The Jihad Next Door

The video below is a trailer for a documentary that will air tomorrow on CNN about the controversy over the proposed building of a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

I suspect that this is going to be a typical dhimmi MSM hit-job, but we’ll have to wait and see. You’ll notice, however, that the Muslims and mosque-supporters all speak with nice, articulate mainstream accents, while the opponents are distinctly native Tennesseans. [For our European readers: that sort of accent is routinely used by the MSM and Hollywood to represent atavistic, backward, intolerant, Christian fundamentalist Southern hicks. This may or may not be a coincidence; after all, one would expect most of the opponents of the mosque to be locals, and its supporters to be “foreigners”.]

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this trailer:

Hat tip: AC.

7 thoughts on “The Jihad Next Door

  1. Judging by the trailer I don’t think CNN is going to be very fair to the point of view of what happens once Islam gains a toe hold in a community.
    Anyone that has read GOV for even a little while if well aquinted with the progression.

  2. I live in Tennessee and this seems like a hit job by CNN to me.

    Each time the Muslims are confronted, they put the young innocent-looking girls and women out to speak to the media. Smart on their part. The people in Murfreesboro, as well as other places in Tennessee and around the US, have a good reason to be concerned.

    The mosques are advertised as ‘community centers’, but with each new one we must ask ourselves: Is this just a group of innocent Muslims wanting to be a part of the community and worship? Or is this just one more community infiltrated by the enemy?

    The way the courts are going, we will just have to wait and see.

    As the media always does, they have picked the few bad apples in the community who made the phone calls and left messages, but those do not represent the entire community. It would not surprise me at all if the Muslims burned the bulldozer themselves to make the news and garner sympathy.

    Right Truth

  3. This does seem to hit all the ‘them-nasty-locals’ buttons, ending with the ‘I have a right to a house of worship’ heart-tug from the pretty young lady.

    If memory serves, the Constitution restrains Congress from establishing a state religion, but does not confer a positive right to build any house of worship anywhere.

    Hmmm….time to contact the state senator.

  4. Next time a Muslim says they have a right to a place of worship, tell them to go back to their homeland, where in most Muslim countries, no christian churches are allowed, and if there are any left, they are quickly being burned down by the friggin Muslims.

    Try building a church in Saudi Arabia. lol, You can’t even bring a bible into the country. So much for freedom of worship in Muslim countries.

    Is a satanic cult wanted to build a house of satan in your community, I doubt you would approve of it. Well Islam is nothing more then a satanic ideology where muslims are taught to hate jews, christians, and us kaffirs.

  5. Mosques are not churches. Mosques are a combined form of embassy, courtroom, observation post, barracks and indoctrination center. Pretend otherwise at your own risk.

    If anyone has a link to “How a Mosque is not a Church”, please post it here. I am unable to find my copy of the article.

    Here is a similar synopsis:

    Dr. Mark A. Gabriel, PH.D., in his book Islam and Terrorism described a mosque as follows: “…the mosque during the prophet Muhammad’s time was not just a place of worship. It was also a place to store weapons and make military plans… a mosque in Islam is the center for worship, justice, war strategy and government. This is because Islam is both a religion and government…Prophet Muhammad made it clear to Muslims that the mosque isn’t like a synagogue or a church. At his mosque in Medina (the second holiest site in Islam today), he planned his war strategy, held court and received visiting tribal leaders. It was like the Pentagon, the White House and the Supreme Court all in one place. The Islamic world was ruled from the mosque. When there was an order to fight, the announcement was made at the mosque. The rulers after Muhammad continued this practice. Throughout Islamic history you can see that all movements of Jihad came out of the mosque.”

  6. Sharia Law (per Reliance of the Traveler) states that Christianity and Judaism are “remnant cults” which have no validity since the revelations of Allah to Muhammad. (See section w4.1(2), page 846) Any religion with that attitude toward other faith groups in the community is going to be a problem. Better to address the problem now, than to give Islam any undeserved stature as a mainstream religion.

  7. Bury a pig at the site and that just may slow them down a bit. It needs to be well marked so that they will find the intact carcass. They are not too big on pork, and the rumor has it that this has blocked a mosque in Spain.

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