Change is in the Air

The wind is shifting all across Europe. Fresh breezes are coming from different directions, bringing surprising changes:

  • Sverigedemokraterna in the Swedish Parliament
  • Minarets banned in Switzerland
  • Multiculturalism called into question in Germany
  • The postponement of the Geert Wilders case in the Netherlands, after having the Koran read into the trial record
  • Last weekend’s Counterjihad demonstration in Amsterdam, which drew massive media coverage
  • Burqa bans in a number of countries

A couple of articles just came in with further evidence of the new trends. The first is from the Dutch newspaper Dagelijkse Standaard, and was translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The right is peaceful, the left violent. A fact.

By Isser

Squatter scum, autonomists, anarchists, anti-globalists, so-called anti-fascists. All left-wing scum who do not eschew violence. There, exactly where the left always points to the extreme right, or extremist right, the reality proves to be different. Every sane person knows as much, except for the blindfolded part of our society. And, if there were any violence at all, then that was surely the result of disproportionate police action, or the provocative behavior of undercover agents in civilian clothing. This is the way the looking-away left reasons concerning its own violence.

The reality is different form the newspeak put out by, say, the Green Left. This is evident from the following two news bulletins:

In the Netherlands, the threat to the democratic legal order by the extreme right or right-wing extremism is minor. This is the conclusion of the AIVD [Dutch Security Service] in a report published Tuesday.[1]

“Damn it!” you hear the leftist part of the Netherlands think. But it gets even worse. Bomb after bomb explodes in Athens, or is intercepted and defused. The Dutch Embassy got off lightly, but the Swiss Embassy received the full brunt: a bomb exploded there [the Russian embassy and those of Belgium, Chile, Germany and Bulgaria received a letter bomb, and another for the Mexican Embassy exploded at a courier company]. The right wing is, even in Greece, too busy working, and thus it falls to the lazy leftist rabble to devise bombs to kill people with. Thus, the left:

One of the suspects, according to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, has ties to the ultra-leftist group Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Typical left-wing. When they lack arguments, they resort to violence. Squatter scum, the “autonomous”, anarchists, anti-globalists, so-called anti-fascists — all may count on the sympathy of the Left. And now you know why.


[1]   Link to AIVD article here [scroll down on that page to find a link to a pdf of the report]; quote from Elsevier: There are not many right-wing Dutch. The number was estimated in 2007 about 600; in 2010 this has shrunk to less than 300. “If there is any mention of anti-democratic goals that right-wing extremists might have, it turns out to be mainly ideals confessed with words,” according to the AIVD.

In a slightly different vein, consider this article from News24. Thilo Sarrazin began the new trend in Germany a couple of months ago with a book dissenting against Multiculturalism. and Horst Seehofer, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CSU) in Bavaria, followed suit. Chancellor Angela Merkel seemed to join the bandwagon, but apparently found the air in the Islamophobosphere a bit rarefied, and recanted her blasphemy shortly afterwards.

But the trend hasn’t died — Family Minister Kristina Schroeder has now joined the ranks of those who dare to utter Islam-critical words:

German Minister Criticises Muslim Youths

Berlin — German Family Minister Kristina Schroeder on Tuesday criticised Muslim youths for displaying hostility towards Germans.

“Such abuse is unfortunately commonplace amongst youths in certain areas — in the school yard, but also in the underground,” Schroeder told daily tabloid Bild.

“We are dealing with fundamentally hostile attitudes towards other groups — particularly against Germans and Christians,” the minister continued, adding, “We need to act as decisively against this as against xenophobia.”

Her comments come amid a fierce debate currently taking place in Germany about the integration of the country’s 4 million Muslims, the majority of whom are of Turkish origin.

Schroeder emphasised that she was criticising a small group of Muslim youths, and said their hostile behaviour was down to “poor education and bad friends, as well as macho norms and family violence”.

She also announced plans to set up additional facilities to help children learn to integrate and speak German at 4,000 nurseries across the country.

In recent weeks the family minister also drew attention to the fact that ethnic German children were being bullied in schools that had a high quotient of pupils from immigrant backgrounds.

Hat tip for the News24 article: SF.

11 thoughts on “Change is in the Air

  1. That is what happens when you invite millions of racist supremacist third worlders to your idyllic European country.

    Ive talked to American Leftists who idolize European Social Democracy and tell me about how they visited Europe and were unafraid to go about at night, everything was so orderly and peaceful and they attributed that to the welfare state. What they fail to understand is that it wasnt the welfare state that produced this safety, but rather homogenous white European populations. When they came back to the US, it was back to high crime rates, from the usual groups.

    They are singularly impenetrable when you confront them with reality though.

  2. Ive talked to American Leftists who idolize European Social Democracy and tell me about how they visited Europe and were unafraid to go about at night, everything was so orderly and peaceful and they attributed that to the welfare state.

    Well Escape Velocity, those leftists might want to reassess their beliefs, or try to get better informed about recent goings on in Europe. Order and peace can no longer be found in mahound-o-friendly MC “paradises” like Malmö, Stockholm (I cannot say who, but one extremely unlikely and reliable source was overheard by my wife a fortnight ago saying that Sweden’s capital was just way too dangerous) and, according to a recent article by Swissinfo, Switzerland’s sole surrender-monkey outpost, Genevastan.

    Being one of the four Swiss cantons to have voted NO on the ban on minarets last November, and the ONLY one of those where the margin of defeat of the proposal wasn’t razon thin (about 60% of voters rejected it), Genevastan and its inhabitants would perhaps naively expect mahoundians living there to show a little thankfulness for so much enthusiasm for cultural-enrichment and islamophilia. Well, not so unexpectedly, that has not been the case.

    Does that surprise me? To be honest, not a bit. It was on a train from Geneva to Bern that I saw, for the first time ever on Swiss soil, someone keeping an eye on the conductor so he could, by moving from one car or one deck to another, ride the train without a ticket. After reading this article, that should never have come as a surprise. Perhaps, just as shown by the current cultural-enriching activities in Malmö and Stockholm, Geneva’s inhabitants are just paying the price for being overenthusiastic about multiculturalism in the form of individuals that will always have nothing but utter contempt for Western notions of law and order. They’re going to reap just what they sow. That’s one more reason why I’d like to see Geneva’s smugness and baseless sense of importance and superiority make it secede from the rest of Switzerland. I certainly wouldn’t miss having that odd canton among all the others.

  3. And do you all know what else is coming up in Switzerland? A vote, next November 28, on a popular initiative (started by the SVP) to automatically deport foreign criminals once their sentences have been served, for crimes that include the biggest threat to PC/MC demographic jihad, welfare fraud (and that has even made the “intelelctual” members of the islamophilic Club Helvetique come out against what they see as “democratic absolutism”, or “too much power in the Swiss voters’ hands.”) The government is so scared of the popularity of the measure that it came up with its own counter-proposal on the subject; which, despite bogus claims about how much tougher it is, would still leave decisions on deportations to judges. But I don’t think the Swiss voters will fall for that.

    On the other hand, despite Genevastan’s current problems with mahoundians, I expect that canton to continue to flame the fires of its Stockholm Syndrome by rejecting both initiatives and its political elite to brag about having done so.

    And, as an additional side note on the Club Helvetique, they would love to see Switzerland become a member of the EU, so that what they refer to as the Swiss “democratic absolutism” could be done away with once and for all; and all important decisions on Swiss national matters would be made not in Bern but by islamophiles in Brussels.

  4. The previous article ‘Germany redivided’ and this one ‘Change is in the air’ confirm for me the similarity of the situation throughout Western Europe – most everything I read about the mahoundian impact on the European mainland could just as easily be happening in England. Here the MSM are doing everything in their power to divert our attention away from mahoundian behaviour on the mainland just in case we begin to draw parallels with what’s happening in England. Fortunately and ironically mahounds invariably behave as mahounds and so the MSM case is being undermined by the very people it seeks to protect – mahounds can’t help but draw attention to themselves, presumably it’s to do with their insecurity brought about by their general incompetence in anything other than creating chaos.

  5. Costin – I wonder how many mainstream European politicians have bemoaned the failure of multiculturalism? The idea that ‘multiculturalism is dead’ did the rounds in England a couple of years or so ago. Of course nothing has changed and multiculturalism proceeds at a pace… So what is the point of these apparent changes of heart? After promoting the multicultureal utopia for years what has made these politicians come out against it? Could it be that they are hoping to distance themselves from a disaster?

  6. mahounds can’t help but draw attention to themselves,

    Just imagine if they had the ability to lie low, be quiet, abide by those kafir-made secular laws they loathe until, say, they ended up making 20% of the population of a country… Part of our luck in being aware of the threat is that they’re simply unable to do that in any way, shape or form.

  7. These cracks are growing exponentially. One has only got to look at the comment section attached too an article , here in Holland to see that people have had enough. The article can be as politically correct as you want, but the readers are not buying into the bullshit. A year ago the comments would have been very carefully worded, now it is completely different. What seems to be happening is that the articles themselves almost imperceivable are also getting, less and less politically corect. I noticed this in an article in “De Telegraaf” today an article under the title, roughly translated “ This is just criminal”

    It is about police trying to stop a couple of scooter riders in a pedestrian only area in Den Haag, instead of stopping they road off down the pedestrian street at high speed knocking down a 76 year old pedestrian called Roy Rodgers seriously injuring him . A year ago the police would have said that they are looking for two persons of a southern European appearance, everybody would have recognized this puke speak for what it was, the comments would have been subdued, and that would be the end of it. This is what the police have too say today

    The police take this case very seriously and are looking for witnesses, what has happened is terrible, we will do everything to arrest these two, said a spokeswoman. The scooter riders are possibly Moroccan between the ages of 15 and 20

    Up too present there are 384 comments
    I quiet liked this one :-

    This is the beginning. It is an army, now they ride on scooters, soon heavily armed in pick up trucks, as if it is in Somalia. Then there will be no solution, then we will have the situation they have in the lands where this sort scum comes from, Somalia Ethiopia the Middle East Pakistan? North Africa the Caribbean. Then there is only one thing left for us Dutch prepare yourself as good as possible.

    This sort of attitude would never have seen the light of day a year ago. Now it is quiet common.
    We are passed the tipping point Political correctness is dying, and dying rapidly

  8. Jedilson Bonfim: Thank you for the informative comments about the situation in Switzerland. I’d like to know, how important do you think the population of “Genevastan” is to the thinking and the voting of the general Swiss population. Are they numerous?

  9. Filthy Kafir, according to Wikipedia, the population of the Genevastan Metropolitan Area is around 1.2 million (about 15% of the total), while Switzerland’s total population is nearly 7.8 million. And, while that is a significant percentage, nationwide Swiss referenda usually need to win a majority of both total number of voters and of cantons to be approved. Besides, since it’s clear that Genevastan is no trend-setter for the rest of Switzerland (on the contrary), they’ll probably be just what Massachusetts was on the US presidential election map in 1972.

    I’m expecting the SVP’s proposal to produce an electoral map similar to the one following the ban on minarets, or perhaps with those cantons where the ban was rejected by a razor-thin margin voting in favor of the initiative this time. One more reason to be optimistic about it is that, since voting is not compulsory in Switzerland, people in favor of it are more likely to turn out to vote in larger numbers, since that was the case when the ban on minarets was on the ballot. The percentage of registered voters going to the polls in Switzerland had always been just below 40%, but participation was 55% last year. That sure is a yardstick of how seriously people took that issue, and I expect the upcoming vote to show something similar. Not that I know how many of the extra voters were in favor or against the ban, but if we take US elections as an example, conservatives tend to make a bigger effort to go to the polls than leftards; otherwise, we wouldn’t hear any American newscaster say stuff like “rain in Ohio could spell trouble for the Democrats” before election day. If rain is enough to keep someone from going to the polls, it means that voting isn’t really that important to them, is it?

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