The New Dutch Government, the EU, and the Wilders Trial


I mentioned a couple of days ago that a new coalition government has been agreed upon in the Netherlands. As expected, the cabinet will consist of a VVD/CDA minority coalition, backed by Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV.

Details of the new government’s program have now emerged, and when I read what they’re planning, it made my mouth water. The most conservative Republican government imaginable would never attempt half of this stuff in the USA. Just think — if only Geert had been born in Kenya, we could elect him president!

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated several articles from the Dutch media about the new government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reaction to it, and Geert Wilders’ upcoming trial for hate speech.

First, from De Telegraaf:

“Everyone will notice some of it”

“We’re cutting the budget by €18 billion in the coming years. Everyone will notice some of that,” VVD leader Mark Rutte said Thursday at the presentation of the coalition agreement of the VVD and CDA with support of the PVV. The cabinet Rutte wants will give the country back to the “hard-working Dutchman”.

The government will work hard to increase safety. “We want to put the burglars in chains, not you,” said Rutte — as expected, the incoming Prime Minister. There will be a national police force [instead of the local and regional police]. Street-terror [usually performed by the enriched “new Dutch”] will be tackled hard. There will be minimum sentences handed out to recidivists for crimes for which there is a maximum sentence of twelve years or more.

The TBS system [“offenders with severe personality disorders who are detained in special forensic psychiatric institutions”] will be cut back. Trial-leaves will be addressed. Criminals with dual nationality will loose their Dutch citizenship. The ticket quota [in which a police officer has to write out 120-160 fines a year or else has to face losing a promotion or a cut in salary] will be abolished. Coffee shops [where soft drugs are permitted to be sold and consumed] must become closed clubs where clients are only allowed in with a ‘club card’.

There will be a strict immigration policy. The influx of non-western immigrants has to decrease substantially, according to Wilders by 50%. Illegal residence in the Netherlands will become punishable.

There will also be a burqa ban:

Burkas and other face-covering clothing will be banned. Police officers and judges will not be allowed to wear headscarves. Unemployed persons who due to their behavior or dress code will be less likely to find a job will feel it in their pocketbooks. Their welfare benefits will be reduced, or they will not have any right at all to them. [source]

And those who “take it easy” with their citizenship course, may lose their residence permit:

Turks will also have to continue to integrate. The judge recently ruled that such would not be required for Turks, based on a European treaty, but the new government wants to alter the treaty-agreement. The government wants to spend less on subsidies for integration. Only “Vluchtelingenwerk” [“Refugee aid”] will be spared. People who come from elsewhere have no more special preference in applications. The abolition of “affirmative action” will also affect women [source]


There will be no “road pricing”. The speed limit on motorways will go up from 120 to 130 kilometers per hour. The mortgage tax-reduction will remain in place. The coalition is committed to more nuclear energy. Applications for permits for the construction of one or more nuclear power plants that meet these requirements will therefore be granted.

The new government wants a smaller government and fewer politicians. That should yield €6 billion. The number of MPs will be reduced from 150 to 100, the number of senators from 75 to 50. There will be fewer ministers and state secretaries. The new government also wants to cut the number of elected representatives in local councils, Waterschap boards [maintenance of rivers and dykes and so on] and provincial governments’ Neighborhood Councils will be abolished.

The contribution of the Netherlands to the EU must go down by about €1 billion euros, according to Rutte. The Netherlands insisted a few years ago on that discount. That reduction Rutte now wants to secure “because if you’re not careful, you’ll lose it.”

The budget for Development Aid will be cut by €1 billion.

The coalition will continue with the testing phase of the new Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). This means that the Netherlands will buy two test aircraft from Lockheed Martin.

The Public Broadcaster [also called “state broadcaster” and a stronghold of the multiculturalists] will, as Wilders says, lose a “few hundred million”.

VH adds that there will be a Yellow Card for Islamic schools:

Under the new government, Islamic schools should especially be careful. According to the presented coalition agreement, these schools often do not have their affairs in order. “Research has shown that Islamic education has weaknesses in terms of governing power, education, citizenship education (rule of law) and regularity of the use of financial resources. […] Research has further shown that schools with radically innovative educational concepts also have these problems. These schools thus will be faced with more rapid closure.”

Freedom of education is not in question, the politicians promise. “The fact remains that (very) weak schools must quickly, within one year, have the educational process in order. If not, then they will proceed to closure.” The authors of the agreement also want people who are working in the industry and business to teach in schools.

And from De Telegraaf:

Wilders: Frau Merkel, Sie haben kein Recht

PVV leader Geert Wilders finds that German Chancellor Angela Merkel should refrain from commenting on political cooperation between the VVD, PVV and CDA in the Netherlands. Merkel said this week that she regrets the cooperation. “Frau Merkel, Sie haben kein Recht,” Wilders said Thursday in German.

CDA leader Maxime Verhagen is convinced that the Netherlands and Germany “can get along as neighbors in a fruitful manner” once the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has read the coalition agreement. Verhagen, at present also the outgoing Foreign Minister also, said he agrees that Merkel has nothing to do with the formation of coalition governments in other countries, and underlined the good relations he has with Merkel personally and with her party, the Christian Democratic CDU/CSU.

Also from De Telegraaf:

Greenpeace activists have climbed the Ridderzaal [“Knights Hall” next to the parliament buildings in the Binnenhof] and attached a banner. The text on the banner reads “Cabinet Rutte: #viezerkanniet [“dirtier is not possible”]. The text “#viezerkanniet” can be looked up on the social network Twitter to discuss the plans of the new government, especially regarding the environment. The police have made it known that the protesters will have half an hour to make their point. After that the police are expected to act.

And, once again, from De Telegraaf:

First day of Wilders Trial live on Dutch TV

The NOS [state broadcaster] will broadcast the first day of the trial against Geert Wilders this Monday live. The PVV leader must appear in court in Amsterdam on suspicion of insulting Muslims and ethnic minorities and incitement to discrimination and hatred. The beginning of the session can be seen on Netherlands channel 1, the digital news channel Journaal24, and via the web, the broadcaster announced Thursday.

The live broadcast will start at 08.55 hours with the NOS News. The session itself will start at nine. If there is a reason for it, it will then be switched to the Hague for the latest political news, given the current developments surrounding the newly-formed Cabinet. The remaining session days on October 6, 8, 12, 15 and 19 can be followed on the theme channel. The ruling is scheduled for Nov. 2.

22 thoughts on “The New Dutch Government, the EU, and the Wilders Trial

  1. Sounds pretty great.

    But to play devil’s advocate, I feel like these proposed policies are just being dangled infront of the noses of sensible Dutch (and indeed, citizens of larger Europe hoping to see a domino effect), only to be ripped away violently when Geert is found guilty of his thought crimes.

  2. I can only hope that Geert and his merry men are successful in getting these policies through. You have every western conservative’s support!

  3. Whether these policies are implemented or not isn’t the important issue here – although I do hope that they are implementd with all due vigour… My point is that the really significant thing is that these ideas are now in the public arena. The chain of thought that they set in motion can only act as a catalyst to the waking up of the Dutch people. Fjordman mentioned the other day that he was feeling a hint of optimism in the air. I feel that too, although of course we have a very long way to go.

  4. In hard economic times, it is important to be austere. However, cutting back on government also means cutting back on people in need.

    Overall, many of these proposals make sense, especially dealing with education. Islamic schools, first and foremost, must meet national standards. And immigrants that are not refugees are there by permission and subject to different restrictions.

    However, the thing about psychiatric offenders sounded weird.

    It seems as if Europe is waking up to the problem, and perhaps it then will emanate outward into international relations.

    Western governments should start to say directly that Islam must integrate the norms of the 21st century in human rights and segregation of church from the civil business of society.


  5. What scares me is what is going to happen to the Muslims that get kicked out or get their welfare checks cut off. I just know that the Jews (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and Catholics (Catholic Refugee Services) are going to be pushing like crazy to get them moved into the USA and dumped on social services for real Americans to support. They will give us the old okey doke about peasants “yearning to breathe free”, Evil Protestant/Christian Racism and start dumping them on American cities like Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, not to mention countless other American towns and villages that have never done any harm to Jews and Catholics.

    Brace yourselves. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  6. Hadley, it’s not only the Jews and Catholics. Liberal Protestant churches are right there with them on importing immigrants. In my town, almost every week, the local paper has a feature on some do-gooding liberal Protestant church, and there are a lot of them where I live, that sponsors projects in Africa. Lots of these African beneficiaries visit us and, I assume, don’t leave. And anyone who’s honest can look around at their own community and see this. And it’s not only the religious people, it’s political people as well. So I’d say, no ethnic group has a monopoly on using foreigners to destroy natives. Those who only see the Jews and Catholics in this are wearing filters. If you take them off, you’ll see better.

  7. Bravo, Wilders!

    All common sense stuff, long overdue.

    But a red flag for the armies of interfaith doctors, social engineers and multicultural parasites who are in it for the ‘common good’ which makes everyone miserable.

    We can only hope that Geert succeeds and that he gets even more votes the next time. His success will be groundbreaking for other parties in Europe who will then follow.

    Wilders is a true hero!

  8. @latteisland:

    The German Lutherans have their own alien importation and dumping entity as well, the “Lutheran immigration and Refugee Services” agency which also lobbies for federal tax money to import and dump refugees in our communities.

    In any analysis, a major distinction should be drawn between folks who try to ease the suffering of refugees already here and those corporations or groups that are in the refugee money-making business.

    The latter groups actively go out and lobby the government to give them tax money and keep the refugee pipeline open and filled.

    They pay themselves big salaries.

    They also get to keep any extra money after they dump the refugees on complicit social services agencies in your town.

    Believe me, the big players are going to be in Washington lobbying the Feds to pay them to import all the “unwanted” European Muslims so they can dump them on you and your children to pay welfare benefits for generations.

  9. Are they televising Geerts lynching as a warning to others? This is what happens to uppity indigenous Europeans bucking the Leftist Utopian Visioin.

  10. JD, them convicting Wilders wouldn’t be THAT bad. It will just strenghten our case that we live in totalitarian countries in which we have people imported against our will.

    hadley, it doesn’t matter why Christians import foreigners. It’s part of the problem and I would ban all those things if I was in governance. But again, I’d make Wilders blush. Still, the Oberton window is moving, which is neat.

  11. Of course its very bad that Wilders could be convicted in this kangaroo court. The result would be that he can’t serve in government and that he can’t travel. Even without being convicted, the dhimmified Brits wouldn’t let him enter the country because scum-lord Ahmed threatened to rally 10.000 Muzz to prevent him from screening FITNA, his movie.

    Wilders, and we all, don’t need more of this. The man is living under police protection for more than 6 years now, sleeping in army barracks and moving from place to place. The whole thing is so bizarre, absurd and revolting that anyone who holds up our values of freedom should stand with him come hell or high water.

    But did you see how few showed up at the first hearing? It was pathetic!

  12. This makes Nicolas Sarkozy look like a Trotskyite.

    I especially like the increase of the speed limit from 120 km/h to 130 km/h. This is a stroke of political genius. It has almost no practical consequences, but it gives the finger to political correctness in a big way.

    Could that be a turning point for Europe ?

  13. You can also tell Frau Merkel that besides not interfering in Dutch affairs, but that the Dutch want their bicycles back as well.

  14. Sheik yer’marmy – ‘common good’ or ‘common purpose’ – I understand its tentacles now reach mainland Europe. Another great british invention…

  15. Robert Marchenoir said…
    “This makes Nicolas Sarkozy look like a Trotskyite”

    Sarko is a Trot, and if he isn’t he may as well be. Deporting a handful of criminal gypsies does not make him a beacon of hope or modern day Charles Martel. He will not grasp the nettle because frankly, his testicles are not large enough. Do not believe the hype, its just a distraction to make the masses think that the powers that be are on to it and dealing with the situation. They are not. Do not vote for mainstream political parties. Here in the UK we desperately need a Geert Wilders/PVV as we lack any credible opposition. Until we get one the masses will continue to vote for the despicable LIB/LAB/CON rotating dictatorship. I smell revolution in the air. Pray God we need it!

  16. In hoc signo vinces


    “I smell revolution in the air. Pray God we need it!”

    Have thought for a long time that political configuration in the UK was set on one outcome – self destruction. At the present time I think the U.K. has moved even closer towards internecine, there is just no political grip.

    The crunch may come when what could be called the aspiring working class fall or are forced back into a lower socio-economic grade or into the underclass.

    It will not be a revolution but a counter-revolution a reawakening!

  17. 4Symbols

    “At the present time I think the U.K. has moved even closer towards internecine”

    I fear you may be right. Unless a new political party is formed with an inspirational leader that can motivate and persuade the voting public that there is an alternative.

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