2 thoughts on “Jihad Bells

  1. Fortunately, my experiences with Muslims has been better–for the most part. I visited Jerusalem in the Christmas season in 2000 and was shown around by Muslim friends I had met in the U.S. They took me to Christian sites and told me “If you want to pray, go ahead.” Not every Muslim is a fanatic who wants to kill Christians.

    Unfortunately, this positive experience was balanced by a negative one in the U.S. I attended a political meeting–not a religious service–in the U.S. It was a fundraiser. Men and women were seated separately. I was sitting in the first women’s row. When additional men arrived late, we women in the first row who were already on time were asked to leave our seats and give them up to the male late-comers–in spite of the fact that there were lots of empty seats and the men had only to drag them three feet or so to the men’s section. This small act spoke volumes. Muslim men are unwilling to show women even the slightest courtesy or accommodation. Women are expected to defer to men at all times. What happens when Muslims become 10% of more of the US population? Will the Muslims bring their ideas about the place of women out of the Islamic Centers and into schools, restaurants, theaters, and the workplace?

    I regard many Muslims as fine human beings but I do not want to live in a culture that has a heavy Islamic influence.


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