November 22: Demo for Tommy Robinson

As we reported here last Thursday, English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was arrested during this year’s Remembrance Day commemoration for leaping a police barrier and grabbing a black jihad flag from one of the Muslims who burned poppies and called for British soldiers to “burn in hell”.

Mr. Robinson has been charged with “assaulting a constable in the execution of his/her duty”, and will appear in court a week from today, November 22, 2010.

The EDL is calling for a demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson at 9:30 am that day in front of West London Magistrates Court. Below is the EDL’s video announcement of the demonstration:

Hat tip: Kitman.

5 thoughts on “November 22: Demo for Tommy Robinson

  1. @ 1:23-1:25 in the video you see Robinson’s airborn boot make contact with the back of one of the vested, bearded individuals . Upon closer examination of the footage, just seconds prior to contact through 1:25 . . .the individual wearing the yellow vest is also bearing the black rag of Islam. Were the police simply escorting these despicable Muslim protestors or were they participating in this vile demonstration against the blood sacrifice of Britain’s soldiers as well?
    The bearded neanderthal wearing the yellow vest did not wear the same headgear as the other officers visible in the video. Rather, he was wearing a black hoodie with the hood visible outside of the vest as he turned to see what hit him.

    As the video continues, it posts the following statement about Robinson @1:33:

    “He has been charged with assault on a Police officer.”

    That statement implies the bearded neanderthal was a police officer. Are British police officers permitted to perform their duty while flaunting the black rag of Islam at a protest such as this?

    With such a clear conflict of interest . . .how is Britain to survive?

  2. I feel sorry for Mr Robinson. There is no doubting his obvious sincerity and those of his supporters. But, as I predicted here, some time ago he and his organisation will be persecuted, hounded and eventually either destroyed or will split into those wanting to take direct action and those wanting to take a more moderate route. The EDL are getting a taste of what the BNP has had to deal with for years – believe me it gives me no satisfaction to write this. The EDL have no political base, no constitution as such and no means of prosecuting thier cause other than by demonstrations. They are and will be vilified by the press, politicians and attacked by the left, the Muslims and the organs of the state. They are in a lonely place. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in politics. Obviously I am a BNP member. It saddens me to see what is happening to those patriots of the EDL and I fully understand thier outrage and anger. I would appeal to them to join us, however it would appear they have no intention of doing so. I just hope no-one gets seriously injured or killed.

  3. imnokuffar – I don’t feel sorry for Tommy Robinson, I admire him for his courage. The EDL (I’m not involved with the organisation) serves to draw the public’s attention to what’s really going on in England (Britain) – and it seems to be working. Given the BNP’s recent election results I don’t think the party is in any position to advise others on how best to present a public face.

    11/16/2010 6:56 AM

  4. Sulber Nick, Courage is one thing, foolhardiness is another. I also admire him and some of his compatriots for thier courage – but can his organisation win by taking these courses of action ? In my estimation no. As to the elections, well, we still have 2 MEPs, numerous local councillors and county councillors and polled 565,000 votes at the election. Just under a million people voted for our two MEPs. When you consider the amount of negative press we get and the physical attacks made on us by members of the left and the muslims in my estimation that is not half bad. Many times it has been said we are finished. We will continue and our support will grow. I concur that the EDL are bringing attention to the problems caused by the Muslims. But just watch how they are reported on the MSM in a lot of cases they are portrayed (as we are) as thugs, hooligans, racists and idiots. The Muslims play the religion of peace/victims cards and thus gain sympathy. My observations are not about personalities but tactics/politics. I just don’t think that the EDL will succeed with thier present courses of action. I think these points have been made before on the blog. As to your intimation that I am being patronising to the EDL I am not. The same points I am making have been made very eloquently on this blog.

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