Canada Discusses the EDL

The Jewish Defence League of Canada (not to be confused with the JDL in the USA) recently invited English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson to speak to their group on a video link from Britain. Needless to say, a number of progressive-minded Canadians were upset by this event, and there were protests outside the venue.

The video below shows a group of people discussing the issue on Michael Coren’s television program. Pay close attention to the liberal lady of the “why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along” school — she obviously doesn’t care for the EDL, and can’t help feeling that it is somehow to blame for the violence initiated by the anarchists protesting outside the event. Yet she can’t identify a single specific thing that the EDL has done wrong — it’s all about how she feels, the sort of climate they create, how Canadians don’t solve problems in this fashion, etc., etc.

We’ve got a long uphill struggle ahead of us. And that’s just against our own leftists — Islam is another matter entirely.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “Canada Discusses the EDL

  1. Aside from that emotionally repressed woman, this show was a total win. The three men were completely reasonable, and anyone with a brain can see that.

    I spend a lot of time chatting with women exactly like Ms. Babcock, and I know exactly what their problem is. They live in so much constant fear of violence, they’ve stopped making distinctions.

    I’ll guess that Ms. Babcock is from an abusive family–her weight problem is a marker for someone who has been interfered with in some way–and now she overreacts to all “violence,” even in self-defense.

    One can spin this sort of thing either way–some will say, get these damaged women out of public life. I say, empower women in a real way, so they can “own” their righteous violence and not prevent others from doing the same.

    This isn’t so much a political problem, as a cultural/emotional problem that has to be prevented early, as curing the learned helplessness that Ms. Babcock demonstrates here is more difficult.

  2. First, my thanks and kudos to Vlad Tepes for this and all the other video he supplies. And to Baron for posting them.

    Unfortunately for the women of the European diaspora who still retain an appreciation for red-blooded males not deprived of their masculine endocrine, Ms. Babcock clearly set herself up as a role model for their daughters as a troubling example of how to unwittingly jeopardize the survival of their own descendants, while simultaneously representing her gender as the blathering brainless XX chromosome-carrying idiot that leftist feminists claim women are not.

  3. She sounded just like the BBC radio interviewer of Mr. Singh from a few days ago. So I don’t think it is because she is a woman, just a liberal. He said much the same thing – don’t hold protests because counter protests might become violent and that would be the fault of your peaceful protest.

  4. So according to Ms. Babcock everyone should be allowed to talk, except those who say what I don’t want to hear. After all, someone might get upset and therefore violent.

  5. Other leaders representing the largest Jewish organizations in Canada publicly condemned the JDL for hosting the EDL and went on blathering in the usual liberal vein about their brotherhood with Muslims etc. On both sides of the 49th parallel the majority of Jews vote for and financially support leftist parties including their key wrecking ball policy of multicult.

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