Photos from the Trial

Below are a few photos from today’s trial of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, in which she was convicted of “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion” for giving seminars on Islam.

Many thanks to Josef for sending the photos:

Elisabeth and her lawyer before the trial

ESW Trial Day 3, #1

Elisabeth confers with her legal team

ESW Trial Day 3, #2

The Judge

ESW Trial Day 3, #3

Elisabeth in court

ESW Trial Day 3, #4

8 thoughts on “Photos from the Trial

  1. This judge is the face of evil. Evil doesn’t need to be a hooked nosed wart covered old woman or a man with horns and a goatee. Evil will thrive inside an ignorant and lazy brain, someone who spews out imbecilic dictates and thoughtlessly harms the people nearby. We as a civilization must look at this judge and ask ourselves why we allow someone so ill qualified and someone so reckless to be in a position of power and responsibility.

  2. 1389, the prior GoV thread titled “A Scandalous Judgement” reveals:
    “Elisabeth will appeal this verdict and so she needs your continuing support. Please help according to your means! She is defending not only herself, but freedom of speech for all of us.

  3. Just read the VERDICT: Is this correct? A fine of 480€ and no prison?

    People, it sounds very much as though this judge was being forced to find her guilty, against her conscience, not evil just young.

    I have just checked: This is equivalent to being fined for spitting in the street.
    It is a civil – not criminal – conviction and it is under 500€.
    So, maybe she should not appeal after all!

  4. GSW: In some things it is not the price it is the Priciple. This conviction should never have happened. Like the tag line to the commercial..reversal–priceless.

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