Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/9/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/9/2010A Christian farmer in Pakistan failed to pay a debt on time, so the lender (a Muslim) took the borrower’s wife as a slave. He warned the poor fellow that he would force his kids into slavery, too, if he didn’t pay up.

In other news, Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, has cancelled his church’s Koran-burning, which was planned for 9-11. He says that he will be meeting with Imam Rauf, who has promised to relocate the planned Ground Zero mosque.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/9/2010

  1. The New York mosque at Ground Zero is reneging on the deal. Pastor Terry Jones should sue in state court in Florida with defendants the local imam and the New York mosque. He should not burn the Koran. The New York mosque can try to move it to federal court but it will stay in Florida. Moreover, with an in-state defendant, the local imam, the case should stay in Florida state court.

    Instead, he asks the court to order the mosque moved. In this case, he is asking for performance on a contract. He might also ask for monetary damages that they tried to make a fool of him.

  2. CNN on Anderson Cooper according to comments at Jihad Watch has already said that Pastor Terry Jones lied based on its interview of the local Imam.

    Fox’s Shephard Smith said he would not show the Pastor’s face on Fox. This was at 7 Eastern after the deal was announced and was falling apart. Smith’s comment was highly demeaning to Pastor Jones and damaging to his reputation and to his church. One of the comments at Jihad Watch show a similar reaction. So was CNN Anderson Cooper.

    These imams did damage Pastor Terry Jones is what he will allege and use the news coverage to show that it happened immediately.

  3. If Rauf, indeed, did deceive Pastor Jones, then it is high time to begin broadcasting a detailed analysis of taqiyya within the Christian community and elsewhere as a result.

    This certainly appears to be “business as usual” for the American-Muslim community and deserves every last available ray of disinfecting sunlight.

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