Special Villages for Scum

For all you “racist xenophobes” out there, here’s a new one from Geert Wilders. I must say, I really like the cut of this man’s jib. From Dutch News:

Set Up Special Villages Away From Normal Folk for ‘Scum’, Says Wilders

Persistent troublemakers should be kept away from the rest of the population in special ‘scum villages’, Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV says in an interview with the Telegraaf on Thursday.

‘Repeat offenders should be forcibly removed from their neighbourhood and sent to a village for scum,’ Wilders said. ‘They will then be put into converted containers as homes. If juveniles are involved, their families should be moved too. Put all the trash together.’

They would only be allowed to return after working or studying for at least a year, Wilders said.

According to the Telegraaf, the idea comes from Denmark, where several cities have set up ‘skaeve huse’ to house people who cause a public nuisance.

There have already been several small-scale experiments in the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam, where several shipping container homes were set aside for persistent offenders.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

19 thoughts on “Special Villages for Scum

  1. Misguided. The press will now report he is advocating setting up concentration camps. I don’t see how Wilders can undermine the Leftist narrative by playing directly into its hands.

  2. Nice… We used to have deportation. That was what colonies were for. Then we gave them independence, and now the scum tends to deport itself to our shores.

    How more horribly wrong can you get ?

  3. It depends on who the “scum” is, and who defines them. Imagine those who want to protect Muslims from evil whites, having a law like this in their hands: they will put the Islamophobe “scum” in “converted containers”.

    This latest formula of Wilders, and all like it from others, has to be specifically, directly, necessarily and exclusively attached to Islam, else it will be either all the more exploited for attack by the PC MC, or perhaps worse (though less likely), actually used by them against their critics.

    Secondly, the problem of Muslim immigration is going to get worse in the coming two decades during which time it will not be stemmed. By the time we are ready to deal with Muslims, “converted containers” will not be pragmatic. The threats Muslims pose will be too great, and the provocation of putting them in “containers” will only inflame them all the more. It will be like closing the barn door after the wolves have gotten in.

    Thus, deportation is the only viable solution. We have to work now to readjust our Western minds to that idea, so that we are ready to do it sooner, rather than later. The longer we wait, the messier, the costlier and the bloodier it will be. (My scenario eliminates the non-apocalyptic apocalypse which Baron Bodissey apodictically described a few days ago.)

  4. The term “skaeve huse” in “Dutch News” has nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims – to say nothing of concentration camps. The paper has (deliberately?) misinterpreted the concept.

    “Skaeve Huse” in Denmark are some well-built, modern accomodations with sanitary installations, heating, hot water and whatnot – all intended for the homeless, the drop-outs, winos, drug addicts and so on. The general idea being to get them off the streets at night where some freezes to death. The state recognizes that some citizens are beyond the innumerable efforts of re-socializing. Furthermore, those “skaeve huse” are not located in some remote middle-of-nowhere outback, but rather central in downtown districts.

    The majority of those “drop-outs” are quite harmless, weak losers who just like to hang around each other, beer-bottles at hand. During the summer many prefer to take a “walkabout” in the countryside, visiting farmers, fairs and earning a little dough by sharpening scissors, knives and such.

    They are in no way comparable to Muslims and – having even lower social status than Muslims, they would be in deep trouble if mixed with Muslim scumbags (pardon, I repeat myself)…

  5. skjoldungen writes “The term “skaeve huse” in “Dutch News” has nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims – to say nothing of concentration camps. The paper has (deliberately?) misinterpreted the concept.”

    Of course it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with concentration camps, that’s not the point. The facts don’t matter.

    The Hungarian national socialist outfit Jobbik came out with a similar proposal last year, for troublesome Roma families. Designated residential areas under curfew so they couldn’t cause trouble in the night. The next day the national/international press were all screaming, “Concentration Camps!!” When they were nothing of the kind either.

    The Left controls the European press, this is their game and they won’t ever let facts get in the way, everybody knows this.

    That’s why Wilders play into their hands in this way is misguided.

  6. I’m not aware of the Dutch political situation, so I’m not taking sides here.

    However, there might be a positive shock value to those Geert Wilders brazen statements.

    Remember when he equated the Koran and Mein Kampf ? That was an outrageous thing to do at the time.

    It still is, but thanks to him, slightly less so.

    Likewise, when he proposed to tax “head-rags”. That was guaranteed to make the media jump up and down.

    Of course, the first reaction is : “Whaaat ?!”, and many people might leave it at that.

    But others might have second thoughts, and say to themselves : “Wait… it’s not that stupid after all… In fact, it might be downright reasonable !”

    So, by poking regularly the Left’s sore buttons, Geert Wilders might actually be helping to push the envelope, and make people realise that all that hullabaloo about “racism” and “islamophobia” is just another example of the king being naked.

  7. Setting up shanty towns in the rural areas is not going to solve the problem. That is just relocating the source of the problem to areas with scant police protection.

    Deportation is the answer for naturalized citizens and immigrants.

    Nicolai Sennels, in his book “Among Criminal Muslims”(2008) has stated that “The one thing Muslim immigrants fear is being deported”

    Someone @ GoV posted the link for the interview {in English} from the Citizen Times (18 Dec. 2009)

    Here’s the link again:


    Deportation could also be useful in combating the “Muslim mafia”

  8. I’m a bit disappointed in this “scum” comment, and he loses some credibility. They did the same thing with aborigines who didn’t tow the line here in Australia, plus they had large state housing estates. Once they were all together, they all dragged each other further down. These places ended up as ghettoes and noone ever got out. The policy now is to spread these families around into good middle class suburbs by themselves. Although there might still be problems, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be. The kids see that others can live well, so they have something to aspire to.

  9. Thanks, 1389 — and it looks like goethechosemercy above agrees with us (as long as he means Muslims, and only Muslims):

    goethechosemercy said…

    Whatever happened to expulsion from the country?
    Or the stripping of one’s citizenship?
    These are better options.

  10. I’m with goethechosemercy – we need to reintroduce exile as a judicial punishment of those who argue for sedition against the nation and undermine its traditions and so on (coupled with agreements with the rest of Europe, this would mean the professional Sharia advocates could be exiled from the entire continent).

    Combined with mass deportation, we’d be on to a winner.

  11. Hi all, I really believe that the general leftist plan is to RFID chip everyone. RFID chips will enable the nanny state to control all dissent via strict control of food, health care, travel access, housing, education, employment, etc.

    This is WHY leftists everywhere intend to take over health care. Then, the government can force you to get an RFID chip implant whether you want one or not.

    The American government already has laws on the books that enable POLICE officers to come into your HOME and inoculate you against your will. Note that RFID chips can be easily placed into shots.

    The bar code people control the RFID technology which will assign a unique identifier to all people and products in the world. To see the future, read Spychips by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre.

  12. Hesperado given what is happening in Egypt, Jordan and the reports of the death of the King of Saudi Arabia I don’t think there will be two decades of peace for more immigration to occur. It looks like a major war is about to start this summer, one that will change the entire political makeup of the entire West.

  13. Blogger wrote: The policy now is to spread these families around into good middle class suburbs by themselves. Although there might still be problems, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as it used to be. The kids see that others can live well, so they have something to aspire to.

    That’s true from the point of view of the miscreants, but what about the rights of the people who already live there? I speak from personal experience, I live in such a mixed neighborhood, and the disaffected youths are that much closer to their potential victims. I agree with Geert, people who cause a lot of trouble should be sent somewhere else. Deportation would be best, but in the case of the native criminal class, they should have their own villages.

    Egghead: I think you’re on to something about healthcare. The other day, I got a note from my HMO, Kaiser, that they’re going to send me a kit to have a screening for colon cancer. This is the first time they’ve ever been this aggressive. Even though it’s more convenient than an office visit, it does seem invasive and offputting all the same. I had a thought to send them a sample from my kitty’s litterbox…

  14. Thanks! Obama is already on record speechifying about how “convenient” it would be if everyone’s lifetime medical records were in one place. Well, how much more “convenient” could it get then an RIFD chip in the back of your shoulder?

    P.S. The bar code people have been busily testing the RFID chips on pets. Next will be prisoners and dementia patients – then children.

    By the way, a fair amount of pet owners claim that the migratory chips have caused their pets to get cancer. Of course, the RFID chip people are unperturbed….

  15. In my own ‘shire’ in the frozen north, there have been problem areas which housed addicts & so forth but the problems arose when they were housed alongside regular citizens in the same housing block. The council developed an unofficial policy of moving problem people into the same tower block, all the pensioners into another, and so forth. This has proven to be a success. At least normal people can go about their lives, and if the druggies and wasters want to knife one another in the stairwell of their own building, that just tough sh… I mean that’s most unfortunate but what can you do?

  16. I agree with those who think it’s not a good idea to dilute the poison in order to cure the illness.

    That’s what French politicians and “intellectuals” would like us to do : increase social diversity, as they love to say (meaning ethnic diversity, of course).

    We have a law which mandates towns and cities to build social housing to a level of at least 20 % of the total on their territory.

    Everybody knows (but nobodoy is allowed to say out loud) that social housing is primarily for immigrants. Ethnic French are put on waiting lists for decades, while immigrants with big families get priority treatment.

    You can imagine the anger of the natives when they are not only denied subsidised housing which is given to foreigners, but they are forced to accept, in previously quiet and peaceful neighbourhoods, all the social nuisances which come with “diversity” : the insults, the noise, the sexual harrasment of females, the drug traffic, the carbecues, the intimidation and assaults…

    As a result, many towns chose to pay the legal fine rather than abide by the “SRU law”, as it is called.

    The Left (and the media) keep berating them for that.

    There have been studies in the US highlighting a similar phenomenon : trying to extract minorities from the ghetto, through government programs, and planting them in the middle of white areas, only helps to bring the ghetto mentality into previously unscathed neighbourhoods, with all the negative consequences.

  17. In hoc signo vinces

    There must be qualification that the indigenous peoples of Europe will not be subjugated or become collateral damage to any socio economic counter-jihad policies.

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