Musings on the Winds of Change

Below is another in an occasional series of essays by our British correspondent Seneca III.

EDL demo, London

Musings on the Winds of Change
by Seneca III

I have a feeling, just a feeling, that the West is finally reacting to the long suppressed realities of the human abomination that is Islam. In Britain the horrors extant within and without the occupied territories established in our midst surface almost daily, as an era of draconian censorship and disinformation implodes with some rapidity.

This new public awareness marks a distinct sea change and reshapes our conception of how we must proceed in our fight for cultural and personal survival. We appear at last to be waging guerrilla war on the two principal weapons deployed against us — the malignantly constructed incubus and succubus of political correctness and faux multiculturalism that have been raping our minds during the long, dark night of our indulgence.

It is as if after several decades of a tide falling towards the low water mark the jagged reef is fully exposed. Now, after a period of slack water, what is happening is perhaps the first, faint, gentle tug of a rising tide that may grow, possibly exponentially, into a raging tsunami of reconstruction.

And this is not simply wishful thinking, for deep in our collective European history there exist many precedents, each being a solution specific to its milieu yet each a conflagration ignited by similar circumstantial sparks. (And I do not refer to Nazi Germany; Hitler was but a modern re-incarnation of Mohammed, and his National Socialism simply Islam without recourse to Allah.)

And, yes, it will not be easy, and nor will it be nice. It is, however, highly probable, because several generations of affluent cowardice, abjectly dressed with subliminal guilt, have concealed the reality that events in history are a lot closer than they appear. Now that the mist is thinning we at last begin to understand what we must do. Again.

In the meantime, restrained as we are by a secular legal system designed to protect us from ourselves but now used by others as an instrument of our destruction, we must let the Umma build as many Mosques, Madrassas, Terror Training Camps and uni-cultural Jihadi propaganda centres as they wish.

Let them impose upon our lands their ghettos and no-go areas and overpopulate them with the genetically retarded products of their primitive, consanguineous breeding practices — at our expense, of course.

Let them grow their beards and bang their heads on the floor until their foreheads swell with those identifying cicatrices that mark the vacuous minds of the brain-dead.

Let them robe their female trade goods in the black of slavery and let them kill their own children in the name of ‘honour’. Provided they leave ours alone.

Let them burn effigies of us and trample upon the emblems and manifestations of our way of life whilst simultaneously puling about ‘racism’ and ‘insulting the Prophet’.
– – – – – – – –
Let them whine about ‘Islamophobia’ as in the background resonate the deadly fatawa that issue from the mouths of the Imamate and replicate, uncontested, on the placards of their foot soldiers whom appear forever free to parade their threats publicly without fear of prohibition or retribution.

“What!” you exclaim. “Why should we do this, why encourage them? It’s ethnic and cultural suicide!” and I answer, “Let them, for by these things shall we know them.
“Then when, if ever, should come that bright, shining (Friday?) morning where sufficient of us wake up and decide that we are no longer invertebrates we will be able to thrust aside our craven, Sharia-enabling governing classes and take our countries back. And the grim upside of the policy of ‘Let them’ is that we will most certainly know how to identify and where, precisely, to find them. ”

Why must this be so? Because any rational analysis of the situation begs the appalling conclusion that there is no longer any other solution possible — the demented slaves of Allah will not allow one because their book and their priesthood tell them they cannot accept anything but absolute victory for their god. The conversion, enslavement or elimination of all non-Muslims is the only permitted objective. Integration and peaceful cohabitation with the rest of our species are anathema to them, for everything in the Quran and the Hadith forbids it.

Thus, with morbid inevitability it has come to pass that only at the figurative point of a sword shall we be able to eject this foetid ideology suppurating within our body politic, despite the shadow that such an action will imprint upon our memory in the historic record. However, that at least our descendents will be able to survive, perhaps with unease but survive they will in freedom, which is something they will not be able to do if Islam prevails.

Sad, is it not, that this is the only option left open to us? Unless… unless they chose to leave us of their own free will carrying with them, if they must, the spoils and loot of their occupation?

Ah, now that would be a wonderful thing, a cheap price for us to pay, but I doubt matters will resolve that easily, and those who are finally forced to seize the feral moment must fortify themselves with the knowledge that that moment is not of their own making.

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12 thoughts on “Musings on the Winds of Change

  1. When I read Seneca 3 ‘s prose , it hits me where it hurts , in the hart. As A Dane I have always had a special kind of expectation of england , for generations now they have always somehow shown the Way of fighting totalitarian craziness, from the Pope throug Napoleon and to Hitler.
    Somehow , in an alternative reality it should have been Englands natural destiny to LEAD whatewer theres left of Europe in the fight to save whatever can be saved.
    And therefore Englands disgracefull decline into the basketcase of dhimmitude somehow gives an especially dark ,sad ,disturbing omen for the future.
    But ALSO when Iread Seneca 3 it reminds me of a sargent that I would once gladly have followed to Hell and back.
    When he shouted “Follow me!” , he NEVER looked back to see if the rest was comming

  2. The inevitability of a civil war in England has cast a somber shadow over me for many years. Civil war is not really the right word because all so called civil wars are very uncivil. We Brits have had more than our fair share of them, and everyone of them have changed us in very profound ways. The ones we fought were basically family tiffs and it didn’t really matter who won, they were English and the basic culture stayed the same. This one will be different, as it will be existential, who ever wins it will determine the culture of the country. The only time something similar happened too us was in 1066 when fat William defeated King Harold at Hastings. Up until that point our cultural orientation had been Germanic and with the Scandinavian north, after his win it changed to the Latinate roman south, all roads lead too Rome. Will in 10 years all roads point towards Mecca.

    I say 10 years because I put the war in that time frame, I am also pessimistic about the outcome, not because I don’t think the Brits will not fight but because I feel that we might not be able to win, especially if there is not a world wide conflagration. Timing is everything. Serbia did not win in the Balkan because N.A.T.O. wouldn’t allow them to win. If N.A.T.O. had had there hands full elsewhere and they had been left in peace, the outcome would have been different

    As I see it our greatest weakness will be our self delusion. The world has changed profoundly over the last 70 odd years but our perceptions of our selfs as true patriotic Brits have not, we still think we are a match for any Tom Dick or Mohamed. When we fought the last war we fought it with British coal and British steel. All our factories were driven by coal or electricity produced from coal everything was transported by rail by steam engines. We used very little oil and what we did use came from America. We still had vast wealth and a dependent Empire to draw on for raw material and we were still a manufacturing nation. We are none of these things now we have closed down our coal and steel industry outsourced our industry and like America have got ourselves into terrible debt by buying cheap tat from China. About three years ago we became an oil importer, and last winter we had to import gas from Norway, over the next few years we will be importing more and more gas and oil as our oil reserves run out, until in a few years we will be 100% dependent on oil from the middle east. 70 years ago we were a proud rich independent nation. Now we are proud dependent debt ridden nation. Most Brits don’t know that we came with in a hairs breadth of loosing the last war because we ran out of money, we got lend lease, because it was in Americas best interest, and not because of our pretty blue eyes. The last three years were fought on credit. Who would give us credit now?

    If a civil war was to break out between the Muslim and the indigenous population now we would end up like Serbia Whether Obama would bombard us with cruise missiles to save the beleaguered muslim population of Bradford is a mute point now but it is certainly a possibility in a few years when the middle east is the only supply of surplus oil in the world and Saudi threatens to cut the flow too the U.S.A. America could be bankrupted simple by using another currency as payment for oil. According too John Perkins in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit man he says that America made a secret pact with the Saudis the conditions of which was that America would defend Saudi Arabia on condition that the Saudis sold there oil for dollars, effectively underwriting the Dollar. If this is true then it explains why the Saudis get off Scot free what ever they do.

  3. I expect things to go critical in a couple of years time and basically because of Peak oil. World oil production has been on a plateau since 2004 when we drop off the plateau estimated to happen in 2012 then the anal solids will really hit the ventilation system. A falling world supply of oil will mean that prices rise , in the first oil crisis in the 70s a 4% cut in production cause the price of oil too rise 400% and when oil consumes over 5 of the GDP then economies go into a tail spin. People have to remember that this will be remorseless year after year the supply of world oil will fall and with it the collapse of the western economies, unless they find an alternative, and no amount of drilling is going to make one bit of difference. When American oil production peaked in 1970 there was a burst of new drilling but American oil production never again reached the same level of production even when Alaska came on stream, this time it will be world wide. The consequences are going to catastrophic, and not just for the Western world. I expect the Islamic world to be very badly affected, food production is dependent on fossil fuel, for every calorie of food we eat we consume 10 calories of fossil fuel in the form of fertiliser made from natural gas pesticides mainly made from oil and all the oil used in tractors packaging and transport. When the oil spiked at 147 dollars a barrel a couple of years ago there were food riots in 30 countries. Don’t expect a gradual decent, collapse comes quickly and catastrophically. Bangladesh and Britain could be among the worst affected. Bangladesh uses more nitrogen fertilizer per acre than any other country it makes up a large part of the family budget, double the price of fertilizer and people can’t afford it food production falls and the people begin to starve. Millions of starving people could move into India which could destabilize India. Britain relies on Credit. The price of oil rises to such an extend that the British Government cannot borrow enough money on the world market to import the oil and food needed to run the economy. Britain could easily go bankrupt if oil reached 200 dollars a barrel, and if that happened we would see starvation., and with it uncivil war, once that happens all bets are off. I suspect that the four horsemen are checking there saddles and grooming there horse, because when peak oil hits they will come out of the shadows.

    This is without a war in the middle east which seem very possible in the time frame, which would be even worse for the world because even more oil would be able to get too the markets. We live in interesting times and I am scared for my kids.

  4. Yorkshireminer, the reason Obama will not nuke England for resisting the Muslims is because England has its own nukes. Serbia didn’t. It’s as simple as that.

  5. Another reason why Buraq Hussein wouldn’t be able to nuke the UK is that he will most likely be “prezidenting” only until mid January 2013… Unless of course, on the way out of the White House, he manages to sneak out with a nuke in his underwear, like his fellow self-hating raisinhead and pug-nosed slave (the racist words ain’t mine, that’s just how mahoundianism refers to blacks) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

    I just don’t see how a nuke would fit in Buraq’s pants though, not to mention that such weaponry ain’t kept at the White House or could be transferred there anyway.

  6. A civil war,is fought between members of the same nation,muslims,blacks and the rest of the parasites,are not or ever can be our countrymen,it will be the indigenous peoples of the british isles versus these parasitic ingrates,as such it will be a war of independance.

  7. The Beginnings (written March 1915, pub. 1917)
    Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.

  8. WAKE UP —

    Gates of Vienna’s rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.


    WAKE UP said…

    Little by little, agonisingly slowly, some of the things we have been talking about are creeping into the MSM and, by osmosis, the mainstream .
    This, of course, has nothing to do with any resurgence of conscience or integrity in the MSM, and everything to do with the fact that the [excrement is beginning to impact the circulation device] near them.

  9. My grandmother has been visiting my parents for the past few weeks.  I’ve been driving home to see them each weekend.  Hearing all the stories of the places I spent my childhood in France and of all the local people in the old village and so on is good, but it also has had me crying on the drive back to my apartment each week, for the pain of seeing what is being lost and is happening to France now.

    I have a boss who has always treated me personally very fairly, but is a rabid multiculti Obama supporter (I am the _only_ white person hired by this manager in the past five years at least).  Sometimes when the emotion overcomes me on these long drives I find myself screaming hatred for what they and theirs have done to my country/ies.

    Then I go to work and pretend to be a civilized human being.

    I have been in a state of controlled but building incandescent rage for years, controlled only by cold logic.  There will be a reckoning.  Oh yes.

    “D’où viens-tu oiseau de mer?
    J’arrive d’une grande île
    Vous annoncer que la terre
    Est proche de quelques milles”

  10. The Brits and the rest of Europe may be in economic trouble, but please do not blame “peak oil”.

    There really is no such thing because airplanes, autos and trucks do not burn crude oil, but refined fuels. These fuels can be made from any source of hydrocarbons. Today, because it is generally the lowest cost source, crude oil is used.

    But when it was cheaper to convert coal into diesel and airplane fuels, that is what the Germans did during WW II. Today, coal can be converted for around $75/bbl.

    In the end what counts is the price of finished fuels and only the price. The truth is we are awash in hydrocarbons that can be converted. And because we are able (when government does not forbid it) to adapt, convert, substitute and innovate, as the price of fuels made from crude oil rise, other sources can supply our needs.

    Effectively, we can never run out of fuel. Fretting about it is about as useful and truthful as fretting about London running out of fresh water.

  11. Yorkshireminer:estimated to happen in 2012
    Buckwheat:Effectively, we can never run out of fuel

    You are both right, eventually we will run out of convertible mass, however, long before we run out of sunlight, lack of solar energy will be the least of out problems.

    My money is on MIT and the experiments in accumulators – as R.A. Heinlein said 50+ years ago, “The problem is not lack of energy, it is transportation of energy – from where is it plentiful to where it is scarce”

    Sol sends us the energy we need, we just haven’t yet found the right bucket to collect it in!

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