“I Don’t Care About the Law”

The Englishman who made this video was threatened with death for filming Muslims engaging in dawah on a public street.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. KGS helped Vlad construct a composite of the face of the fellow who made the threat. This image may be of use to the British police — if, that is, they ever take time off from arresting “Islamophobes” and actually look for the guy:

17 thoughts on ““I Don’t Care About the Law”

  1. Muslims think they are above the law and don’t have to obide by the laws of the land. As long as the officials allow Muslims to break our laws and not prosecute them, Muslims will continue to push their evil Ideology upon all of the free world. Its time to end Political Correctness and start treating the Muzzies like any other citizen. If they break the law, prosecute them.

  2. Fox that is a good idea, but I doubt if the Moslem in the video will ever be charged, and may never be visited by the police.

  3. john in cheshire —

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    Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


    john in cheshire said…

    Am I allowed to say ‘ the piece of muslim [excrement]’? Because that is my feeling. And I am outraged that he behaves this way – i feel threatened by him and his kind. Isn’t that what hate crime is all about – people like that making people like me feel frightened in my own country?

  4. Richard, I expect your correct. If he had attacked the guy with the camera, then perhaps the police might have done something. The police in UK seem to think the EDL are the problem and not the Muslims. Much the same here in America. Political correctness gone amuk.

  5. Hey foxmuldar. The police in the UK are mostly cowards. They are AFRAID of the muzzies. they would much rather bully their own countrymen than take on a muslim, plain and simple.

  6. I maintain that nothing except several lengthy sessions of intensive parking lot therapy will ever do anything to change such threatening behavior.

    Extra points for brass knuckles.

  7. John in Cheshire

    your have a right to be in fear. It shouldn’t have to be that way but when the powers to be look the other way and allow the Muslims to continue to push their hateful ideology upon you Brits, well I can only hope that enough Brits finally start to push back. EDL has that in mind, but they need a bigger following and more British citizens to speak out. Stop the immigration of Muslims into europe and here in the US. Muslims cannot coexist with any of us. They wan’t Sharia law and Islam to be the rule of the land.

  8. If you listen carefully the black guy says “I don’t care about your law”. There is no clearer statement of seditious intent.

  9. From his lips to your ears. And I’m sure most muslims would agree.

    “They are above the laws of the land and they own the country.”

    Now if we could just get the deluded left to wake up and STOP enabling these invaders.

  10. Actually ALL the filmographer had to do was approach a police officer, with his video, and state that he had been threatened with death, believed it and was frightened and hence in fear of his life.
    A prosecution of the Moslem would be inevitable. Here in the soft UK though the perpetrator would just likely get a “stiff talking to”.

    “my land” and “I don’t care about your laws” are not legally actionable. “I’ll kill you” is.
    Filmographer could still do that if he bothered to get a full face impression.

  11. First a Sidney Leb saying “Don’t f***ing ‘cord me, and now this? And a whole lot of earlier “requests” not to film coming from the Religion of Peace… do they have some sort of obsession with not being filmed – perhaps because they’re aware of the “Youtube effect”??

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