A Place of Mourning

“It’s impossible to get enough revenge.”


Six years ago today a group of Muslim terrorists took more than a thousand hostages in a school in Beslan, in the Russian Caucasus. That was the beginning of a three-day standoff that became the Beslan Atrocity. Nearly four hundred people were killed, many of them children, and hundreds more were injured.

Beslan womanTo make sure that we all remember why we fight this war, Vlad Tepes recommends watching an hour-long BBC documentary about Beslan. The story of the siege is recounted impressionistically by children who survived.

Vlad has posted all six parts at his blog.

Sensitive viewers should take note: these videos are very, very difficult to watch. To hear what was done to these children, as told in their own words, is almost impossible to bear.

In some ways Beslan is more horrible than 9-11, because children were targeted deliberately, and were brutalized up close for three hellish days. The documentary brings home the fact that permanent, irremediable damage was done to the surviving children and their families. Those three days in the school gym were not something that anyone can ever fully recover from.

It was one of the greatest barbarities of modern times, and can be credited — as so many others can — to Islam.

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8 thoughts on “A Place of Mourning

  1. May the souls of the dead find peace in the afterlife. May the living find comfort.

    May those who would do as this, have done as this, and are doing as this, find only reckoning and vengeance at the hands of men and gods.

  2. “It’s impossible to get enough revenge.”

    For revenge to have any meaning, it is literally assured that there will be times when the foregoing is true.

    Islam is so fixated upon revenge − and it is such an integral part of the entire Muslim mindset − that one would think they just might take pause to reflect upon the inevitable repercussions of Islamic terrorism.

    Instead, it is as if the vast majority of Muslims truly believe their own taqiyya. Perhaps this is yet one more way that taqiyya irrevocably damns Islam. Muslims have so convinced themselves of their eternal and falsely claimed victimhood that not even an Islamic atrocity on the scale of the one at Beslan can shake their siege mentality.

    In some ways Beslan is more horrible than 9-11, because children were targeted deliberately, and were brutalized up close for three hellish days.

    It is impossible to disagree. What’s more, taken in combination, these two atrocities should have sealed Islam’s fate on the spot. Instead, we have been treated to a spectacle of utter spinelessness and abject cowardice of a sort unimaginable in the West less than a century ago.

    There are few more damning condemnations that can be said of a culture than:


    Taken in combination with the way that Islam also devours the young of so many other cultures, it taints itself with a rapaciousness that is as cruel as it is wanton.

    The butcher’s bill continues to mount for Islam. Few, if any, Muslim voices cry out with a noticeable sense of urgency against the accounting that has yet to come for Islam’s incessant mayhem.

    When this is factored against the foot-dragging and outright opposition by Western powers to enact any punitive measures against Islam, there arises from all of this is an unshakable and foreboding sense of looming catastrophe.

    If global terrorism continues at its present pace − and should Islam finally be brought to such a grim accounting − few Muslims will be entitled to any expression of surprise or injustice over it. More than likely, Muslims will get a brief glimpse of the limitless fury that their brutality has called down upon them before dar al Islam is swept from the face of this earth in the fires of nuclear retaliation for its endless crimes against humanity.

    Finally, thank you, Gates of Vienna, for making sure that this high-water-mark of Islam’s inhumanity does not slip past unnoticed.


  3. I have a feeling that if anything as horrible as Beslan happens here and I certainly pray that it doesn’t, a large portion of our population is not going to be particularly sanguin in their response.

  4. Ex-Dissident, as I recall muslims local to the Beslan area insisted that a proposed memorial for the massacre victims include Islamic input, rather as per the Ground Zero mosque.

  5. The mainstream media were very reluctant to report the Beslan child-rapes and tortures. They also went to great lengths to conceal the Muslim identities of the terrorists, and the Islamic theology and sexual supremacist psychology that justified and motivated the sadistic aspects of this atrocity.

    This cover-up is all the more worrying as the Jihadists are almost certainly planning similar attacks on American schools: http://crombouke.blogspot.com/2010/01/beslan-child-rape-torture-enforced.html

  6. No Victory Mosque here.
    The Russian Orthodox is building a Church right on the site of the school.
    Christianity flourishes in persecution– and it’s about to flourish and grow again.
    Those who hold the faith will appreciate it more deeply.
    Those who want it will convert.
    I pray today that good will come of this evil.

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