated by CIA as a part of their covert operations called for in the US policy of containment of China.

    Recently, the so-called ” Jasmine Revoltuion” triggered by the unrest in the Middle East has not and will not come of age since they are fan-games played by a small group of “Netizens ” who have ulteria motives. People in China need stability, progress and better livelihood. Revolutions rarely end happily !!

  7. Dear Baron,

    as you rightly pointed out, it was a suggestion, not a request. I posted said suggestion because you specifically asked for a discussion on the question “Why all this truckling and spinelessness?” in the article “Playground Bully” and invited everyone to participate. It was my intention to add a particular German view to this discussion since I felt that the article published on PI had some unique information that would otherwise never have reached the readers of this blog.

    It was my intention to add to other people’s understanding and to your blog. If you feel that it didn’t accomplish that task and you merely posted the translation for not being ungracious towards the translator, then I’m very sorry and will refrain from any further attempts to do so.
    And having said that, with all due respect, I don’t quite agree on the “gratitude” thing. Personally – as a German – I didn’t need a translation to understand that article. I didn’t want to have that one translated for myself. Again, that was for you (all).

    One might also argue that this is an entirely unrelated topic and my opinion about the prevalence of E. Sabaditsch-Wolff that I find to perceive on this blog does not diminish JLH’s work in any way whatsoever. So I don’t quite understand why you come and tell my about all the troubles and hard work JLH went through, it’s not like I said he did bad work.

    Besides, I am especially furious about this university issue since it affects me.

    And now it’s just about 04.20 a.m. and I will go to sleep. Will give me some time to ponder a bit on whether or not to come back.

  8. Etruscan —

    It’s obvious that your concept of what is rude is very different from mine.

    If you don’t understand why your remark was so offensive, there’s probably nothing I can say that can help.

    I assume that it must be even more offensive to Elisabeth, who takes great risks by doing what she does.

    Other adjectives which come to mind to describe your comment: crass, tactless, thoughtless, insensitive, and boorish.

    There are probably more, but I am too tired right now to think of them. Readers are advised to consult Roget’s thesaurus.

  9. Dear Baron, Sir:

    Thank you very much for the info.
    I’ve just googled and found 199-pcs of prints, and could not find this one. Will continue my search.

  10. “Muslims in China have been largely indigenized,sinicized and infused with Confucionism. They are hospitable and friendly people, being one of the largest ethnic group among the 56 minority ethnic groups in China. The riots that took place in Xinjiang were said to have been instigated by CIA as a part of their covert operations called for in the US policy of containment of China.”

    There are two claims here, one blithely sweeping about the vast majority of Muslims in China; the other a specific allegation about the CIA. I’d certainly need a lot more than the unsubstantiated word of some stranger on an Internet forum to persuade me of their veracity.

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