“England’s Present Could Become America’s Future”

Michael Savage is a prominent American talk show host who was banned last year from entering the UK, due to his publicly-expressed political opinions.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Savage has developed a somewhat jaundiced view of the British establishment. In the video below he offers some acerbic comments on the Muslim scum who burned poppies on Remembrance Day in London, and the patriots of the English Defence League who were arrested for opposing them.

Many thanks to Occidental Soapbox for YouTubing Mr. Savage’s remarks:

10 thoughts on ““England’s Present Could Become America’s Future”

  1. Thinking that it would keep them in power forever the British Labour Government of Tony Blair opened the city gates to Islamic immigration under the assumption that they were importing Labour supporters. This is no secret. Former Labour Ministers have openly admitted it. Yet in spite of this evil betrayal a significant number of ethnic British people, suffering from terminal idiocy, still vote for the Labour Party traitors. Of course the other two major political parties in Britain (the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who currently form the coalition government) are themselves traitors to the people they purport to represent – yet the idiot Brits continue to vote for them too. The governments are at fault (throughout the West) but the people are at fault too – democracy can prevail but it seems the electorate are too damned stupid to make best use of it.

  2. @Poster Formerly: I don’t know if you understand this, but the Greeks are in their own country and they are entitled to protest islamic supremacy, after all, you don’t see Christians or anyone else for that matter, squatting on the ground in public places, doing their religious devotions en masse.

    In fact, non-muslims are not even allowed to visit Mecca.

    So you need to either grow up and do research before writing, or if you hate Christians, go and live in Pakistan, where they rape, burn and murder Christians every day.

    There’s sure to be job for you there.

  3. Former Gordon- Did you actually read the article you linked? It says the LOCALS are finally fighting back. You would be happier if they lay down and take it quietly? Or would you just rather they move away quietly, like the “white flight” that happens everywhere? Even in non-white areas that are threatened by muslims moving in and bringing knives, crime, etc. with them. The LOCALS have no where to go. They are protecting their life and property by being un-inviting and nasty to the immigrants who are not integrating.

    Imagine that! Not integrating! Just like in England and France and Germany, and everywhere else. It’s not Christians. The Hindu’s and the Buddists are being mistreated by muslims also. As are muslims who are trying to integrate and live an unreligious life.

    From the article you linked:

    “Margarita Vassilatou, 56, who has lived in the square for more than 35 years said she wanted to leave as a result of the immigrants:

    “This is not a life … We are afraid of them. Many of them are criminals, they carry knifes and deal drugs.”

    Yes, same story, different place.

    …and so it will continue…

  4. Where multiculturalists can’t win, they bring up false equivalency after false equivalency.
    Christian eggs don’t excuse Muslim rape, Muslim terror, Muslim murder and Muslim supremacy.

  5. Posterformerly,
    Now that you’ve linked to the LOCALS who are waving pictues of swineys around (oh dearie me) you’ll no doubt say what you think about the Muslim scum who insult the British war dead.

  6. Michael Savage speaks a lot of sense.
    The more we cave into them, the more it emboldens these throwbacks. We have lost the political and more importantly the moral will to deal with this deadly threat. Most people are still in the dark as to the real motives of this cancer that has raised its head once again.I have stopped watching or reading the main stream media…God bless you Baron

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