Forced Into Deletion

Our German translator JLH sends a pair of brief translations, and includes the following introduction:

Kirsten Heisig, as you may recall, was the German juvenile court judge who believed in swift, targeted sentences for youthful offenders, to nip their criminal careers in the bud and set them on the right path. Recently she disappeared and her body was found after an intensive search. Her death was ruled a “suicide”.

Two consecutive posts from “Black Bear” at Politically Incorrect make an ironic postscript.

The first translation is from August 2, 2010:

Forced Into Deletion

Six hours ago, I wrote a review of Das Ende der Geduld (Out of Patience) by Kirsten Heisig. Since I had seldom written reviews for Amazon, I did not think of the fact that I was posting the review under my real name, which can be found in the telephone book. Beginning as early as 6:30 PM, my telephone rang off the hook. I was threatened by diverse immigrants with the worst possible fate.

From cutting my throat to shooting me down, it’s all there. I was told to delete my review or my residence would go up in flames.

Dear Reviewers, do not be as careless as I was in giving out your personal information, I am now experiencing the facts described in the book more intensely than ever.

One day later, August 3, 2010

Amazon Deletes Evidence of Violence

– – – – – – – –

On August 2, 2010, you posted a description of the threats I received after writing a review of Kirsten Heisig’s book, Das Ende der Geduld.

Inside of 12 hours, 300 people clicked on “help” and uncounted numbers of readers were bewildered.

I would like to inform the PI team that Amazon has deleted my entire essay. This is how Amazon is carrying out exactly what was denounced in Heisig’s book.

As anyone can easily confirm, the essay “Forced into Deletion” has disappeared.

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  1. Some cryptic clues dropped at this article: (the piece suffers from poor grammar)

    Whether private reasons may have played a role in Heisig’s disappearance is an open question. The tabloids busy speculating about it. The last sign of life, according to a desperate-sounding SMS have been to her daughter: You do “everything is wrong,” they wrote on Monday. And: “This is all too much for me.”

  2. NorseAlchemist:


    Hey, lots of people commit suicide by manually beheading themselves with a dull knife. It happens every day!

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