An Islamophobe in Sweden

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is currently visiting Sweden at the invitation of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats). A Swedish reader has kindly translated an article from Aftonbladet about Mr. Spencer’s visit.

Note the very unflattering photo of the “Islamophobe” that the newspaper chose to post with its article. No media bias there — just the facts, ma’am.

Islam-hater speaks for the Sweden Democrats

Almedalen — The Sweden Democrats are using Almedalen to propagandize against Islam — with the help of the American Islamophobe Robert Spencer.

“He is one of the most dangerous ones,” says Mohammed Kharraki, president of Sweden’s Young Muslims.

The author Robert Spencer believes that a Muslim lobby seeks to destroy the Western society. He argues that the West is threatened to be forced into Islam. Today he speaks in Almedalen for the Sweden Democrats.

“Will take over Europe”

“The Muslim collective would like to expand its influence in the West in order to establish enclaves in Western Europe. As in Malmö, where Islamic law rules, in reality,” said Spencer on his view of Sweden.

You see Islam as a real threat to the West?

– – – – – – – –

“Yes, of course. Islam’s goal is to dominate, not to be dominated. So said the Prophet Mohammed. There are countless witnesses who have heard Muslim leaders express that Islam will take over Europe and the USA,” he says.

SD’s International Secretary, Kent Ekeroth, agrees:

“Jihad is a long-term threat to Sweden and Europe. We already see tendencies: demands for Sharia law in Sweden, adaptation by the community, and violence in the wake of a large Muslim population in Gothenburg and Rosengård, he says.

“How do you regard the fact that Spencer is accused of Islamophobia?

“Islamophobia is when you have an unwarranted fear of anything, but our fear of Islam is not unfounded, and this Robert Spencer will explain,” says Kent Ekeroth.

“Strong racist views”

But Mohammed Kharraki, president of Sweden’s Young Muslims, is critical:

“Robert Spencer belongs to a group of debaters who have very strong racist views. He tries to paint a picture of Muslims as a threat to society,” he says.

A comment from Thoralf Alfsson’s blog:

Aftonbladet, which thus calls Spencer an “Islamophobe”, does not enlarge upon why they consider that any criticism of Islam must be called “Islamophobia”, and at the same time also consults a pure Islamist and anti-Semite, Mohammed’s own smooth-tongued little snot puppy, the president of Sweden’s Young Muslims, Mohammed Kharraki, when Spencer — with nine books about Islam behind him — is to be called into question.

The same Mohammed Kharraki accuses The Sweden Democrats for using Almedalen to propagandize against Islam (5th of July) — when he himself in command, the day after stages a thorough propaganda demonstration in favor of Islam.

Note: The above quotes from Robert Spencer have been translated from English to Swedish and then back into English, so they may not be verbatim.

A slightly different version of this post will appear later today at Big Peace.

11 thoughts on “An Islamophobe in Sweden

  1. Heck – Swedes with their discreet anti-semitism should be the LAST to complain about ‘racism’.

    The least they could do when fielding such an hineous charge is to document it, rather than mention some unspecified people that Spencer supposedly works with, as having ‘strong racist views’.

    Aftonbladet is, to the best of my knowledge, radically worse than anyone Spencer works with.

  2. Heck – Swedes with their discreet anti-semitism should be the LAST to complain about ‘racism’.

    One need only recall the treatment of Sami in any of the Scandinavian countries to realize the hypocrisy of such complaints.

  3. The use of this photo isn’t simply unflattering, it plays up Mr. Spencer’s Semitic features (he is, I believe, of Arab ancestry). The flare of his nostrils from laughter make his nose appear bigger than it is and the angle at which the tuft of his hair on his head is photographed makes it look like a kippah. These subconcious visual cues suggest to the Swedish audience that Spencer is primarily motivated by Zionism and thus is not to be trusted.

  4. If any of you GoV’ers have not yet read Robert Spencer’s books, I urge you most strongly to do so! I recommend them without reservation.
    You are in for a real eye-opener.

    Most importantly, you do not have to take Spencer’s word for anything. Use his books as a guide and LOOK IT UP in the Koran. This is my standard answer to some of the liberal nitwits I’ve had to deal with who start foaming at the mouth at the mention of Spencer’s name and insist that he is “Racist!”, etc. No. LOOK IT UP.

    If you are lazy, then you should google search the phrase: “violent verses in the Koran.”

    Actually, you should do all of this. Do the google search, read Spencer’s books, and look it up.
    Then you will understand the ENEMY.

  5. You are to be congratulated on this post Baron, well done. After the Unpleasant Business, which Mr Spencer made a comment on in GoV, it indicates a commendable zen like generosity of spirit. One hopes the other bloggers will see a way to let go of past grievances.

  6. I, along with just about everyone else who has functioning synapses, am getting mighty tired of the charge of “racism” being used to attack or defend ideologies or causes having absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with race.

    Islam is no more a race than Communism is, and opposing Islam is not racism.

  7. “Robert Spencer belongs to a group of debaters who have very strong racist views. He tries to paint a picture of Muslims as a threat to society,” he says.

    Which cannot be, since the only society worth protecting is an islamic one – and therefore muslims are promoting (the perfect) society – while us atheists are threatening it net wahr!

    This is on a par with “not stoning alleged adulterers” – just proclaim them guilty and they are no longer alleged.

    Semantics & semiotics in action!

  8. There is no such things as “Islamophobia”. There there is this, however: growing awareness of Muslim madness (for which there appears to be no cure but complete sequestration).

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