“No Matter Where Islam Goes, The Problem Will Come”

Below is a video with an audio track taken from an Australian talk radio program. In it you’ll hear EDL leader Tommy Robinson interviewed by an obviously sympathetic Aussie radio host. Mr. Robinson demonstrates once again his detailed grasp of the issues surrounding the Islamization of England.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video, and to Aeneas for the original tip and most of the photos:

3 thoughts on ““No Matter Where Islam Goes, The Problem Will Come”

  1. Tommy is getting better by the day. I wonder if there will ever be an Australian Defence League here in Oz? I think the Cronulla riots ruined any chance of being taken seriously, due to the drunken yobbos. That “riot” started out as a peaceful protest with BBQs and parties on the beach – a celebration of the freedom of Australian culture. But the drunks ruined it, and I think that since then noone wants to do such a public protest again. Because a certain element of society can’t control themselves on alcohol.

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