Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/18/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/18/2010A Swedish man has asked for asylum in Denmark. The reasons why he feels oppressed in his native country are not clear, but he did say that he can no longer stomach the Swedes. He has been sent to a refugee camp in Denmark.

In other news, the Ground Zero mosque is on again, off again, on again — the developers indicate that they will not agree to move the mosque to another location. Imam Rauf is continuing his fundraising abroad, and the developers won’t rule out accepting Saudi or Iranian money.

Meanwhile, the Dutch government has increased security for Geert Wilders in the PVV’s offices in parliament.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/18/2010

  1. re Feminist Gestapo goes Global: a story that illustrates something I’ve been trying to tell people for such a long time. This is not, I repeat not, feminism. It’s transnationalism co-opting the brand of feminism.

    Sure, the person they appoint will have feminist credentials, and leftist women will be happy, but this is still not feminism. Men with a certain political agenda, who appoint some leftist woman hack to be their figurehead and do bad things in the name of feminism, are still men, and not feminist men, either.

    Feminism, in the old and real sense, means only allowing people who happen to be women to do what they want to do if they’re qualified. This isn’t affirmative action, quotas, or the scam being discussed here.

    Men and women are rightly angry at what’s being done in the name of feminism, but please, pay attention to what this really is, and don’t think that just because two very different things have the same name, that, for instance, allowing qualified women to practice law and medicine, or serve in government, necessarily leads to travesties like the one in this news item.

  2. Arab TV Chief: 9/11 Mosque Would be ‘Monument’ To Terror’

    Says world’s Muslims don’t want to give hijackers ‘source of pride’

    The director of a Dubai-based, Arab television network writes that most of the world’s Muslims couldn’t care less about building a mosque near Ground Zero and that plans to do so would only create a “monument” to terrorists.

    Finally, a glimmer of sanity from the Muslim world.

    Allow the jihadists to build enough of these triumphal monuments and woe betide Muslims when the world gets its fill.

    Few will pause to sort out which are the jihadists from the silent majority of Muslims who have continued to remain mute in the face of such provocations against the West.

    The day is coming, it is only a matter of time.

  3. Zenster, could this not be more taqqiya?

    Pretending muslims don’t really care about the mosque when they do? Pretending there are “reasonable” muslims who are not like the “extremists”?

    Sorry, I do not trust ANY of them or believe a word they say!!

  4. Juniper in the Desert: … could this not be more taqqiya?

    Yes, quite easily so. Moreover, there simply is no way to tell. Ever.

    That is why the only reward I mention for this being the truth is narrowly managing to avoid annihilation. Islam must be posed with a clearly existential threat − just as it is to all other cultures − with an ultimatum to abandon jihad.

    I still do not hold out any hope in this as foreswearing jihad is tantamount to denying Mohammad and, even, Allah. This is why I continue to predict a Muslim holocaust. There is no other likely outcome.

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