The Islamization of French Primary Schools

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Our South American correspondent BG has uncovered a recent document from the French Education Ministry inviting culturally enriched parents to have their children schooled in Arabic language and culture — in the public schools.

French Primary School Islamization in late 2010
by BG

The French Ministry of Education is sending a form to Muslim parents in both the French language and the Arabic language. This is the Arabic text of the message:

Langue Arabe #2

Below is the text of the French language message found on the form (translated into English):

Madame, Monsieur,

At school your child may receive teaching in the Arabic language and Algerian culture. Whilst valuing family origins, this teaching can turn into an asset for his/her personal accomplishment.

Through an agreement between Algeria and France, these courses will be held by qualified Algerian teachers. They are to be part of the class. They can be integrated to the school timetable or delivered after class while still being considered true school activities.

Should you wish for your child to start such a course next year, or to continue it if he/she has already started one, fill in the accompanying form and hand it over to the director of your child’s school. Thank you for a quick reply, as it is necessary in order to order to plan courses for next year’s new term.

The actual form to be signed by the Muslim parents is reproduced in segments in this post.

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  • Did the French government ever say anything to the non-Muslim French part of the population (4/5ths) about an agreement between Algeria and France?
  • If the French are to have Algerian teachers on French soil, then why not have Algerian policemen to police French Muslims?
  • Why not Italian, Chinese, Armenian, South American, Russian, Black African culture classes, as it were?
  • Is there a reciprocity with respect to French culture in Algeria? The answer is a big NO!

4 thoughts on “The Islamization of French Primary Schools

  1. Swell! Now the unassimilated Muslim immigrants will be able to read the Arabic Koran which is ever so much MORE violent than the watered down Western versions.


  2. After being kicked out of Algeria in 1960, why would france let any of these glorified swine into La Belle Pays? Where is the logic? Someone please help me understand! I only hope the current cohort of 15-30 will have the balls to stand up and defend France before it’s too late.

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