Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2010Egyptian police have intercepted a load of 190 anti-aircraft missiles in Sinai. The missiles are believed to have been on their way to Gaza via the smuggling tunnels under the border.

In other news, researchers have discovered a way to make urine-powered fuel cells. Well, it’s really urea, but urea comes from urine, so…

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  1. Mosques in the United States: 1,209
    American Muslims associated with a mosque: 2 million
    Increase in number of mosques since 1994: 25 percent
    Proportion of mosques founded since 1980: 62 percent
    Average number of Muslims associated with each mosque in the United States: 1,625
    U.S. mosque participants who are converts: 30 percent
    American Muslims who “strongly agree” that they should participate in American institutions and the political process: 70 percent
    U.S. mosques attended by a single ethnic group: 7 percent
    U.S. mosques that have some Asian, African-American, and Arab members: nearly 90 percent
    Ethnic origins of regular participants in U.S. mosques:
    South Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghani) = 33 percent
    African-America = 30 percent
    Arab = 25 percent
    Sub-Saharan African = 3.4 percent
    European (Bosnian, Tartar, Kosovar, etc.) = 2.1 percent
    White American = 1.6 percent
    Southeast Asian ( Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino) = 1.3 percent
    Caribbean = 1.2 percent
    Turkish = 1.1 percent
    Iranian = 0.7 percent
    Hispanic/Latino = 0.6 percent
    U.S. mosques that feel they strictly follow the Koran and Sunnah: more than 90 percent
    U.S. mosques that feel the Koran should be interpreted with consideration of its purposes and modern circumstances: 71 percent
    U.S. mosques that provide some assistance to the needy: nearly 70 percent
    U.S. mosques with a full-time school: more than 20 percent

  2. The Mosques in America: A National Portrait by CAIR

    Muslims have been in the United States for generations. Muslim immigrants from the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, etc. arrived in North America in 1893. They were mainly Turks, Kurds, Albanians, and Arabs. However, the Muslims have grown rapidly in the last two or three decades mainly because of immigration from South Asia and the Middle East and converts from the African-American community.

    The first mosque in America was probably build by Albanian Muslims in 1915 in Maine. By 1919, they had established another mosque in Connecticut. Polish-speaking Tatars build a mosque in Brooklyn, NY in 1926, which is still in use. African American Muslims established the first Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA in 1930. The Lebanese Community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, opened its first mosque in 1935. The State Street Mosque in New York City was established by Sheikh Dawood Ahmed Faisal in 1955. This mosque represents a special point in the development of the American Muslim community. The Dar-ul-Islam movement began from there.

    Although the first mosque was established in America in 1915 but only few mosques were built till 1960. Greater growth of mosques began in the 1970s and the tempo of growth continues unabated. The vast majority of mosques (87%) were found since 1970. Thirty percent of all mosques were established in the 1990s and 32% were started in 1980s. There are 1,209 mosques in America. The mosques participating in the study were founded between 1925-2000.

  3. In other news, researchers have discovered a way to make urine-powered fuel cells. Well, it’s really urea, but urea comes from urine, so…

    A urine powered fool sell? Is this about Tiger Woods? … Oh … fuel cell! Nevermind …

  4. So now they will litorally be taking the piss,but now that most of the pubs have gone,it will have to be intensively farmed,and harmfull emmissions will be controlled by gores credits.

  5. Re Death Penalty in Japan

    What we are witnessing is the first move to abolish the death penalty there. One person who has observed and reported on the effects of the abolition of capital punishment in Great Britain is Peter Hitchens. He is not impressed by the outcome of abolishing the death penalty.

  6. Re: UK: It’s Begun!

    Interesting that AntiFa have the slogan “Hope not Hate” when one considers how many times the Koran instructs Mohammed’s believers to hate the kufaar.

  7. Re the EDL demo in Bradford

    Interesting post and comments from EU Referendum. The chap who writes it lives in Bradford. Note that many in the comments (myself included) think that the EDL is not the grass roots movement that it presents itself as. It seems, to this outsider, to be part of a “Divide and Conquer” strategy by the Establishment.

  8. In hoc signo vinces


    the EDL is not the grass roots movement that it presents itself as. It seems, to this outsider, to be part of a “Divide and Conquer” strategy by the Establishment.

    This comment needs an explanation please!

  9. @ 4Symbols
    If you follow the link to EU Referendum, and then to the Comments Forum (which is back working again after a spam attack), you will see that the postings include these:

    “The sudden collapse of the BNP seems to point to the conspiracy theorists being right all along – the BNP is a front manipulated by the state to divide the vote and draw leftists fire. With the election safely over a controlled demolition is taking place.”
    “Bearing in mind that Combat 18 was an MI5 honey trap I shan’t pull any punches but with that in mind you gotta beware the halls of mirrors effect”
    “That the EDL is a state-run front is beyond doubt and members of the BNP are instructed to have no involvement with it.”
    “Also I agree that the EDL is obviously an establishment “honey pot” also. They’ll use the EDL to cause racial tensions and then clamp down on the group, curbing even more civil liberties in the process.”
    “Having not been allowed by the mainstream media to hear what the EDL say for themselves, so that I could make up my own mind about them, I went to watch a previous EDL outing and demo. There was a vast police presence with contingents from about a third of all the police forces in Britain. The coppers who could spare me a sentence seemed remarkably relaxed. That struck me, as though they had all been briefed not to engage in more than two sentences of conversation with the local yokels. Then, as we spectators got pushed and shoved out of the way in order to clear the arena for a few set piece skirmishes, the penny began to drop. It was all a set up job to justify some ACPO Ltd “public order” training and population surveillance, a dry run that they would otherwise have been unable to put on.” Yokel

  10. In hoc signo vinces


    So the contention is that the EDL are tools of the State, in acknowledging the strategy the question is what is the politcal persuasion of what is deemed the State and what are their aims?

    Maybe they – the state who ever they are live in a state of unawareness of their success as the UK has been a police state for decades.

  11. @4Symbols
    Could you rephrase the question in your first sentence, as I am not sure that I understand what you meant to ask.

    Re “the UK has been a police state for decades”
    One of the first rules for police state dictators is that the dictator must crush every sign of nascent dissent. Much of the dissent so crushed will not actually have been harmful to the dictator’s rule, but by the time he knows whether it actually is harmful or not, it will be too late and the damage will have been started. Therefore the State will always be providing lightning rods around which such dissent might coalesce, in order that it might be “neutralised”.

  12. In hoc signo vinces


    The tactic of UK security services dissipating dissent by establishing and manipulating front and fringe political groups is a well known unknown.

    The question that I asked was of what political persuasion are the puppet masters?

    As at present the UK is a dictatorship without a dictator with a political elite void of any political conviction – a power grab for power alone.

    All I know is that there has been an undeclared civil war fought against the indigenous population particularly the working/under class for the best part of 30 years, one that is about to ignite under the present conservative government.

    There are no politics in the old sense i.e. left or rght in UK there are only the whims of meglomanaics. A civil war is brewing but the fight is between master and slave pure and simple, not (strictly speaking) political ideologies.

  13. 4Symbols wrote: “.. of what political persuasion are the puppet masters?”

    Like you, I haven’t a clue. I fear that there is not much between this lot and the last lot. Let me borrow George Galloway’s graphic phrase about them being “two cheeks off the same a***.”

    I can assert that the puppet masters come from the same class that includes SIS and ACPO Ltd. That class also includes a lot of other international players, one might even be tempted to call them the “New World Order” class. In the USSR they would have been described as the Nomenklatura.

    As for whether the British will get off their posteriors and do anything about it, I must display less enthusiasm than you. I fear that we are on a straight and uninterruptable run in to the times of the Book of Revelation. Let us pray God it will be quick.

  14. In hoc signo vinces


    The politics are a deceit and illusion at the end of the day this is a battle between good and evil. For a long time I have said that in the UK at least this is shaping up like what can only be described as a class war a battle between good king and bad king, between the usurpers and rightful authority.

    In any case sooner or later all will be revealed.

  15. Four Symbols–

    Have just been reading a brief synopsis of the Peasant’s Revolt. Is this history repeating itself? If so, I have more faith in Brits to change things, however incrementally, whenever they do revolt.

    In England, it always seems to come down to class war. In the US, we like to pretend we’re more egalitarian than that, but I think it’s the same picture, different artist.


  16. In hoc signo vinces


    “labourers employed by lords were effectively exempted, while labourers working for other employers, both artisans and more substantial peasants, were liable to be fined or held in the stocks”

    The lessons to be learned maybe, do not create artificial divisions in a Kingdom particularly at a time when the State institutions are corrupt and weak.

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