The Turkish Mentality in Austria

This is a different treatment of the recent survey of Turks in Austria, with some extras from the perspective of a Bavarian paper, The Bavarian Courier. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Islam More Important Than Democracy
by Detlef Kleinert

Unsettling Study: Integration in Austria — Many ethnic Turkish immigrants want archaic, Islamic sharia law

Vienna: In our neighbor land of Austria, too, integration of Turkish immigrants is proving difficult. A new unsettling study verifies that more than half of Austrian Turks want introduction of the cruel sharia law.

When the subject of integration is discussed in Austria, Turkish immigrants frequently see themselves as victims. “Racism manifests itself from day to day,” quotes the Viennese daily newspaper Die Presse, nowadays a self-appointed expert on immigration. The question of whether the majority society can expect immigrants to learn the language and to — if not wholly take on — at least accept the constitution and the culture, is of no real interest to many Turks in Austria. It is enough for them to have a stereotyped enemy on whom they can offload all shortcomings.

A study by the Gfk Austria (offshoot of the Society for Consumption Research based in Nuremberg) authorized by the Austrian interior ministry and recently published — “Integration in Austria” — confirms the extent to which Turkish immigrants are different from immigrants from other countries. More than half of the approximately 220,000 ethnic Turkish immigrants — 2.65% of the entire Austrian population of 8.3 million — in all seriousness demand that the Austrian justice system introduce Islamic law, i.e., sharia. For almost three-quarters (72%), following religious commandments is more important than democracy. For 57%, religious laws and regulations are more important than Austria’s. And almost half of the Turkish immigrants believe the many criminals in Austria show where democracy leads.

The study also shows: Young Turks develop a strong attachment to the subculture; they feel more strongly tied to Islam than to the society in which they live. And that is true even though in most cases they have been born and have grown up in Austria. 45% of the Turks confess to lacking sympathetic understanding of Austrian society, its lifestyle and dominant values. And about half of the ethnic Turkish population feel more bound to their old homeland than to Austria. 55% refuse a non-Turkish marriage partner for their son or daughter.

Especially interesting — and contradicting the complaints of the Turkish speakers — is the fact that other immigrants (1.4 million foreigners live in Austria) have far fewer problems with integration. While the Turks feel themselves to be only 26% integrated, with Poles for example, it is 53%. This may have something to do with chosen media. 76% of Turks watch Turkish TV daily and only 30% click on ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).

The attitude of many Turks aside, this study shows a very positive picture of integration in Austria. The great majority of immigrants feel that they are integrated; more than three-quarters consider it “very important” for immigrants to be committed to learn German. Once again, it is shown to be superficial to talk about “foreigners” in connection with integration. In reality, there is no “foreigner problem” in Austria, definitely though. a problem with Turkish immigrants.

This picture of Turkish mentality can be completed by another survey carried out with the support of the EU. It concerned a Jewish community, not in Austria but in Turkey. According to it, four of ten Turks refuse to live near a Jew; about a third don’t want a Christian neighbor. More than half the Muslim Turks completely reject non-Muslims being active in the Turkish justice system, in the army, in the police or in the secret service. And more than 40% spoke out against Jews or Christians having important positions in science or the health services.

That is not all: 57% of Turks do not want an atheist as a neighbor, 20% reject a foreigner as a neighbor. Even Vice President Bülent Arinc called this survey result shocking; not far from his mind was the hoped-for entry to the EU. From Premier Erdogan — often identified as “moderate” — no such thing was to be heard.

14 thoughts on “The Turkish Mentality in Austria

  1. “Racism” to Muslims simply means that Islam is not the controlling force of whatever Western country they may be residing in. Only when they hold the whip will “racism” be no more. Nifty trick isnt it?

  2. “55% refuse a non-Turkish marriage partner for their son or daughter”

    This means 55% of Turks living in Austria are racists.

  3. So why does Austria no slash migration from Turkey?

    It is not a natural right of a Turkish national to emigrate to Austria. So why no stop it totally.

    Many countries successfully use a point system to filter applicants. Difficult to integrate nationals, such as the Turks, should be weighted against by utilizing such a point system.

    The Greens would argue that the problem is with the host society. A spurious argument, but in any case my response is: so what. Turks do not have to be in Austria nor does Austria need them.

  4. Because political correctness says it is evil for any Western nation to prevent people from any Third World Country from immigrating. Look at the hell being raised by people in the US calling for the illegal immigration across our southern border to stop.

  5. @mriggs

    That’s sadly typical

    Muslims in many parts of the world object to their offspring marrying anybody outside their extended family, much less their tribe, village, or country.

    We aren’t even talking about the possibility of a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim; we’re talking about kinship here.

    This is what leads to inbreeding and genetic damage.

  6. And almost half of the Turkish immigrants believe the many criminals in Austria show where democracy leads.

    The fact that most criminals in Austria, like in the rest of Western Europe, are likely to be mahoundians notwithstanding, strictly speaking, their opinion is right. But that is only because Austria’s justice system, at least for now, is mostly made up of secular courts (or “voodoo courts”, as mahoundians like to call them), not sharia ones. Were Austria to be under sharia, the crimes those mahoundians are convicted of at present would either not be crimes, according to their inbred bedouin savage “legal” code; or, in cases where sharia could even acknowledge their acts against infidels (and jizya-paying ones only, I suppose) as a criminal offense, the non-mahoundian victims’ testimony would be inadmissible against black-cube-worshipping defendants in a sharia “court.” And, therefore, with way fewer or no mahoundians ever being found guilty of crimes against infidels, despite the fact that their acts of violence would continue to occur at current or higher rates, Austria’s present crime rate would take a nosedive statistically speaking.

    It’s just too bad that such simple and basic facts about what our legal systems regard as crimes vs. what mahoundians do are missing from that survey. This could help open a lot of people’s eyes to the threats we’re facing.

  7. Still on the topic of crime, I also suppose that way too many Austrians sure don’t know anything about how a lot of what is considered a crime by our infidel legal systems, such as rape, keeping slaves, kidnapping, robbery, murder and child-molestation, is to muslims something they ought to practice in order to “improve themselves” and be more like their inbred bedouin savage prophet pretender, as dictated by Mein Qurampf 33:21.

  8. @Jedilson Bonfim,
    As they imam said: “Women are respected in islam, there is no rape!”

    Actually, like no killing of innocent infidels, this is just a case of redefining out of existence.

  9. Gsw, that’s one of those most surprising aspects of mahoundianism to those who aren’t familiar with its brutal, primitive and dehumanizing nature… The difference between human and bedouin savage epistemology. I’ve read a few articles by Raymond Ibrahim where he explained some quite fundamental differences between what certain things mean to us and black-cube-worshippers…

    When they say “oppression”, it’s not as we see it, but life under laws other than sharia. To them, “injustice” is something like granting men and women, mahoundians and non-mahoundians legal equality. By the same token, their notions of “charity” and “altruism”, which are inherent to their jihad, actually aim to “free us from the ‘suffering’ of not living under the laws invented by the imaginary alter-ego of their bedouin pedophile”; even if that can only be brought about by our forced conversion, subjugation as dhimmis or murder (as our penalty for rejecting the bedouin pedophile and its allah.)

    If I’m not wrong, on the topic of rape, I might have seen mahoundians refer to sex slaves taken by mahound as “women who were honored to be able to satisfy prophet’s (pbuh) sexual needs” in online forums. It sure doesn’t get any sicker than that.

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