Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/4/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/4/2010Three members of a family of “Canadians” in Montreal have gone on trial for the honor killing of four other members of the same family. The Mohammed Coefficient of this incident is 66.67%, and even higher if you include the victims. The trial proceedings are being made available in three languages, including Farsi.

In other news, the IMF has admitted that we may be stuck in what may be called a “depression”, and it may go on for quite a while longer.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/4/2010

  1. Loved the post about cracking the Ptolemy code! Surely the date for Rome should be 753 BC!!

    Interesting that “sow’s wallow” translates as “Susutin”: here in England, an ancient place where pigs were taken to fatten up – usually a forest – is known as a “den”. As in, the pigs from Thanet were taken to Tenterden, the Thanet den. “Tin” and “den” must be the same!

  2. Regarding the 2nd Australian story….shameless. The Australian Army is fighting in Afghanistan and the boys over there may have their wives turfed out by the civilian government to house the same people they are fighting??? Madness.

    This reminds me of the last time that ‘refugees’ were housed in Army barracks – the ‘Kosovan’ Albanians back in the early 1990s. You could easilly pick the barracks at the School of Infantry where the Albanians were housed – new carpets, window panes, fly screens, doors, bedding, ceiling fans, wiring etc etc plus new signs in pictures and Albanian language explaining how climbing electritiy poles could cause death. Basically lots of money thrown at these buildings for the first time in decades after the actual soldiers who had to use them before that just dealt with the broken beds and flies and summer heat. No such money was going to be spent on their comfort.

    It wasn’t hard to find people who came into contact with the Albanians. Testimonials abounded that despite being given unlimited food and a cash allowance the Albanians cause (surprise) a few problems:

    * Such as all the Coke vending machines on the base had to be removed because they mysteriously were all broken into and emptied at night

    * Refusal of many of the Albanians to use the bathrooms – so they pinched tin cans from the mess hall bins to use as indoor toilets. Classy.

    * Constant shoplifting and petty theft in the nearby civilian township. When the Police would chase them eg under a house they would say in their defence “I not steal…I am Kosovan” as if that excused theft.

    * The children were so actively hostile to the wild Grey Kangaroos that the adult roos were close to attacking the Albanian kids – constantly. I’ve never heard of that happening to Aussie kids.

    * These hill people all brought their petty grievances and venettas with them and had to be constantly watched.

    * Consistently rude and ungrateful to the civilian contract cooking and cleaning staff.

    * And my favourite – the Albanians converted one of the accomodation buildings given to them into a brothel for Albanian use. Since it was all family groups who came to temporary refuge in Australia – who were these prostitutes? Such lovely people.

    * And when NATO had kicked Serbia out of its’ own province and done the KLA’s job. Well, these Albanians mostly refused to go home and had to be forced.

    So, given Afghans are even more backward and hostile as Albanians, that’s what round 2 of housing refugees in Army accomodation may bring. Happy travels everyone.

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