The Turkish Juggernaut Overshadows Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian correspondent RR sends this follow-up to last week’s story about the raid on the Bulgarian Jihadis, with translations from various sites accompanied by his analysis:

We were warned some time ago by a very well informed person namely the Israeli foreign minister regarding those activities.

The reaction of the Islamic community was typical: leaders of the ethnic Turkish party immediately accused the state organs involved of denigrating Islam, intimidation of Islamic communities, etc., etc. — it seems that speaking on behalf of the Freedoms and Liberties Movement (this the ethnic Turkish party) and the CAIR people, Anjem Choudhary, etc. are reading from the same manual:

08 October 2010 Sofia. “Bulgaria wins nothing from the attempts to discover radicalism where there is no radicalism. We will stand hard against any intentions to denigrate the Muslim community in this country with radicalism” —declared Aliosman Imamov from the parliamentary group of the Freedom and Liberties Movement. He read a Declaration by the group that goes on to say: “The actions of the Prosecution, National Security Agency and the police only provoked anxiety and tension in the regions involved and throughout the Muslim community in Bulgaria… Such actions never bring up any conclusive evidence, that’s why the Muslims in Bulgaria accept them more as a method of intimidation…. There is a feeling that Muslims in this country are treated as aliens. But NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO INSULT THE MUSLIMS.”

The useful idiots among Bulgarian journalists also tend to replicate (in miniature) their counterparts in the mainstream USA/European media:

This is not an operation against radical Islam, this is an attack on all Islam in Bulgaria. Somebody seems to be very interested in undermining the stability in this country, using the Police and the National Security Agency as a proxy. (Editorial Comment in Bg Times).

Who could be this somebody? The information portal didn’t hesitate to accompany the news of the busted Islamic network with an anonymous “reader’s comment” selected by the editors:

Don’t you feel this is a very cunning provocation? Maybe they (the Government) want to bring the Yankee soldiers here with the excuse of Islamic threat…

My poor small and old (1300 years old) country. The Turkish juggernaut is very close. In fact, its wheel is now overshadowing Bulgaria.

2 thoughts on “The Turkish Juggernaut Overshadows Bulgaria

  1. “…the parliamentary group of the Freedom and Liberties Movement.” It’s a bit Pavlovian isn’t it? Alright for dogs I suppose but it’s hard to believe humans can be conditioned like this.

    But it seems that they are, particularly if they’re employed in the media (main-stream) when mention of the ‘f’ word (freedom that is) invariably has them rolling onto their backs and baring their bellies.

    I don’t know what proportion of Islamic organisations in the West have some sort of appeal to the emotions in their titles, but I do know, from listening to their pronouncements, that Islamic spokesmen work hard to weave emotion into everything they say. Isn’t their tugging of our heart strings getting a bit obvious?

    I suppose it’s down both to calculation and to temperament but you’d have thought that by now someone in the Western media (main-stream) would have noticed Islam’s perpetual appeal to sentiment.

    I was brought up to believe that journalists are naturally investigative, invariably skeptical, and very often cynical, and that they take everything with a large pinch of salt. Not so it seems in their relationship with Islam.

    Any Bulgarian journalist worth his salt would surely have investigated the meaning of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ within the context of ‘…the parliamentary group of the Freedom and Liberties Movement’. But instead it appears to have been interpreted as if the group’s membership consists largely of members of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

    The same phenomenon (is that what it is?) is exhibited by journalists farther west. They too interpret Islam as if it was a Western construct and powered by Western thought processes – their perception of Islam is tempered by their own wishful ‘thinkingness’.

    It’s a liberal thing: If you ignore reality for long enough it’ll eventually go away.

    But it’s selective wishful thinking. You can bet your bottom dollar that the same Bulgarian journalist is far from wishful thinking in his attitude to any organisation in Bulgaria expressing its opposition to the reconquest of the country by Muslims.

  2. Bulgaria is one of the “New Democracies” of Eastern Europe, I doubt that after Nazi and Soviet Occupation they will be willing to take any $#%^ from totalitarian Muslims. Deportations and targeted killings would be a more likely response. DrShalit

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