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My recent post about Gen. David Petraeus engendered a brief discussion at a forum called A poster named The Norseman quoted from my piece, and had this to say about it:

And it’s sad to say that formerly sane people have turned into raving lunatics over this already.


It’s actually a rather famous blog if you’re in the right-wing blogosphere, especially if you’re on the European side of the ring-wing blogosphere. I just included this for a demonstration of how the right-wing / anti-islamic side has gone bats*** insane and even turns on people they’d previously admired.

It’s good to have feedback from readers. It helps me understand what I’m doing wrong, and I can then learn from my mistakes.

However, let me clarify my stance concerning people I might previously have admired:
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Nobody gets a free pass just because they used to espouse ideas and implement policies that I approved of. George W. Bush didn’t get one, and neither will David Petraeus.

If Fjordman were to come out tomorrow with some drivel about the importance of listening to “moderate Muslims”, and that Islam is the religion of peace, why, he’d feel the back of my hand, too.

And I hope all of my colleagues will do the same for me — if I ever go soft on you, put the straitjacket on me and carry me off to the funny farm to keep company with all those basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes…

Of course, my current behavior already has me labeled “bats*** insane”. So, in my case, mental illness seems to be completely unavoidable.

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  1. I have to agree with the General, I’m afraid. Aside from the obvious concerns he has with repercussions in far battlefields, pulling a stunt like this only brings us to their level. Those of us who would like to think of ourselves as more than just nominal Christians should recall that we are told to pray for and bless those who curse us, and repay evil with good. Of course as a nation we are entitled to defend ourselves and our interests , but for a church to engage in ritual book burning is beyond the pale of Christian behaviour .

  2. George W. Bush didn’t get one, and neither will David Petraeus.

    If George W. Bush had possessed the will to win, Obama’s role in this abject farce would be irrelevant. Instead, like Obama and far too many other Western leaders, Bush perpetuated the illusion of Islam being the Religion of Peace™. For that, may he rot in eternal Hell along with the rest of his fellow Multicultural lackeys.

    So, in my case, mental illness seems to be completely unavoidable.

    Quite to the contrary. Web sites like Gates of Vienna are beacons of sanity in a world that had gone through the looking glass.

    It is as if moral inversion has become a virtue.

    There is no adequate way to express the toxicity of this new paradigm. Tolerating the intolerable is just the iceberg’s tip. Facism, genocide and other Horsemen are waiting just around the corner.

    This hasty embrace of moral inversion has seen the priceless learning of history cast aside with a fecklessness that promises much harder lessons to come.

    Abundant revisionism plagues even a hesitant quest for knowledge and it is symptomatic of the Magical Thinking™ that permeates most modern worldviews.

    If there is one mental illness that stands to destroy us all, it is this willful attempt at disconnecting Cause and Effect. No such thing can be done and defiance of reality will always exact the harshest of tolls.

    The brutal lessons of two World Wars have been dismissed with an ease that bodes ill for any hopes of peace in our lifetimes.

    Currently, the only peace on offer is that of the grave. Islam and the West are in a race to see who can set the digging’s pace. Pay close attention to who is selling the shovels.

  3. Sri Lankan army won when they descended on the level of their lowlife enemies. Now they can have a break and get up to higher moral ground with won war. Enemies can learn that being bastards won’t help.

    Why do we have to get conditioned by Muslims? It’s ok to burn Quraps for the taste of it. They’re bothered? Get the hell outta here!

  4. Rob: Aside from the obvious concerns he has with repercussions in far battlefields, pulling a stunt like this only brings us to their level.

    Ah, yes. “Burn Qur’ans and the terrorists have won.” The only reason why more copies of “Mein Kampf” weren’t lit for kindling is that the Allies were too busy winning World War II.

    Troubling as book burning may be, Muslims would like nothing better than to burn every library on earth. Any book that contradicts the Qur’an is blasphemous and any book that agrees with it is redundant and should be destroyed.

    Pray tell which is better to destroy? Whole libraries at a stroke or a single book?

    I’m no fan of book burning but no other title has earned its place on the pyre like the Qur’an.


  5. Rob, soon there ain’t gonna be no church nor “nominal” Christians like you if you keep allowing mohammedans to set the agenda! I suggest you watch this video about the Holy Qurap:

    If it wasn’t for the Crusaders, mahounds would have been here centuries ago. And there is no way you would now be a “nominal” muslim, you’d be a raving “moderate”.

  6. Netizen:

    The US Army also pacified the Moros when they basically committed to total war. Women and children used as shields became targets. The punishment and slaughter delivered to the Moros was massive. It was only through brutality that peace was finally obtained.

    I can think of only two other instances of the US committing total war. The war on Japan: deliberate (non nuclear) incineration of major population centers that only stopped when LeMay ran out of bombs. Sherman’s March to the Sea: The complete destruction of the civilian infrastructure making it impossible for the South to even feed itself, let alone support its army. Both led to victory. To paraphrase Sherman, “War is all hell, the the worse it is the better. For the sooner it will be over with.”

    Will we have a total war on Islam? If yes, what kind of attack(s) will be the trigger?

  7. Always remember that it was muslims who burned one of the Wonders of the Ancient World – The Great Library of Alexandria.

    It was full of un-islamic works. Well then, it’s got to go, under their mindset.

    So too the Buddhist university in what is now Afghanistan. Gone. Last idea that that place was once anything other than muslim was destroyed in our lifetime by the Taliban (the Bamiyan Buddha statues) and in another 2 generations no one there will know anything of their pre islamic past.

    It was also an islamic ruler of Egypt who attempted to destroy another Wonder, the Pyramids of Giza. Notice that there are different, smoother stones at the peaks of the pyramids compared to the sides and bases which are actually the inner stones. The muslims abandoned the effort only when the cost became prohibitive.

    I can’t remember if it was the Great Library but I read that when a muslim army conquered one particular Middle Eastern Christian city with a large library, after the ritual slaughter and enslavement the Emir wanted to know what manner of subjects were in this library collection. No one could be found left in the city left alive who could read. All the educated were already dead. So the whole collection went up in smoke for the glory of allah.

    If burning one book prevents the burning of a civilisation, it is a harch price but a necessary one to pay.

  8. Everything is upside down. A mosque that offends Americans MUST be built, to show we are a good country. Burning the Koran, which offends muslims (yes, some American, but irrelevant)must NOT be done, to show we are a good country.

    The muslims are laughing at the two-in-one deal they scored. by threatening violence, they both:

    1. get to build a mosque at GZ, AND
    2. KREP an American citizen from his right to burn a book he sees as evil.

    Dhimmitude: Straight ahead if we keep this BS up.

  9. Evidently because they’re murderers, we’re supposed to be more sensitive toward Muslims. THIS is what passes for “common sense” and “decency” today. Am I being unfair to Muslims? If the Koran is burned as planned, let’s see how many Christians are murdered afterward. Not that Muslims need an excuse to kill or plunder, the burning would just give them something to say beside “Allahu Akbar” and therefore add some novelty to their usual routine. Rock on, Baron, you’re not welcome in Polite Society but neither is anyone else who’s worth a hoot.

  10. Sometimes you have to go to street level to do serious damage.
    Again: not lowering yourself to their level has been a centuries long chant against standing up for one-self.
    You do not ‘lower yourself” to the level of the bully when you hit back – you stand up for your convictions.
    If this upsets the muslims, causes rioting, perhaps you lot will wake up to the fact that – for them – any excuse it enough

    In the spirit of Thomas Paine:

    Give me freedom or give me death.
    Slavery is for people who seem to enjoy it – and there appear to be far too many of them.

  11. You’re definitely sane.

    Though if you are exposed to crazy people for too long, you can make the error of thinking that they are the norm, and that you’re the one with the problem.

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