Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/3/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/3/2011Two of the five suspects arrested for planning a terror attack in Jerusalem are Palestinian employees of the British consulate in the city. The alleged conspirators were planning to shoot off a rocket in Teddy Stadium.

In other news, Copts in the Netherlands, Germany, and other parts of Europe report that their churches are being threatened with attacks, based on posts made on Al Qaeda websites.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/3/2011

  1. The story from Jerusalem does not surprise me at all. I have noted in the past that the British Consulate regularly promotes events and programs that present a VERY pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli view point.

  2. Islam’s one and only foundation is the credibility and resultant authority of Mohammed. If you can undermine that credibility and turn Mohammed into a figure of ridicule and derision, then you have destroyed Islam.

    ALL of Islam derives from Mohammed and nowhere else. Even aspects of Islam that appear to derive from Christianity and Judaism are actually corrupted versions of those religions which have been twisted and perverted to suit Mohammed’s psychopathic agenda.

    There are three ways of attacking Mohammed (1) Ethical Arguments (2) Rational Arguments and (3) Undermining his leadership.

    (1) Ethical arguments are not as effective as they might at first seem.
    By our standards, Mohammed’s actions were evil. But Muslims live in a different moral universe from the rest of us, where the very definition of good and evil are determined by what Mohammed (the Perfect man) did and said. Islam aims to completely destroy the conscience and free will of the Muslim and replace it with the cloned behavior of a psychopathic megalomaniac.

    (2) Rational arguments are no better. Muslims are taught from an early age that faith is superior to reason, and that it is a sin to even question the Koran (‘Bi-la kayf’ or ‘Bi-la kaifa’, which means Mohammedan contradictions and absurdities must be accepted without asking how or why) . Apart from which, the majority of Muslims are below average intelligence due to genetic damage caused by generations of inbreeding.
    Even though the Koran is full of contradictions, Muslims are quite happy with them.

    (3) Undermining Mohammed’s leadership…

    (3a) Nobody likes to be conned, and when they find they have been conned they turn against the conman. Muslims are naturally suspicious to the extent of paranoia and much given to conspiracy theories, so if you can show Mohammed as a person who deceived his own followers (as well as deceiving the kuffars – which is OK), then you will have more seriously undermined their faith than any rational or ethical argument could.

    (3b) Nobody likes to be a laughing-stock. So if you can make Mohammed into a figure of ridicule and derision he will no longer appear to be ‘The Perfect Man’ and role model. This is why the Motoons were so effective.


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