The Wet Jihad Parade

Montreal demo

Sign in the foreground: “We are all Palestinians”

Sign in the background: “Yes to Judaism — No to Zionism — Israel = Palestine”

Here’s a report on the anti-Zionist demonstration that took place this weekend in Montreal, from a reader who was there:

The Wet Jihad Parade

Only a couple of hundred of courageous demonstrators showed-up yesterday in Montreal for what was supposed to be a clear message of unity and solidarity with the Palestinians against the blockade in Gaza.

“Gaza is going to be Israel’s Vietnam!” some screamed.

“More and more are going to be sent: 100, 200, 1000 boats, until Gaza is finally free,” was hammered over and over.

Obviously not a word about Hamas. But, hey!

“We are not here to talk politics. We’re not declaring war on Israel. This is not a military problem, it’s humanitarian, get that?”

“We’re not anti-Semite, we’re anti-Zionist.”

“We are trying to bring some help to these people.”

Not a good day for Universal Jihad, not a good day.

Lucky Montreal.

It was cold (around 10C) and also very rainy. Not a good day for jihad. Sorry for humanism and solidarity. In fact, Montreal is not a really good place for demos, from what I’ve witnessed over the years. In fact, I’ve barely seen a worse city in North America for political street revolts than Montreal. And to be quite honest, I don’t think that there will ever be an “Arab Street” in Montreal or anywhere in Quebec for that matter. Thank God.

While I was watching them (the soaking mujahideen and the dhimmis) on the march, chanting their brilliant slogans under a carpet-bombing shower, I had this flash that could perhaps be of some interest.

– – – – – – – –

Montreal is probably the most efficient Third Worlder and immigrant repeller in the whole West: six months of winter, and we are heading for the banning of all sorts of Islamesque garments in the coming year (not counting French language regulations).

A huge economic disadvantage compared to other cities in the West, I agree. But nowadays, in this debilitating world, the goal is no longer to compete with China or India with 10% economic growth, but to slow down European-style degradation. How about -45C, Mr. Mohammed?

Stalin was right, after all: our best generals are surely December, January, and February — and let’s not forget March and April.

If one day Europe falls, at least you know where to retreat.

5 thoughts on “The Wet Jihad Parade

  1. “If one day Europe falls, at least you know where to retreat. ”
    But will we be welcome?

    The worse thing that could happen to Canada is to be overrun by “bless their cotton sox” PC do-gooders, who believe that islam is the victim.

  2. We will let them in, with their armies and their guns and their bombs. We will burn everything behind us…and then, we wait. The Snow will come, the winds will come, the sun will burn. And we will wait. Because a dessert people will never truly handle the snow, and the wind, and the rain.

    I’ve seen what tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and snow storms can do. How will the Arab with his tent and his camel stand in the face of the Western Environment without the Western People to show him how to build and rebuild?

    I don’t think he can.

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