Wilders Is Charged Yet Again

Fawaz Jneid showing his Dutch passport

Another court case has been brought against Geert Wilders, this one by a fundamentalist “Dutch” imam who accuses Mr. Wilders of smearing his good name.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan and our Flemish correspondent VH have compiled a report with the latest news about Imam Fawaz Jneid.

First a De Telegraaf article, as summarized by H. Numan:

Geert Wilders must appear in another court case, this time in the Hague for a charge filed by imam Fawaz Jneid.

Fawaz is generally seen as one of the most conservative [read: “Taliban fundy”] imams presently in the country.

He is imam in the Salafist As-Soenah mosque. In his movie Fitna Wilders showed a fragment of an interview of Fawaz, broadcasted in “Netwerk”. Earlier the imam made it known he was going to sue for copyright (portrait right) infringements. Wilders used this fragment unlawfully, and smeared his good name.

H. Numan’s commentary on the esteemed imam appears at the bottom of this post.

Next comes an article from De Volkskrant, as translated by VH:

Imam Fawaz demands 55,000 euro of Wilders

PVV leader Geert Wilders must next week also appear in court in the Hague. Imam Fawaz Jneid is demanding 55,000 euros of Wilders, as the politician used a fragment of an interview with Fawaz from the TV program “Network” in his anti-Koran film Fitna.

The session will be held next Wednesday in the Hague court. That week Wilders will also spend four days in court in Amsterdam, where he is being tried for insulting a group [for which the prosecutors have proposed acquittal] and inciting to hatred and discrimination.

The conflict with the strict Orthodox [Salafi — translator] clergyman Fawaz Jneid from the As-Sunnah mosque in the Hague dates from the spring of 2008. Wilders had used a fragment of a Network TV interview of October 2007 in Fitna. The imam then said that his portrait right was infringed and that Wilders had acted unlawfully, and thereby affected his good name and honor.[1]

When in July 2008 the imam filed his claim against Wilders, the latter indicated he was not impressed: “This hate-imam has cursed Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Theo van Gogh and Afshin Ellian and said the most terrible things. He screams louder than a pig.” Wilders also said: “I’m not going to pay a penny.”


[1]   “His good name and honor”, a summary:

Fawaz Jneid (Tripoli, 1964; Dutch and possible Syrian nationality) came to the Netherlands in 1992, after he became persona non grata in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates ‘due to his anti-American views’ [source]. The As-Sunnah mosque in the Hague where he ‘preaches’, is one of the Salafist prayer centers that has drawn the attention of the AIVD [Dutch Intelligence Service].

In a sermon in 2004, two months before the murder of Theo van Gogh, he incited his congregation to murder both Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh. During the sermon in which he did this he also asked to “burden them [Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh] with your [Allah’s] anger and contempt” and cause Van Gogh “a disease that cannot be healed by all the inhabitants of the earth” and make him “long for his death” (the praying public said “Amen”). [full text of the sermon, in Dutch, can be read here (pdf)]

The members of the Hofstad group, including Van Gogh’s murderer Mohammed Bouyeri, often came to listen to the sermons of Fawaz in the months preceding the ritual murder of Van Gogh. Other visitors to his mosque said of his sermons: “He gives you a sense of guilt and the idea that you are not doing enough to defend Islam”. [source]

Fawaz further called Ehsan Jami, a prominent Dutch apostate from Islam, “an incestuous weasel” and “a mongrel who wants to put incest on the agenda” and wished on the law scholar Professor Afshin Ellian “a malignant tumor”. The spokesman for Fawaz Jneid’s mosque, Abdelhamid Taheri, did not think the text [fatwa] could be read as a call to violence against Ellian. But according to Taheri, Ellian would be “responsible himself” for the remarks: “What other people do with this, is not our business”. [source]

In 2007 Fawaz Jneid called Ahmed Marcouch a “hypocrite”, which basically has the status of “apostate”, and the traditional punishment for an apostate is death. “Because Fawaz has quite a lot of supporters this may lead to violence,” said Fouad Sidali, chairman of the Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands (SMN). This was also the first time a Muslim organization distanced itself from an imam. [source]

In 2009 he advocated wearing the hijab by stating that wearing a hijab prevents women from being raped: “I ask one simple question: Which women are more often the targets of rape and sexual harassment in the world? Veiled women or unveiled woman?”

Beginning this year, in February, Fawaz Jneid compared Geert Wilders with Hitler and Mussolini: “People like Hitler and Mussolini also came to power with fair elections. They were also supported by the people, often due to similar expressions”. The statements of Wilders, according to Fawaz Jneid then, would lead to “bloodshed and a torn society”. [source]

At that time, shortly before the local elections in the Netherlands, the Salafi imam — who actually is opposed to democracy — stated: “Go vote, vote against Wilders, he is a danger to the Muslims”. [source]

H. Numan concludes with this commentary:

Imam Fawaz is by far the most controversial imam in the country, and probably in the top ten of Europe. He doesn’t have to worry about his good name, though. One needs to have a good name in order to have it smeared, after all. He claims €55,000 in damages. Probably with an additional 72 virgins.

Imam Fawaz was asked to leave Morocco by his government. Either go to jail for inciting hatred, or become a missionary far away. The Moroccan government was very happy to get rid of him. He has resided for over twenty years in The Netherlands. He doesn’t speak a word of Dutch, nor does he want to learn a heathen language (his own words). He holds dual Moroccan-Dutch nationality. In his own words: the fact that he holds a Dutch passport prevents him becoming a persona non grata.

His prayer:

“Oh Allah, present [Theo] van Gogh a disease that cannot be cured by any inhabitant of earth. He will long for his death, but not get it.”

“Oh Allah, blind the vision of Ayaan Hirsi Ali as you have blinded her heart. Oh Allah, blind her vision, oh Allah deliver her cancer in the brain. Oh Allah, deliver her a tongue cancer.*”

Sadly, this scumbag was not prosecuted for inciting hatred. After all, apartheid is a Dutch word.

*   Tongue cancer is a euphemism for lung cancer. He would be punishable if he used the right disease.

4 thoughts on “Wilders Is Charged Yet Again

  1. As I see it this lawsuit is almost irrelevant compared to the huge importance and potential ramifications of the current proceedings.

    Copyright infringement and defamation of an individual are relatively minor charges that will have essentially no negative impact on Geert Wilders’ standing as an MP and freedom fighter.

    Indeed, 50K euro could be a good investment to put this imams hate speech on record.

    The last few months have been an incredibly tumultuous time for Geert Wilders: campaigning for an election, preliminary hearings for politically motivated charges, speech at ground zero and a landmark speech in berlin and participating in a successful formation of a governing coalition. I bet you nobody thought of it or maybe logistically it was just impossible, but it would have been great to have a documentary team accompanying Geert Wilders during this time. It would have shown the grace and determination of GW during this demanding and stressful time and it would have countered the leftist MSM negative campaign against him.

  2. “Sadly, this scumbag was not prosecuted for inciting hatred. After all, apartheid is a Dutch word.”

    Actually, in answer to a question by Czechmade on this, VH commented in 2009 (link to that comment is here):

    ” When in November 2005, Fawaz Jneid [again] gave out to Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a “theological meaning”, she (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) took him to court (The Hague). According to Fawaz, she should have to be “bowed down by the curses of Allah”, and all imams should place her outside Islam. “That may not sound threatening,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali said, “but it is a fatwa. If an imam places someone outside the Islam, he incites followers to murder that person. I was therefore a target.”

    The public prosecutor in The Hague though did not find “any criminal fact” in that letter, because Fawaz Jneid did not directly call to violence. [Like he now did not directly call to rape non-Muslim woman] Fawaz doesn’t need to: when there are all kinds of obstacles for instance to murder someone, “you [just] ask Allah to do it for you.”

    “Our legal system is rational,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote, “Therefore you can not get anywhere with such ‘mysterious’ theological language and fatwa-like supplications. Bad luck for me.” And she gave up further proceedings. “

  3. Why some Dutch patriot doesn’t openly risk three or four years jail time to rid the world of this jihadist scum Fawaz and take credit for it is a mystery.

    All they need to do is superglue him in the chain well of a departing supertanker.

    He’s an invader, a spy, a saboteur and a terrorist undermining the Dutch nation.

    When did cultural suicide become a national pastime?

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