More on the Wilders Case from Geenstijl

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Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has more on the latest news from the Wilders case, as translated from Geenstijl:

Complaints inadmissible

Persons who feel they have suffered damages because of the statements made by Geert Wilders, and have filed charges in this case, have to be declared inadmissible, according to the prosecution.

The prosecution holds the position it cannot be established that they suffered direct damages. There are several persons and organizations who feel they were damaged by Wilders. The individuals demanded a symbolic compensation of one Euro, and publication of the final verdict on the PVV website.

This morning at 9 o’clock the prosecution started reading the requisitory. Substantiating the indictment will take the whole day. Due to the length of the indictment this will continue tomorrow as well. At the beginning of the court session there was some disagreement about the provision of the requisitory. The prosecution wanted to give the registrar a copy of the argument. In that case, Mr. Wilders’ lawyer wanted one as well.

The prosecution refused, because the defense can prepare itself accordingly. After short deliberation the court decided the registrar would return his copy. All parties agreed to this.