Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/10/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/10/2011Jared Lee Loughner and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik continue to dominate the news. The meme of the “right-wing hate climate” is still dominant, even as new information pours in that erodes any meaningful connection between the alleged shooter and the tea parties. The most interesting news so far on the Tucson shooting is percolating in the blogs, but has yet to emerge in the MSM.

In other news, the Swedish mother-in-law of one of the men accused in the Danish terror plot says she had no idea that her son-in-law had become an extremist. Meanwhile, housing prices in the UK are expected to fall to 2004 levels, even as taxes rise significantly.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/10/2011

  1. I’ve been struck by the difference in response (in the media) to this event, compared with the response to Fort Hood.

    But perhaps if the mainstream media wish to honestly discuss what lies behind such shootings in America, they ought to look at more than one example. Should Sarah Palin (for example) be asked a nippy question by a reporter about this shooting, a good response would be to ask the reporter what they thought happened at Fort Hood.

    If the reporter attempts to sidestep the question and ignore the Fort Hood shootings, Ms. Palin could insist that if they really wanted to understand such events, then it would be good practice to gather data from more than one example. So, back to Fort Hood …

    What happened there again? The shooter had a card with ‘SoA’ on it didn’t he? Yelled out the takbir as he opened fire, didn’t he? Funny how the media didn’t try to lay the blame for that incident on the Tea Party!

  2. I sure would like to coin a term: American Kapo.

    The left, progressive, commie, alinskyites are truely exhibiting there version of the Kapo.

    KAPO: (Concentration Camp/Holocast) Overseer drawn from the prisoners to maintain order, often using brutal or fatal methods. The motivation for turning on their fellow prisoners was simple exploitation, by the SS, of the survival instinct of the weak and corrupt.

    The left is in the survival mode. They are weak. They are corrupt.

    They are affraid of the strong ideology of socialism (suck up to commies)and mohammedans (suck up to CAIR). They are KAPO!

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