Crush Sharia-Socialism!

EFI logoAs reported here previously, there will be a demonstration in support of free speech in Amsterdam this Saturday, October 30th. Activists from all over Europe will gather to express their solidarity with Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Gregorius Nekschot, and all the other people across Europe who are being harassed, sued, prosecuted, and silenced for daring to speak out against politically correct orthodoxy.

The event is scheduled to take place at Museumplein, Amsterdam. However, the police want the organizers to move to a new location, and have proposed that it be held somewhere in the Westerlijk Havengebied (Western Port Area). In other words, in the middle of nowhere, and not in the heart of the city.

The organizers are working with police liaison in attempt to retain the original location. They argue that it creates enormous logistical difficulties — and may increase the security risks — to change the venue at such a late date. Some of the attendees are already in transit, and may miss the news of the change in plans.

As of this evening, there has been no final decision.

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The umbrella group organizing the Amsterdam demonstration is the European Freedom Initiative. Participating groups include

  • Pax Europa (BPE)
  • The Dutch Defense League (DDL)
  • Politically Incorrect
  • Mission Europa Netzwerk Karl Martell
  • The Alliance to Stop Sharia
  • The Amsterdam Post
  • The English Defence League (EDL)
  • The French Defence League (LDF)
  • The German Defence League (GDL)
  • The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)

Many thanks to Kitman for making this promotional video. I’ve placed it below the jump to get around the “Blogger bug”:

As soon as I receive any firm news about the change (or not) of venue, I’ll post it here.

3 thoughts on “Crush Sharia-Socialism!

  1. “Truth is irrelevant, because statements with a factual foundation can be illegal”

    With that little fascist nugget firmly behind us, permit me to say that this video had some very important images. Contentious or salacious content aside, I believe that the poster (video time point − 01:49) of a woman silencing all talk of jihad, along with the image (video time point − 02:09) of another woman parting a burqa to bare her torso are among some of the most powerful images in this entire video.

    These are some relatively harmless illustrations of just how repressive Liberal Multiculturalism − along with is enablement of Islam − has become that are needed to shake loose the droves of useful idiots from their clinging to insane Leftism.

    I feel that these are on a par with the “loose lips sink ships” posters of WWII. They are curt and concise propragandistic frames that succinctly convey crucial images. The iconic wimple-bedecked Dutch nun booting a swinish beturbaned Muslim with flying Qur’an (video time point − 02:11), is yet one more example of this irreplacable imagery.

    On a personal level, as someone who has contributed essays to Gate of Vienna, seeing its logo appear at video time point − 02:38, was a moment of intense pride. All of the aforementioned images need to become regularly seen broadsheets plastered upon the walls of buildings all across Europe and, if current events are any measure, across America as well.

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