Standing up to Tablighi Jamaat

This press release just came in from Alan Craig of Newham Concern, the organization that has been fighting the proposed London Mega-Mosque:

Islamic fundamentalist sect “refuse to integrate”.

They promote “cultural isolationism” and a “male-only closed society” at Olympic mega-mosque site

Lack of community benefit cited during barristers’ Closing Submissions at Planning Inquiry

Mega-Mosque, LondonRejection of British values, the lack of any female participation and a refusal to integrate with other local communities are key issues for the Planning Inspector to consider, according to lawyers for Newham Concern, the campaign group opposing plans for a mega-mosque at West Ham, close to the site of the new 2012 London Olympic stadium.

The lawyers were speaking this morning during the final session of a major Public Inquiry into an appeal by fundamentalist sect Tablighi Jamaat against a Newham Council order that they should vacate the site and stop using it for a temporary mosque.

During the Inquiry Newham Concern had called expert Muslim witnesses Dr Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Council of Oxford and Ms Tehmina Kazi of British Muslims for Secular Democracy to highlight the supremacist, separatist and sexist belief system that underpins Tablighi Jamaat.

“The Planning Inspector’s decision will be taken on technical planning grounds of course,” said Alan Craig, campaign director of Newham Concern and former Leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance opposition group on Newham Council. “But the nature and teachings of Tablighi Jamaat indicate why they have such a divisive and socially harmful effect on the wider east London community, and the Inspector is obliged to consider this adverse community impact too.

“Furthermore, after 14 years on this large site Tablighi Jamaat still deliberately offer nothing for Muslim women and children,” said Alan Craig. “There will be little loss if they are moved off the site, apart from for a limited male-only band of Muslims whose prayer needs can be met anyway at other east London mosques.”

The Planning Inspector has indicated he will announce his decision on the Appeal in May.

Queries: Alan Craig, Newham Concern: 07939 547198

6 thoughts on “Standing up to Tablighi Jamaat

  1. Considering that “equality” is the overarching requirement in English law now(re: Christian couple who could not adopt as they would not agree that gays were equal to heteros.), I do not see how they dare to permit this vile monstrosity!
    I lived in Newham and originally, that horror was the planned entrance to the Olympic park! Imagine everyone having to take their shoes off to get in, to see a race etc, and have to listen to the 5-times daily, nazi wailing of the West-haters!

  2. I hope that Alan Craig is successful in stopping this abomination. Taj Hargey is speaking for us at our Public Inquiry in April to try to stop another huge mosque at the gates of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Taj is brave – at the planning meeting, the charming local Islamists were spitting at him, threatening and cursing him. I have had a ‘djinn’ put on me by the Imam. Our website about the mosque is:

  3. They will simply tweak their policy for the british court, taqiya style, to make it look like women and children will now be involved, win the right to build, then decide to change their policy. I think it shouldn’t be built simply because Islam is built upon the example of mass murder to achieve goals, open ended teachings to kill infidels and an evil role model Muhammad. That should be more than enough.

  4. It’s a curious choice that this mega mosque is being built in a place called West Ham. Irony abounds, though not for too long I suspect.

  5. @ LAW Wells. “West Ham” is an abbreviation of West Hampstead but you are right . It is funny. Surprised they haven’t campaigned to have the name changed to something more “acceptable”.

    I texted Alan sometime ago wishing him luck but pointed out that the Planning Inspector is obliged to stick to planning law only. Alan told me that he thought the Inspector must take into account the community aspects. Hope he’s right.

  6. Tablighi Jamaat evinces behavior that is in such clear opposition to British traditions of democracy, gender equality and assimilation that it is hard to imagine a stronger case for denying them a building permit.

    How dismal it is when government has become so witless that even a no-brainer decision like this one requires debate.

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