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A “Canadian” man has been arrested in Ottawa and charged with possessing a massive arsenal of forbidden weapons. The guy was evidently planning to go duck hunting — the IEDs would serve to startle the ducks into flight, and the silencers would help him to maintain stealth as he approached his quarry.

Wait a minute — do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multiculture.

According to the Ottawa Citizen:

Man Faces 35 Charges After Search Finds IEDs in Ottawa Home

OTTAWA — An Ottawa man has been charged after police found and seized improvised explosive devices (IEDs), firearms and other weapons from a home near Alta Vista and Heron on Thursday, according to a police statement.

Police searched the home on Finn Court and found four IEDs, two firearms, three silencers, one stun gun, one high-capacity ammunition magazine and various firearm parts and accessories.

“I don’t know how [the IEDs] were found or what condition they were found in, but they were in a condition that would support a criminal charge,” said Ottawa Police spokeswoman Const. Kathy Larouche. “I’m assuming they were capable of being detonated.”

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Larouche said high-powered weaponry, such as the items found, are not too common, but the force has come across them before.

“All you have to do is Google explosive devices, and you can pull up some recipes,” she said. “It’s scary to think that these devices can be made from everyday household items.”

The Ottawa Police Service Guns and Gangs Section and the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit charged Saif Cathum, 28, with 35 criminal offences, including possession of an explosive substance, unauthorized possession of a firearm, unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon and careless storage of a firearm.

Cathum is set to appear in court Friday.

As a matter of interest, the name “Saif” means “sword” in Arabic.

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