Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/6/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/6/2010Frits Bolkestein, the former leader of the VVD party (center-right) in the Netherlands, says that practicing Dutch Jews — i.e. those who are identifiably Jewish in public — have no future in the Netherlands, due to increasing anti-Semitic attacks by Muslim immigrants, mainly Moroccans. In Mr. Bolkestein’s view, the Dutch government is no longer able to offer Jews sufficient protection, and they would be better off if they emigrated to the USA or Israel.

In other news, Belgium — which currently holds the presidency of the EU — urges that the Eurozone “rescue fund” be increased in anticipation of further debt crises in EU member states. The IMF and the European Central Bank have seconded Belgium’s opinion.

Good news from northern Israel: the wildfires that killed more than forty people are now out, with the arrival of desperately-needed rain being the major contributor to extinguishing them.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/6/2010

  1. Sorry, no. The rain, while welcome, did not put out the fires.

    Firefighters did, including those from outside Israel, and especially the aerial water tankers.

    All them very much deserve the gratitude of the citizens of Israel.

  2. Under the pretence of being “thoughtful”, Bolkerstein betrays his virulent anti-semitism!

    He has not said, Holland is dangerous to women, because of islam, or black Christians. No. He is saying Jews should get out because he and the government are not going to protect the Jews and he doesn’t want to anyway! Nazi!

  3. @Juniper,

    I cannot blame you for completely misunderstanding the message that this seasoned politician is sending.

    Without background info about Dutch politics and former statements by Mr. Bolkestein about the failure of multicultural policies (almost 20 years before Angela Merkel), you were bound to fall into this pitfall of anti-leftist sarcasm.

    What Mr. Bolkestein is telling the informed reader is that multiculturalism is so dead they can’t even guarantee simple civil rights anymore to those who’ll be singled out by Muslims to attack.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

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