Sharia-Compliant Spam

The ad below was part of a large all-graphic spam email sent to us earlier today from (I think) Karachi:

Sharia consultancy services

My guess is that the keyword mix at Gates of Vienna — which includes a lot of Mohammed, Koran, hadith, jihad, sharia, zakat, and so on — must have drawn the attention of the email-harvesting bots used by spammers in Pakistan.

It makes for an interesting inbox…

5 thoughts on “Sharia-Compliant Spam

  1. Shari’a compliant Spam is an oxymoron as Spam is a pork product and, therefore, entirely haram.

    Perish the thought that such a notion might be any cause for Muslim compunction over sending unwanted email solicitations.

  2. And I get a surprising number of requests for zakat from the Middle East in comments to my blog, through my “contact us” page, and to my unpublished email account–even though my blog is dedicated to exposing the dangers of zakat!

  3. That’s one reason I have not put any automatic ads on the blog so far. I don’t want to advertise things that I find disgusting.

    On the Contact Us page, I set up a graphic that shows my blog email address (which I use for other purposes as well). It is NOT clickable – you have to read the address from the graphic and enter it by hand. Because there is no text representation of the email, there is nothing for spambots to harvest.

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