Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2010A federal judge (reportedly a Clinton appointee) has issued an injunction against an “anti-sharia” law that was passed by Oklahoma voters in a referendum last Tuesday. Despite the fact that 70% of Oklahoma voters were opposed to allowing foreign law to be considered in state court cases, the judge has blocked the application of the measure. The text of the referendum singles out Islam, which may be what makes it questionable.

In other news, protests against President Obama’s upcoming visit to Indonesia are continuing. Strict Muslims among the protesters object to Mr. Obama’s treatment of Islam, and in one protest demonstrators carried signs saying “Obama is a Jew”.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/8/2010

  1. The meeting between Daniel Con-Bandit and Anatolian Arab foreign minster Giant-Headed Arab Davutoglugluglu reminded me of their reactions to the Swiss ban on minarets in its aftermath. While Con-Bandit, in typical EU speak, stated that “the Swiss should vote on the issue again and again until they ‘get it right'”, Davutoglugluglu demanded that the Swiss politicians “correct” the voters’ decision.

    It’s not enough to only remember who and what our enemies are, but also that their tactics are always based on complete contempt for democracy and real support for human rights.

  2. Lots of talk show hosts have mentioned this and many bloggers.
    All talk about how it is ‘unnecessary’.
    This can only come from the anti-inoculation brigade.

    People – if we tell you there is a raging danger in Europe and that there is something you can do to protect yourselves, do not say “but we are not ill” say “AH! A PROPHYLACTIC”.

    If you still think even a prophylactic is going to far, look to those lost democracies, like Egypt & Indonesia.
    They too felt invincible and failed to protect themselves.

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