The Aftermath in Alexandria

This news video shows the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve church bombing in Alexandria, Egypt. There are interviews with survivors and witnesses, and accounts of the looting of Christian stores by a Muslim mob.

See the AINA post from early this morning for details about the bombing and the official response to it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. Caution: although the footage in this video is not graphic, some of the images are intense:

7 thoughts on “The Aftermath in Alexandria

  1. Notice how CNN frames it as “Christian – Muslim tension” and “Christians have long complained…” etc. etc.

    It is the same way the media speaks of Palestinian terrorism as “Israeli – Palestinian violence.”

    What is happening in Egypt is not “Christian – Muslim tensions” but an increasingly fundamentalist (and orthodox, I might add) Muslim population routinely persecuting a Christian minority. It has been going on for centuries but with a slight decrease due to a handful of decades of British rule and subsequent secular leadership.

    Now Egypt is returning to its violent and oppressive Muslim heritage. The main difference is that the Christians of today are not quite as used to as their ancestors, so they are reacting much less submissively.

  2. If anyone gets the “WWPGVIIID?” They have my full aquiescence if they want to make bumperstickers or whatever.

    Of course to be accurate it should be WWPUIID but the first choice looks better.

  3. jjk999 —

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    Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


    jjk999 said…

    People have been saying- it’s good that 9/11 was so long ago. Finally people are getting some perspective.

    Here’s some perspective:

    9 years ago after a jihad inspired mass murder brought down two buildings and killed thousands, people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds rushed immediately to the scene to rescue survivors and then stayed for months to unearth the dead and bring some sort of peace to the grieving loved ones. Condolances and statements of both sorrow and solidarity for a grieving nation came from all corners of the world.

    Over there they stomp on the victims bodies, yell triumphal cries, loot the victims businesses while their spiritual (Spiritual!)leaders make statements such as “THEY are in OUR country” and knowingly lie to the world in an attempt to shift blame away from themselves and onto whichever current petty political enemy they have in order to score political points off of the suffering they themselves have contributed to.

    That’s all we need to know.

    Actually there are two more things I would like to know.

    When will we have the power to kick these moral [imbeciles] out of the UN.

    And lastly: WWPGVIIID?

    Makes a good bumpersticker, no?

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