A Churchyard Rape in Oxford

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It can’t be repeated too often that Muslim men establish dominance over infidel women (or any women not protected by other Muslim men) through rape. In a traditional context, captive non-Muslim women are raped, and then either consigned to slavery or forcibly converted to Islam and married to their rapist.

Note: the Mohammed Coefficient of the following incident is 100%. According to the Beeb:

Man jailed over churchyard rape in Oxford

A man who admitted kidnapping, raping and robbing a 19-year-old student in Oxford has been jailed for nine years.

Yasin Mohamed, 25, of Aston Street, Oxford, was also placed on the sex offenders register for life.

The woman was attacked in St Clements Street on her way home in March, Oxford Crown Court heard.

After being assaulted in St Clements graveyard, she was attacked for a second time at a property in the east of the city.

‘Terrifying ordeal’

Following the case, CPS case lawyer Jenny Jonckheer said: “Yassin Mohamed subjected his victim to a terrifying ordeal.

“He raped her in a churchyard and then took her to his home address where he raped her again twice.

“This was an appalling crime and I would like to commend his victim for her courage in coming forward to police.

“In doing so, this man has been brought before the courts and has been sentenced for his crimes and sent to prison for many years.

“I hope this fact helps this young woman come to terms, in some way, with what she has been through and she can move forward in her life.”

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11 thoughts on “A Churchyard Rape in Oxford

  1. I wonder how, marriage-wise, being placed on a sex offenders register, for a Muslim man, compares to not being a virgin
    for a Muslim woman.

    Maybe we could request a fatwa to enlighten us on that interesting subject ?

  2. I’m sure it means nothing to this savage that he is on the sex offenders’ register, after all there is no such thing in islam. Everything is on the table for them, from new-born babies to animals.

    THIS is a Dark Age indeed!

  3. Nine years for this crime? What a joke. How about 25, or 40? This Islamothug will be back on the street and will do it again, probably the day he is released.

  4. Juniper-

    Indeed. He probably will wear his sex offender tag as a badge of honor. After all, she was not a pure burqa clad Muslim woman.

  5. It can’t be repeated too often that Muslim men establish dominance over infidel women (or any women not protected by other Muslim men) through rape.

    What in the world makes you think this behavior is driven by religion? In the US blacks and mexicans rape White women and it has very little to do with religion. In Europe a large number of the interloping non-White aliens happen to be muslim. The ones who aren’t are still interloping non-White alien rapists.

  6. @Tanstaafl:
    Lots of things cause a man (and very occationally a women) to become a rapist. You are right though, in this case it is not religion, it is a political ideology that claims that women are either owned – or are ‘freiwild’.
    That claims that only members of the Umma Nation are real people the rest are ‘dogs’, ‘pigs’ and ‘monkeys’.

    An ideology that says that a woman’s purpose it to satisfy a man.
    Of course female members of the Umma belong to a master, but all those ‘free’ ones running around, thinking they are a good as a Man, well, they deserve it.

    This is not only racist it is also misogynistic.

  7. I agree that a conquering/colonizing instinct to establish dominance plays a big part. The part about wanting to copulate with ‘dogs’, ‘pigs’ and ‘monkeys’, less so. The odd qualification that the phenomena is to be repeated specifically with regard to muslim men and infidel women, even less so.

  8. I hope this scum meets a bad end at the hands of the Native men who reside in his prison. They will show him what awaits in the afterlife for such creatures.

    I grow tired of the tolerance shown to these “minority Muslims” as they rape and pillage as they please.

    I want to see some blood and vengeance!

  9. In the days when we had some sense of proportion, that would have led quickly and surely to a death sentence without a doubt. How soft we have all become!

  10. Its funny how when you see a person who has a Muslim name you automatically suspect he is Muslim. But if guy called John or Luke where to commit a crime you would just say their crimes without saying if he is christian or not.

    This is an evil crime for anybody of ANY religion to do and its so funny how people are only talking about Muslim this Muslim that, when 12 years ago there where no prejudice or discrimination.

    This is a MAN committing a crime!! Don’t be ignorant and judge a person by their ACTIONS not their BELIEF!!

    and why not enlighten yourself for a change and read the Qur’an and see where it says Muslims can rape or blow themselves oh that’s right you care about politics and news that you run away from the facts, be open minded for a change.

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