Erdoğan in the Spotlight

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was featured in some of the diplomatic cables recently released by Wikileaks, and now he finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to deny that he has any money in Swiss banks.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this video. To avoid the “Blogger bug”, the video and an accompanying transcript are below the jump:


00:00   An ambassador of a certain time period…
00:04   or two ambassadors…
00:08   the lies and confessions that are caused by personal hatred…
00:13   it is really wrong to blame the government from these lies.
00:17   I will just say immediately that…
00:22   the false interpretation of the diplomats
00:26   and their confessions are related to…
00:32   the United States of America and USA must ask these diplomats (for answers)
00:40   my friends are working in the international judicial system…
00:44   We will continue this procedure over there (international sphere)
00:48   What am I going to prove? How can I prove something that doesn’t exist?
00:52   I have no money in Swiss banks…
00:56   You want me to prove this?
01:00   Now I’m saying to the leader of the opposition party and to others…
01:04   if you prove this I will resign from this position.
01:08   Also I won’t stay in my position as a member of Parliament but will you be able to stay in your positions?
01:12   I’m just saying this.
01:16   I’m talking openly.
01:20   The ones who create these confessions and those who cannot prove these lies…
01:24   How despicable it is,
01:28   the ones who spread these confessions and lies through their communications…
01:33   The ones who make these confessions a political tool….
01:37   They are all equally despicable.

4 thoughts on “Erdoğan in the Spotlight

  1. The man doth protest too much. Too bad the Swiss banks will most likely demur with respect to exposing Erdogan’s lies. It would do us all a world of good to have this jihadist slime ball revealed for the usual corrupt Muslim tyrant and fraud that he most assuredly is.

  2. Turkey’s movement under Erdogan et al into the Islamist camp is a major development. Western countries appear to be publicly denying–or down playing–what is happening before our eyes. If Turkey is going to side with (or be sympathetic to) Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah–then what’s the point in having them in NATO?

  3. There is no point in having Turkey in NATO, but for the fact that the US State Department – and every US administration since Reagan left office – has sold out to Muslim interests (primarily, but not exclusively, Saudi).

    The same is true of the entire environmental movement.

    It’s all about the Benjamins and the barrels of oil.

    We need to clean house here, in the US – big time.

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