It’s Still Raining in Queensland

Toowoomba flood, 2011

There’s an excellent series of reports on the floods in Australia at Kae’s Bloodnut Blog. The blog’s proprietress has been liveblogging events from her place at Laidey, outside of Toowoomba. Just click the link and start scrolling; there are lots of photos.

A sample:

I emptied the rain gauge yesterday evening and tipped out about 50mm… well, in the scheme of things 50-60mm doesn’t matter much…

I emptied it this morning at about, oh, 10 or 11am. It had 110mm in it.

I’ve just gone outside to check it again, and it’s already up to 56mm.

’s wet!

2:42pm just checked again, it’s now up to 80mm.

3:48pm = 100mm

5:35pm = 104mm and emptied
The blackhawks evacuating Forest Hill are flying over my place.

There’s much more at Kae’s place. Incidentally, the blog title means that Kae is a redhead, according to our Aussie linguistics expert, Nilk, who also sent us the tip.

11 thoughts on “It’s Still Raining in Queensland

  1. Hi Baron
    I’m trying to upload some aftermath photos taken in town this morning. The township is where the water rose higher than the last big floods in 1974, which was before the Wivenhoe Dam, a water supply/flood mitigation dam was built.
    My link to the net is on and off, could have something to do with the flooding currently in Brisbane.
    I’ll have aftermath photos up soon… I hope!

  2. Quite true Salome – northern NSW has also been hit. Fortunately, I’m so high up and away from any major creeks or rivers that I’ve got precisely zero chance of going under.

    Still, it’s astonishing to see it all, and tragic too (10 deaths confirmed at last hearing, with over 90 missing).

  3. kae, where do you put those photos? – I’m asking because my daughter (danish, 20 yrs) is backpacking in Australia and is in Brisbane right now, and we haven’t heard from her for some time.

  4. Kepi, Kae is at Laidey, outside of Toowoomba. Her pics are from that area.

    Google maps here.

    She’s a bit of a hike out of Brisbane.

    Whereabouts in Brisbane was your daughter last time you heard from her?

  5. Thanks, Nilk. Right after I posted, the phone rang and waddayaknow: she’s alive and well, staying in a hostel some 8 meters above the river. She planned to go further North to Cairns, but gave that up. Maybe she’ll try to go West – if there’s a plane out of Brisbane…

  6. As someone who lived through a very bad flood my heart goes out to these people. It is a very scary experience. And witnessing the aftermath is often as bad as the flood itself.

  7. Thank you all again for your kind words, Nilk, Spackle and York. What a relief to her from her! – and now she tells me that the rain has stopped and the flooding seems to have peaked. I hope the best for all those who have lost their dear ones, homes and belongings. God bless Australia!
    BTW, my own country just gave a little contribution to the mutual friendship with that great nation: two royal twins – one sheelah and one mate – both 50% Aussie…

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