Protecting Antifa’s Right to Violent Counter-Protest

Update on Saturday’s Demo in Amsterdam

EFI logoI mentioned last night that the Amsterdam police suddenly — three days before the scheduled event — demanded that the organizers of Saturday’s free speech demonstration move their event to a new venue.

Today the European Freedom Initiative’s appeal was denied, and the authorities have officially ordered the demonstration to move to its new location, Generatorstraat.

Our Flemish correspondent VH sends these details about the new venue:

Generatorstraat is all the way out in the Western Harbour area. They have moved it there out of fear for violence. The mayor says out of fear of hooligans, but if there is any violence, it will be violence provoked by the Anti-fascists. Threats were also posted on the culturally enriched website

Another aspect may be is that the EFI is not a left-wing initiative — for example, violent demonstrations by the anti-Semitic enriched “Dutch” in The Netherlands Admits Color or the squatters were not relocated to the fringe of the city.

Here’s a Google map of the location Generatorstraat.

As I understand it, the new location is near the subway station Isolatorweg, which is the end of line 50 from Amsterdam Central Station. The demonstration will run from 2:00 to 5:00pm.

One of our Dutch contacts has this to say about the new location:

We will be placed, I guess, on a field of grass. As I understand it, the police will seal off the area, in such a way that they will have checkpoints on each road leading to it: in that way they want to ensure Antifa cannot attack our demonstration.

Antifa don’t have a permission for a demo, but they will show up anyway. I am sure, however, that the police will deal with them.

Antifa is losing credit every day here in Holland, they don’t have much left. If the demonstrators assemble in an orderly and peaceful manner, they can gain sympathy from the majority of the Dutch people.

A note to Europeans who up until now thought they lived under the rule of law: the police, in all their riot gear, armed with weapons, dogs, helicopters, and so on, cannot protect a peaceful crowd of unarmed civilians.

This is the New World Order.

Check the ICLA website for more information.

Many thanks to Kitman for the title of this post.