Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/1/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/1/2010The press and broadcast media are fairly tightly controlled in Russia, but up until now the blogosphere has been comparatively free, with a wide range of political opinion and satire being available on the web. Now all that may change, as the government considers its options for controlling the internet. One possibility is that it may target ISPs, forcing them to remove undesirable sites and demanding that they install software that allows the state security services to monitor their customers’ browsing habits and email.

In other news, seeing all the fun that Italy has been having during the visit of Col. Moamar Qaddaffi, France is eager to develop its own special relationship with Libya.

Meanwhile, although smallpox has been eradicated, a similar disease known as monkeypox is emerging in Central Africa and taking an increasing toll upon human victims.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/1/2010

  1. I would like to personally thank Erick Stakelbeck for contributing to the Gates of Vienna News Feed.

    Furthermore, it is a searing indictmernt of modern commercial television programming that the Christian Broadcast Network, through Erick Stakelbeck‘s televised series provides some of the finest widely distributed coverage of Islam and Islamic terrorism.

    It is absolutely vital that America and Europe wake up to the fact that Islam is not a religion and is, instead, a violent poltical ideology whose quest to impose shari’a law upon this entire planet represents a vast and ongoing crime against humanity.

    Thank you, Erick. Your work is saving lives, Christian and otherwise, with each airing of your show and every article that you publish. Speaking strictly for myself, you are a most welcome addition to the Gates of Vienna counter-jihad community.

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