Allen West Is In!

An authentic Counterjihad warrior has been elected to Congress: LTC (ret.) Allen West will represent Florida’s 22nd District in the House of Representatives as of January 1st.

This is an historic moment It’s like electing Bat Ye’or or Steve Coughlin to office — Allen West understands the true nature of Islam. He recognizes the menace of the Great Jihad. You can be certain that he will make himself heard on the subject in the halls of Congress.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

Allen West defeats Ron Klein
Republican to represent 22nd District

The national wave of discontent with the Democratic-controlled Congress swept through South Florida on Tuesday, costing Ron Klein his congressional seat and sending Republican Allen West to Congress, where he’s likely to get a quick place on the national stage.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. At 11 p.m., challenger West was well ahead of the Democratic incumbent. Just over 20 minutes later, West declared victory.

The outcome was obvious much earlier. By 9:45, the West campaign party was so packed that people spilled out into the hallways and lobby at the Boca Raton Marriott. The mood was glum at Klein’s party, where most of the crowd left early.

West was propelled by a charismatic speaking style, a promise to shatter the way Washington works, and a skillful ability to bridge the gap between the Republican Party establishment, whose leaders embraced him, and tea party activists, who revered him.

Klein was washed out of office by the same kind of political wave that sent him to Congress four years ago. In 2006, voters were disenchanted with the Republican Congress and then-President George W. Bush. In 2010, it’s the Democratic Congress and President Barack Obama.

17 thoughts on “Allen West Is In!

  1. Congratulations to Lt. Col. Allen West! Awesome!!

    More good news . . .
    The state of Oklahoma has passed four of four initiatives:

    Question 746 – Requires Govt issued Voter ID to vote 74.3% YES

    Question 751 – Requires State actions be taken to make English Official Language 75.5% YES

    Question 755 – Forbids State Courts to rely on International or Islamic Law 70% YES!!

    Question 756 – Prohibiting law to require people to get Health Care 64.7%

    Source: The Blaze, 2010 General Election Returns/Ballot Initiatives

  2. Question 755 – Forbids State Courts to rely on International or Islamic Law 70% YES!!

    The importance of this can hardly be overstated. Muslim reactions are a dead giveaway for their subversive intentions: They call it “an assault on Islam”. They are right.

    We are in the game to defend Western Democracy. Looks like the fine line between Islam and ‘Islamism’ is fading rapidly.

  3. Maybe if more patriots like West get elected to office, we can declare Saudi Arabia to be the true enemy that they are, and stop all this ridiculous kowtowing to the Oil Ticks and ridiculous cooperation on security matters like the recent cooperation that led to the foiling of the Yemeni bomb plot.

  4. I don’t see how the Athabasca Tar Sands can prevent printer toner cartridges from being shipped fedex or UPS from Yemen to the U.S.

    Then get thinking. If we had our own energy supply – be it tar sands or nuclear – we could basically tell the Arab countries to get lost, and the Islamists to go bomb someone else. We could easily do all kinds of profiling and let them explode in anger – elsewhere! Build a “Jihad Square” and let all those who want to blow themselves and others up do it there.

    Initially that would cause some unrest, but eventually we’d win back our independence. It’s vital.

  5. The isolation of containment of Islam.

    No more flights to and from Yemen…or anywhere else in Muslim majority nations. Combined with the deportation of all Muslims from non Muslim majority lands.

  6. Quote:
    The isolation of containment of Islam.
    end quote.

    This should have been the policy of our country in Jan. 1980.
    It should be the policy of our country now, with the attendant expulsions and stripping of citizenship of all Muslims who declare themselves loyal to Islam before the United States.
    No more immigration.
    Expel the traitors.
    If the 7th century is their comfort zone, then let’s make sure they’re back in it.

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