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In a Vienna hospital, the gender-segregation rules demanded by Muslims are applied to everyone, Muslim or otherwise. The parents of a little girl undergoing heart surgery were dismayed to find that they had no choice but to follow the sharia rules.

Many thanks to JLH for this translation from Politically Incorrect:

No Night Vigil Allowed — The New Dominant Culture in Austria

by Thorsten M.

In physics the process is quite simple: If there is a vacuum somewhere, and the body which contains it springs a leak, it fills up with whatever is outside the body (if the state of matter is appropriate). That is to say: someone who has no culture of his own need not be surprised if another, newer one suddenly spreads out over his living space.

Two Austrian parents had this experience when the father intended to spend the night by the hospital bed of his six year-old daughter after a planned-for operation. From the very start, at registration in Vienna Medical Center East, the parents had to agree in writing that the mother — and definitely not the father — would take the night vigil.

The Austrian Kronen Zeitung reports:

How much political correctness is too much? the following incident is reported from Vienna Medical Center East: A father wanted to spend the night in the hospital after his daughter’s operation. But that won’t do. Muslim fathers will not allow a non-Muslim man near their children.

“Since September, 2010, my six year-old daughter has already had her seventh incident of angina,” says the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous. “We have an operation date for this month and, in the preliminary interview, I had to sign an agreement that I — as the mother — would stay with my daughter at night, because my husband is not allowed!”

Not allowed? Why is that? The doctors’ explanation at the time: “If a Muslim mother should stay overnight in the hospital with her sick child, Muslim fathers will not allow a non-Muslim man to be in the same room,” The family is astonished. “What if a man is a single parent? Couldn’t he stay with his daughter?” the girl’s mother asked.

A spokeswoman for the hospital association: “Usually the operation dates are arranged so that only mamas or only papas, regardless of religion, spend the night together in a hospital room with their children.”

That is to say, the Austrians (it could just as easily be the Germans) are allowing themselves to be dictated to by backward, envious immigrants about what rules will apply in Austrian hospitals in the future. Similar things are happening in schools and swimming pools.

Once more it is demonstrated that a constitution and legal system are absolutely insufficient as a dominant culture, since they both only gain traction when the legal process must be used. 99% of the daily interchange between people is shaped by customs and practices.

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  1. Under what authority is the Muslim father preventing a non-Muslim man to be in the same room as a Muslim mother. Why don’t the Muslims go to one of their sharia-compliant paradises like Egypt,Tunisia or better still Iran.

  2. It now seem that the rights of Muslims are greater than the rights of non-Muslims even when they are a minority. If the Muslim doesn’t like something that is legal in as non-Muslim country, it is he who needs to make alternative arrangements, not the majority.

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