A Silver Lining at Bounty House

Most readers will remember Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, the Liverpool couple whose hotel business ran aground on the shoals of political correctness.

The Vogelenzangs are practicing Christians, and got themselves into legal trouble after engaging in a theological discussion with a Muslim guest at their hotel. The guest made a complaint to the authorities, and the Vogelenzangs were brought up on a “hate crime” charge.

The case was eventually thrown out by a judge, but not before the couple’s business had been effectively ruined. The last news I read about them said they were unable to pay their mortgage, and would have to sell their hotel.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Vogelenzang have turned their misfortune to good use by converting their hotel into Bounty House, a different sort of business. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

4 thoughts on “A Silver Lining at Bounty House

  1. That’s really good news. I’ve thought about that poor couple since the time of their trial, and hoped that they had somehow managed to get their lives back on track.

    It was, of course, a disgrace that they were charged with anything in the first place.

    As one of the ex-soldiers says in the video though, this just shows you what kind of people the couple are. The way they were treated shows you just what kind of people we’ve had running the country in recent years.

  2. I’m feeling a bit weepy now. People like this are going to form the seeds of whatever comes after the current mess falls apart.

    There wasn’t a damn thing about this in any of the mainstream news.

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