Who Was the Stockholm Bomber?

For those who can read Swedish, here are some useful links from Kitman:

According to information on the Flashback forum, the owner of the car involved in the terror attack is Taimour Abdulwahab, 28 years old. After further research involving old school photos by the people discussing the issue on the forum, this name is believed to be the person behind the Facebook profile: Taimour Al-Abdaly, who may be the dead terrorist, if he used his own car.

On his profile he lists favorites such as “Islamic Caliphate State” and Al Qaida ideologue Sheik Abu Al Maqdisi. His log was repeatedly updated with clips from various Islamist war zones such as Chechnya
and Iraq.

Here is a link to the Flashback forum thread, and here is Gudmundson’s post about it.

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  1. Hello anybody, I need a somewhat comprehensive list of Anti Jihadists that have been prosecuted in Europe for Hate Speech and offending or criticizing minorities.

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