Dereliction of Duty

Amsterdam: EDL Van #3

Our Dutch correspondent Batavian was one of the Dutch Defence League’s organizers of the free speech rally in Amsterdam on Saturday. He sends this report in the aftermath of last weekend’s momentous events:

The demonstration is not over.

A Dutch television station followed the EDL van and recorded what happened. The tape reveals that all the violence came from the leftists. The TV people asked how it could be possible that the police allowed the leftists to attack the van, and did not escort it.

They will call the EDL later on for an interview, and want an item for tonight’s TV program to show viewers which side the violence came from. [Note: the program is airing as this is being posted. — BB]

The TV guy knows people were held up at other stations, or not allowed to enter the area at all. Why would the police allow a train with Ajax hooligans arrive at the subway station when they knew in advance that they would team up at a previous station, Sloterdijk station?

Why were they allowed to leave that train?

The attack on the bus will also be discussed and the fact that a “far-right extremist” was asked to leave.

Tommy told me today that when they were getting into difficulty, the Dutch police turned away — yes, that is true!

The police knew in advance of Tommy Robinson’s arrival, since the EDL liaison guys gave me info up front about how they would travel to Holland. They knew they would be coming to Amsterdam through the Hague, and they could easily have escorted them.

But there is another odd thing: The AFCA/Ajax hooligans had made a callout two days before the demo to team up at Sloterdijk station, which is one station away from Isolatorweg, the place where we held the demo. The Ajax hooligans got involved after van der Laan made up a story about hundreds of hooligans from other Dutch cities invading Amsterdam. He said he had this info, but neither the police nor I were aware of it.

Now why do the police allow a subway train full of hooligans to exit a station and move forward to our demonstration area? They could have held them at Sloterdijk station.

From the AFCA website:

Verzamelen om 13:00 uur op station Sloterdijk en van daar …

That means : “Team up at 13:00 at Sloterdijk station to move forward…”

This announcement was published in the media as well, so the police were well aware of it.

It really looks like they needed violence that day. To have an excuse for the enormous police presence that was around. We’d been telling them all the time about what kind of people would come, and how many, but they preferred to believe the media.

Also: when we agreed to moved to our new location the police told us the train station would be safe. But we hear people were intimidated at strategic stations like Amsterdam Central and Amsterdam Sloterdijk. People were sent back home. And they even the stopped public transport towards our demonstration area.

This is how the Mayor and the police protect peaceful citizens of the Netherlands and the rest of Europe who gather to protest the suppression of free speech.

This is how they do their “duty”.

9 thoughts on “Dereliction of Duty

  1. Here are pictures of the two groups that wanted to attack the speakers and the demonstrators:
    One the metro, the self proclaimed Ajax- supporters (shame on them whoever they are)
    and on the other side the so called anti-fascists whoe seem more like a mob to me.

    The whole thing was set up by the press and orchestrated by ” our” new, (appointed by the socialist-democrats (how dare to use that frase) PvdA) mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

  2. My grandfather would be horrified at what is happening in Holland at this time. Anti-Fascists my a**. These are the same kind of people he ran from who made fear a part of the everyday life in Holland. Those who would shut down free speech ARE the new fascists. They act just like the Nazis of old.

  3. The violence of left-wing radicals and extremists has been systematically ignored in the last 60 years.
    Only that way can one explain that a Joschka Fischer can become Foreign Minister of Germany with proven associations and close friendships with RZ and RAF left-wing terrorists, had his car used to transport murder weapons used in political assassinations, participating in violent protests and much more.

  4. Why do the Ajax fans attack the EDL? I thought Ajax was historically a Jewish club and would therefore be anti-jihad. In England there may be union and labour influences on the terraces but these leanings are still compatible with being able to sympathize with and support the EDL and its views.

  5. Quote:
    Those who would shut down free speech ARE the new fascists. They act just like the Nazis of old.
    end quote.

    The liberals drink the poison righteousness and self-hate that caused the Holocaust without even knowing it.

  6. Those aren’t Ajax fans, they’re scum. someone set them up. The mayor himself spread the rumour (which wasn’t a rumour according to him, that 200 English hooligans would show up and the A.F.C.A turned up.

    Today inj the localk newspaper is the report that groups like antifa are e threat to the society. There was a report before.

    Why does our mayor give them all the space? Why do we (I am from Amsterdam) have to be moved to the middle of nowhere for these hoodlums?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    But I say: it was all set up by the mayor and the press.

  7. I am still trying to understand why comparison is constantly being made about the ‘fascist’ right-wing and the nazi party.

    The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party, NSDAP) was as left-wing as you could get.

    Has the left-wing been spreading these lies, along with the claims that he was an atheist (he would have been shocked!) and not the devout catholic he was. Since he believed in the devil (which atheists do not) and dabbled in black magic.

    In fact it would seem that the current method of ‘dissing’ someone it to state that the nazis did that/supported that too.

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