“We Will Teach the Dutch a Lesson”

Last night I posted about a thinly-veiled threat issued by a Turk against Germans who support nationalist leaders. Tonight a much more explicit threat comes from the Pakistani Taliban against the Netherlands.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article with the latest from De Telegraaf:

Taliban leader threatens Netherlands with attacks

The Pakistani Taliban leader Wali ur Rehman threaten attacks aimed against the Netherlands in response to “laws” the Netherlands may make “against Islam” and “ridiculing Islam.” He said as much in an interview on the Dutch RTL News. The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) knows about the statements, but sees no reason in it to review the current threat situation, which is “limited”.

Taliban leader “We do take these signals seriously,” said his spokeswoman in response. “But these expressions were known to us and we have already factored those into our threat assessment.”

“The path the Dutch government has taken for the last few years is very dangerous,” Wali ur Rehman said. “They always try to make new laws against Muslims. They ridicule Islam and try to confine it. We believe this is the first phase of the plans of the Dutch government. Therefore we will try — and this has a priority for us — to teach them a lesson. They will pay a price for making laws against Islam.”

International terrorist groups still view the Netherlands as an Islam-hostile country, and therefore a ‘legitimate’ target, as was reported in the latest threat assessment from the NCTb on September 13. According to the analysis in recent months there has been no concrete evidence of attacks against the Netherlands. Therefore, the threat level for the Netherlands will remain at ‘limited’. In the U.S. moreover, there also is a reward on Rehman’s head of $ 5,000,000.

The NCTb thinks that the risk of terrorist attacks against Dutch citizens is greater in or near areas where jihadist groups are active. These are countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, North Africa, Somalia and Yemen.

“PVV attracts attention”

The Netherlands still has a high international profile and is seen by extremists as a legitimate target, because the Dutch government wants to oppress Muslims. Another reason for the use of violence is that in the Netherlands statements are made that can bee understood as ‘hostile to Muslims’. In particular, PVV leader Geert Wilders has drawn international attention with statements and plans, however without this leading to concrete threats, concluded the NCTb.

12 thoughts on ““We Will Teach the Dutch a Lesson”

  1. The argument from the Left is that irrespective of how violent followers of Islam are this is no reflection on Islam.

    Nor, they argue, does the 100million deaths at the hand of communism in anyway reflect badly on the Left and their policies of extremist social engineering.

    But somehow the deaths of the NAZIs does, as it should, reflect badly on the ideology of National Socialism.

    What this double standard of the left and especially the “Greens” shows is that they are not motivate by ethics or unwavering moral standard but rather they are motivate by their hatred of the Western values and culture. This hatred is so deep that they will cohort with any fascist, racist ideology as long it is not from the West.

  2. The leftists are running the governments, regardless of whether they call themselves Conservative or whatever! They are all bowing down. We need our armed forces back from Afnamistan!

  3. doxRaven: This hatred is so deep that they will cohort with any fascist, racist ideology as long it is not from the West.

    The hatred mentioned previously manifested in how BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) finally morphed into the “anybody but Bush” mentality which thrust Chicago gangster Obama into the Oval Office.

    In all fairness, it must be noted that no two people campaigned harder for Obama than John McCain and George W. Bush themselves. The Republican Party’s near-totally demagnetized moral compass almost managed to make Obama look good. What a surprise was in store for America!

    However, doxRaven‘s point still stands. Modern Liberals are exhibiting a degree of selective memory that defies all rationality or logic. Their dalliance with Islam is exceeded in its stupidity only by its fatality. Daniel Pearl and his father are sterling examples of this.

    Most horrifying of all is that, clearly, the history lessons of World War II have not been learned. For a globe that has fully entered the age of nuclear weapons, any prospect of repeating those lessons carries with it the potential for carnage that will make the original Holocaust shrink to numerical insignificance.

    Look for Liberals to crawl out of the incinerated wreckage and immediately blame “rightwing militaries” for having brought to bear the spectacular levels of force needed in quelling a resurgent Islam that only the Left is responsible for having so blithely encouraged.

    The century-old complaint of “Communism just hasn’t been done right … yet!” shall continue to ring in mankind’s ears until Western cultures learn to curse its Liberals in the same way that Muslims will one day be taught to curse the name of Osama bin Laden.

  4. Obviously, if the Dutch had balls, they’d say that if a terrorist attack against the Netherland takes place, all Muslims will lose Dutch citizenship and face deportation.

  5. rebelliousvanilla: … all Muslims will lose Dutch citizenship and face deportation.

    Naughty, naughty, rebelliousvanilla! Don’t you know that mass deportation would be a form of collective punishment and no matter how heinous a form of collective punishment that Islamic terrorism and dhimmitude both represent, the West can never, EVER exercise any sort of similar retribution against our Muslim foes?

    This almost congenital inability to formulate any sort of functional deterrent to Islamic predation and terrorism is what almost assures the coming Muslim holocaust.

    The more that useful, incremental responses are thwarted, the more likely that some type of precipitous and catastrophic reaction will happen.

    Yet one more time it is important to note how Islam is the ultimate prime mover in all of this. The West is not to blame for Islam’s supremacist and triumphalist doctrine. However, the West’s spineless political leadership will have some of this blood on their hands at day’s end.

    No one, repeat, NO ONE is allowed to put at risk the lives of so many, Muslim and Westerner alike, and not bear some sort of direct responsibility. However, when all is said and done, none of this would have been necessary had not Islam constantly pushed the envelope of fanaticism and ultra-violence.

    I dread to think just how many Muslims will end up being forced to take responsibility for their collective silence and tacit approval of terrorism. It will not be pretty.

  6. Lots of truth here about islam being responsible for much of the violence and destruction worldwide and their threats to western civilization keep coming. Time to deport any immigrant who causes trouble. Get them out of the country. They are not wanted if they do not want to live by western laws

  7. Zenster, only progressive people mind collective punishment. I don’t. Truth be told, as long as Muslims will be around, we will always have these issues. ALWAYS. And I’m not willing to put up with it so that some people feel morally superior. What I find absolutely hilarious is that these people support Israel, which is basically an apartheid fascist state, yet they wouldn’t support Europeans doing the same.

  8. rebelliousvanilla: … only progressive people mind collective punishment. I don’t. Truth be told, as long as Muslims will be around, we will always have these issues. ALWAYS.

    The longer that Muslims persist in using − or even just tacitly supporting − Islam’s strategy of collective punishment through terrorism and dhimmitude, the more profound and wide-reaching the West’s collective punishment of Muslims shall be. You can almost calculate its eventual extent using Newton’s Third Law.

    I use a similar strategy when introducing the topic of ending (not fighting but ending) Islamic terrorism.

    Whenever there is some sort of announcement about not “touching or moving unattended parcels”, I ask any likely candidates around me if our grandchildren or great grandchildren are going to have to listen to this same ineffectual counter-terrorist crap.

    I ask them to please notice how lots of politicians talk about fighting terrorism but not many of them ever talk about ending terrorism.

    Islamic terrorism costs our world BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a daily basis. For exactly how long are we supposed to tolerate this extravagant waste of human capital and resources all because some Neanderthal cretins have unilaterally decided that they are magically entitled rule the world?

    Islam is headed for a very unhappy ending. Those who interfere with an early arrival of that much-needed closure to this sordid episode in our history will have upon their hands the blood of needless extra millions dead and injured as Islam is forcibly brought to heel.

    And when I say “heel”, I mean Islam being mercilessly ground beneath a jack booted heel of Western military might until Muslims − one and all − learn to curse the names of Osama bin Laden and Sayyid Qutb.

    If one single lesson is learned from Islam, it will be that there is no substitute for victory.

  9. Tragically, this supremacist, totalitarian, ULTRA-VIOLENT third- world barbarian THUG is, of course, entirely serious about his threats.
    Which means that there will indeed be more terrorist attacks and more innocent people will be MURDERED by exponents of the ‘Religion of Peace.”

    Although it is heartening to see at least some progress being made (Geert Wilders, Thilo Sarrazin ) we must remember that this has the effect of turning up the temperature, so to speak. And since the Musulmen are so easily offended, they WILL attack.

    Indeed, I am amazed that Wilders has not been assasinated yet.

  10. Islamic terrorism costs our world BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a daily basis

    True, we need another iron curtain!

    This is not a bad thing – China and Japan have done wonderfully, Russia seems ok (seemed ok, until the islamists marched in).

    An Iron curtain gives all parties time to calm down and decide where they stand.

    Anyone not wanting to go to a sharia country, may of course renounce this ideology and accept democracy.

    This has nothing to do with head banging – is totally political.

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